Get yourself the best battery powered chainsaw in Australia to fulfill all your wood, metal, and plastic cutting requirements with ease and convenience.

Are you struggling while using a corded electric chainsaw? Do you have to go through the hassle of finding an electric socket to plug in your corded chainsaw every time you start your work? Well, I have a solution for you.

What’s that?

To invest in getting the best battery powered chainsaws in Australia.

Why? Because:

Corded chainsaws are unable to get you the accuracy, comfort, and attention that you need because of their long cords which are always hanging on the back of your chainsaw and constantly tugging and pulling on your hand. You need to get yourself a battery-powered chainsaw to make your wood cutting routine significantly easier and more productive.

For your ease, I have compiled a list of the top 5 best electric chainsaws that you can get your hands on in Australia. These chainsaws have been selected depending upon their size, weight, ease of usage, battery timing, and power. Having said that, let’s have a look at the best battery-powered chainsaws in Australia Reviews including what they have to offer in exchange for your trust.

Top 5 Best Battery Powered Chainsaws in Australia

Comparison Table

We will start our list with one of the best battery-powered chainsaws in Australia, which has been manufactured by Black+Decker.

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You can make a list of some of the power tools of 2021 and it would not include some products from YYBD.

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This might be the second last product on this list of the best battery-powered chainsaws in Australia, but this does not mean that it is any lesser than the rest.

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The last product on our list is the Mini Electric Chainsaw from Caowrs. This is a comparatively new brand in the market but already it has seen a rise in its customers.

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The second product on our list is once again from Black+Decker. This comes as no surprise and just goes on to show just how much of a quality brand this is.

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1. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240B – Best of The Year


  • Dimensions: ‎72.54 x 24.46 x 22.38 cm
  • Weight: 3.76 Kilograms
  • Power source: Battery Powered
  • Horsepower : 550 Watts

We will start our list with one of the best battery-powered chainsaws in Australia, which has been manufactured by Black+Decker. Black+Decker has been a brand of commitment and determination. This brand has always given priority to customer satisfaction and customer care which is the reason that it has become so much popular over such a small period.

Moreover, its quality products have enabled it to gain the trust of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers around the world. Now, this brand has introduced the latest of its products in the category of battery-powered chainsaws.

The LCS1240B is a top-of-the-line electric chainsaw that provides you with optimum power in addition to high accuracy clean cutting.

Some Important Features:

In first of, the battery is capable of holding a charge of up to 18 months, because of which it is always ready to start.

Moreover, what intrigued me the most was its capability to almost completely reduce the kickback force and frequency and frequency with the help of its low-kickback bar and chain which help in giving us smooth and fast cuts.

Furthermore, its lightweight design combined with the full wrap-around handle provides additional comfort and easy maneuverability, and less fatigue.

Lastly, keeping in view customer ease, this chainsaw requires no tools which provide us with fast and easy adjustments.

The most significant feature of this battery-powered electrical chainsaw is its 40-volt, 12-inch cordless electric chainsaw which is ideal for cutting small trees and for removing limbs up to a thickness of 12-inches.

Final View:

The LCS1240B will be an ideal addition to your tool kit and will completely change how you work with your wood.


  • It weighs 3.77 kg
  • Low-kickbar protects kickback force
  • Chain protection provides comfort
  • The tool-less adjustment provides easy parts alteration
  • The 40-volt battery lasts for days
  • Charge hold of up to 18 months


  • Battery and charger not included

2. YYBD 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw – Most Powerful Gas Powered Chainsaw


  • Dimensions: ‎0.1 x 0.25 x 0.13 cm
  • Weight: 3.1 Kilograms
  • Power source: Battery Powered

You can make a list of some of the power tools of 2021 and it would not include some products from YYBD. The reason I have said this is because YYBD has been a very successful power tool manufacturer and it has reached that position owing to its top of the line best quality products and excellent customer support.

Only because of this, it has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers around the world who have put their complete trust in this brand. YYBD is a revolutionary brand that has produced some of the top-rated best battery-powered chainsaws in Australia and this one is not an exception.

This 2-cycled gas-powered chainsaw is an absolute beast. Its design, as well as its efficiency combined with its charts, show us exactly why you should let this product into your garage or workshop. If you give this battery-powered chainsaw a chance to serve you, it will surely not disappoint you. So, let me tell l you what there is to know about this cordless chainsaw.

Some Important Features:

This beast of a tool is an ideal tool for cutting woods and trees more efficiently as compared to its competitors.

Additionally, the high-quality products used in this product such as a high hardness bar, a high-quality chain, a professional pneumonic chainsaw, and a high wear resistance chain are contributing factors to the product’s durability and long life.

Furthermore, this chainsaw has been equipped with an automatic oiling option which allows the machine to constantly and regular oil itself up increasing its life span as well as its efficiency and effectiveness.

Keeping in view customer safety and ease of use, this chainsaw utilizes a comfortable handle grip and anti-skid shock absorption which get us to balance good mobility, and a comfortable operation as well as safer use.

Finally, a quick stop feature has been integrated into this product which ensures that the saw can be stopped whenever wanted and at the same time prevents accidental starting.

Right off the bat, we see that this chainsaw uses a 62cc 3.4 HP powerful gas chainsaw which provides us with a low recoil chain combined with a 20-inch bar and stable power. Moreover, we see that the maximum engine speed that this chainsaw can put out is an astonishing 13000 rpm.

Final Views:
In my view, this chainsaw will be ideal for you if you want to cut wood or trees which requires a lot of power and control.


  • High-performance chainsaw
  • More efficient
  • Very powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle design
  • High customer safety
  • Quick stop button


3. Pandady Mini Handheld Chainsaw – Lightest Battery Powered Chainsaw


  • Dimensions: ‎33.02 x 19.56 x 9.14 cm
  • Weight: 748.43 Grams
  • Power Source: ‎Battery Powered
  • Horsepower : ‎550 Watts
  • Included Components: ‎Blade Wrench, Safety Gloves, Batteries, Blade, Case

This might be the second last product on this list of the best battery-powered chainsaws in Australia, but this does not mean that it is any lesser than the rest. This brand has been around for some time now and has introduced some of the best-rated products in the market. It has mastered the art of customer satisfaction by always giving heed to its customers’ complaints and improving upon its mistakes.

Today, its products are loved by customers of many countries especially those that are concerned with DIY projects. This mini handheld chainsaw has been specifically designed for wood and light material cutting jobs which do not require a lot of force but do require accuracy and conformability

This mini handheld chainsaw is significantly smaller in size as compared to other products on this list and that is one of its most important features. The rest of its features are quite impressive as well, so let me tell you what they are.

Some Important Features:

Firstly, this mini handheld chainsaw has been integrated with an intelligent circuit control board which gives it protection against overload which can be caused by constant changes in power.

Moreover, this guide plate is very durable and resistant to drop and wear and at the same time is capable of dissipating any heat that forms inside the machine during operation.

Secondly, its small size and ease of usage allow us to cut more accurately without getting uncomfortable or tired.

Thirdly, it uses a lithium battery which is efficient and long-lasting. Besides, it also ensures longevity and improves the overall performance of the chainsaw at the same time.

Finally, as said before, you can operate this handheld chainsaw with a single hand. It provides you with a fine quality guide plate chain with a deep quenching and wears and tear-resistant chain and body.

This handheld chainsaw weighs a mere 0.7 kg. Its lightweight design and small but strong parts allow it to be sued with only one hand. You can easily use it without getting stress or fatigue in your hands and if you want more or lesser power, you can adjust that too according to your operating conditions.

Final Views:

This is ideal for your work if it is related to small level cutting or just limited to DIY projects.


  • Adjustable and Comfortable
  • Highly Efficient Cutting
  • Cordless Chainsaw
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by a single hand
  • Lithium batteries


  • No such issue reported by any customer yet.

4. Caowrs Mini Electric Chainsaw – Most Easy to Use Handheld Chainsaw


  • Power Source: ‎Corded Electric, Battery Powered
  • Manufacturer: caowrs

The last product on our list is the Mini Electric Chainsaw from Caowrs. This is a comparatively new brand in the market but already it has seen a rise in its customers. That credit is given the quality of its products which are yet to receive any complaints.

This mini electric chainsaw is thought to be an ideal partner for your fun time or your work as well. You will no longer need to find heavy corded and large saws to cut your wood or material which requires a lot of hard work for something very small. Just get yourself one of these and easily be done with all your cutting work in an instant.

This chainsaw has a lot of features which I will be more than happy to tell you;

Some Important Features:

The small size of this chainsaw allows you to control it with just a single hand.

Moreover, its long battery life enables it to be carried virtually anywhere and be used whenever needed.

In addition to all this, it uses a special guide plate which gets us deep quenching and a more wear-resistant smooth cutting.

Lastly, its tungsten steel balls do not require lubrication because of which resistance is reduced during operation.


  • Rechargeable electric chainsaw
  • Light and portable
  • Long battery life
  • Low power consumption
  • Deep quenching
  • Special guide plate
  • Pure copper motor


  • Requires a deviation of 1-3 cm

5. BLACK+DECKER GKC1825L20-XE18V – Most Durable Chainsaw


The second product on our list is once again from Black+Decker. This comes as no surprise and just goes on to show just how much of a quality brand this is. It has scored 2 out of 5 places for the best products in Australia. Black+Decker has reached this stage because of its commitment to customer satisfaction.

This brand might compensate for its earnings, but will never let a customer down. If a customer receives a defective product or if a customer is simply unsatisfied with one of the products, the brand is more than happy to take back the product.

As it introduces more and more products, Black+Decker has kept on bringing more and more changes in them to make them more suited to its customer’s needs. So, instead of delaying any further, let’s get on to the significant aspects of this product.

Some Important Features:

Firstly, it weighs a mere 3.1 kg which is completely balanced between the handle and the cutting bar to get you the optimum cutting accuracy.

Secondly, showing that the brand cares for its customers, this battery-powered chainsaw has a secondary bale handle and a handle cover which provide us with additional protection as well as offers better handling and control during cutting.

Thirdly, it is very easy to use and very easy to change its parts with the help of tool-free tensioning which gets us quick and simple chain fitting and adjustment.

Lastly, the battery on this chainsaw is a Lithium-ion battery of 2.0 Ah which offers approximately a total of 220×3.5cm cuts per battery charge.

First of all, the GKC1825L20 is equipped with a lightweight and cordless chainsaw that utilizes a cutting width of 25 cm which is ideal for general DIY tasks such as logging, pruning, reducing windfall, and preparing firewood.

Final View:

This battery-powered chainsaw can be the best option for you to add to your inventory because of its uncanny design and precision cutting.


  • Its design makes it very lightweight
  • It uses a 2.0 Ah lithium battery
  • It weighs 3.1 kg
  • Utilizes a bale handle and a handle cover
  • Parts can be altered quickly with the help of toolfreetensioning


  • Included charger is not good but it can be replaced

Buying Guide

Now, before you go out and decide on getting yourself a battery-powered chainsaw, you need to have a few things in mind. You need to know exactly what you want. Moreover, You must know what type of chainsaw will suit you best and what type of work you will be getting from it. in last, You need to look for certain functions in a chainsaw for your safety and efficiency.


Except for pole saws and pruning saws, almost all types of saws are either trigger started or switch started. Some chainsaws start when the button or trigger is pushed when you grip the handle; you need to get yourself a chainsaw that starts in two steps, one when you grip the chainsaw and the other when you use the trigger or the switch, this is because you do not want to accidentally turn on the chainsaw when you are not looking.

Tool-free or Dual Studs

You need to know if you want a chainsaw blade with nuts or with a tool-free system. Dual studs offer stronger handling but need a separate tool and require work to get done and undone. On the other hand, can be tightened by hand. Tool-free systems are not unsafe, but comparatively less safe than dual studs as they hold the parts together less tightly.

Built-in chain sharpener

Do you want to have a chainsaw that has a built-in chain sharpener or do you want to have a simple chainsaw and either get a separate sharpener or just want to get your chainsaw sharpened from a store?

Oiling Systems

Some chainsaws have a self-oiling feature in which you just need to fill an oil cartridge after some time and some need you to manually apply oil.


The lesser the weight of a chainsaw, the more comfortable you will be while handling it.

Comfort and Grip

Comfort and grip go side by side in a chainsaw, the better grip and comfort you have, the lesser stress and fatigue in your hand, and more accuracy for your cutting.


 Can I use the mini handheld chainsaws to cut trees?

Technically, you can use them to cut off trees, but they need to be smaller in size. You can cut small trees that are the size of your wrist or you can use them to cut off branches.

 How do I know if a chainsaw is durable?

It depends on what you are using a chainsaw for. If you are using a small handheld chainsaw for DIY projects, then it wouldn’t matter if it would be made of plastic, it just needs to be tightly put together and of good quality material. If you are using it to cut wood or trees, it needs to be very strong and made of a strong material such as metal.

 I have never used a chainsaw before, can I use it without any experience?

Practice makes a man perfect! It would be very advisable that you have someone with you when you use it for the first time and it is also advisable that you start from smaller chainsaws as bigger ones can be a risk factor.


I hope my article has been able to help you in deciding which chainsaw you need and which one you need to buy for yourself. Do check out the list of best battery-powered chainsaws in Australia and make your decision accordingly.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment box and we’d get back to you as soon as possible!

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