Bikes are a great way to travel in the street, local markets, or simply for shorter distance travel. They are manufactured with different types of parts but do you know what’s the most important? Yes, the bike saddle is the most prominent and salient part of any bike.

Everyone likes different types of best bike saddles in Australia because of individual choices and riding styles. 

There are also some problems with the saddles too. Some are road-specific and can make you uncomfortable while riding on the bike for hours. How are you supposed to get the best bike saddles in Australia for you? Don’t Panic! We have covered you by providing a list of Australia’s top 10 best bike saddles. 

Well, this guide will cover all the important and necessary details of our chosen bike saddles. To help you further, we also have mentioned the important bike saddle buying guide with all the key points in the following. Let’s move on without wasting any time.

Unlock the Joy of Riding: Find Your Perfect Fit Among the Best Bike Saddles in Australia

It’s very difficult to know which bike saddle is perfect for you, especially when you are a beginner. Several choices make you confused. Our team of experts has ridden several best bike saddles in Australia with various shapes, sizes, materials, cover types, and more. We have put together a list of the most comfortable and top-quality bike saddles for you for your assistance. This guide will help you narrow down your choices and enable you to make wise decisions.

Comparison Table

Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Cycling Saddles is perfectly designed with innovative technology to give you comfort.

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SELLE San Marco Aspice is a surprisingly comfortable open-fit saddle in the market.

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Schwinn Quilted wide cruiser saddle is one of the most comfortable saddles offering many excellent features.

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DAWAY Men Women’s Bike Seat is soft, elastic, non-slip, and offers you a wear-resistant experience.

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Get a premium quality bike saddle with IPOW comfortable men’s and women’s bicycle seats for a completely comfortable ride.

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If you are looking for an all-in-all bicycle seat, YOUNGDO bike seat might be your perfect choice.

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Have you ever thought of taking care of your health while riding?

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DAWAY C66 is a perfect bike saddle with soft paddings, elastic material, wear-resistant leather surface, and much more.

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Get a complete fun road workout on your bike without pain in your butt with the Zacro Gel Bike seat cushion.

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Foir Bike saddle is the lightest amongst other similar bike seats in the market.

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1. Selle Royal Cycling Saddle – Soft, Lightweight 


  • Product Name: Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Cycling Saddle
  • Color: Black
  • Outer Material: Foam
  • Pad Type: Blend
  • Dimensions: 35.05 x 24.13 x 7.62 cm
  • Item Weight: 530 grams

It’s a great opportunity for you to experience the Royal Gel to enjoy the highest level of comfort. It perfectly lessens the pressure peaks of up to 40% than other similar saddles. Remember that it’s an entirely revolutionary non-toxic gel formula that does not get hardened even after years of use. Indeed, it’s an amazing characteristic. 

The new vacuum light technology is a unique sealing technology that offers the seat to be 100% sealed. Not only this, but it also makes the saddle 20% more lightweight compared to other ordinary saddles of this category. So, what benefit do you get from this attribute? In short, this feature allows you to ride in rainy or any harsh weather without any issues. Don’t be afraid of the seeping of moisture because the gel makes the saddle completely moisture-proof. 

Selle always takes care of your intentions and luxuries; therefore, they have added a cool cover and ventilation channel that keeps your back cool even in 25 degrees of temperature. All this is done with the help of high-quality material that reflects the sunlight. In our experience, the premium material keeps the saddle cool whether you are ON or OFF the bike.

Furthermore, the foam matrix open-cell design increases its elasticity and breathability to make it more convenient, flexible, and reliable. Equipped with a clip system ready to keep a spare tube or other tools there. The ergonomic clip system allows you to click the saddlebag or tail light easily. So, for which application is this saddle suitable? It’s a perfect piece for camping and hiking. 

On the other hand, the saddle does not eliminate the soreness of the hips after some hours of riding.


  • Good-looking and well-made saddle
  • 100% comfortable
  • Breathable and soft material
  • Long-lasting
  • Completely sealed for rain and moisture


  • The print on the saddle tears off after a few days

2. SELLE SAN MARCO ASPICE Saddle – Super Comfort, Open-fit 


  • Color: Black
  • Outer Material: Microfeel
  • Pad Type: Bio foam
  • Dimensions: 27.7 x 13.2 x 5.1 cm
  • Item Weight: 350 grams

The material used is manganese with a high percentage of silicon compound. The overall material is prepared with carbon and titanium particles making it sturdy and strong. Other materials are high-property nylon with a minimal percentage of long carbon fibers. This material increases its rigidity and durability without increasing its weight. It is here to be noted that the manufacturer always takes care of your comfort by providing a high-quality saddle with a little weight.

The overall structure is designed with a medical point of view. Its biodynamic structure sets itself with the pelvis movement during the pedaling with other benefits. The advantages include super comfort, weight reduction, long-lasting resistance, and ideal support. 

Moreover, the closed-cell upper surface is 100% water-repellent and doesn’t let the padding wet even in rain or moisture. The breathable covering has a high abrasive resistance which offers less deformation than other identical materials. The upgraded version with an innovative silk-touch finish and silk feet make it more relaxing and comfortable for you. 

The narrow dimensions give it a perfect fit on the bicycle with ergonomic dimensions. The shiny black surface gives your bicycle a new elegant look. It weighs only 0.35 kg that is the lightest among most modern saddles. In our opinion, you won’t regret your experience due to its all-in-all features.   

Besides all, we do not recommend this saddle for a long routine of several hours. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable.


  • Perfect for shorter routes
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Good quality in terms of money
  • Lightweight and offers easy balancing
  • Perfect for all age groups


  • It’s a bit pricey

3. Schwinn Wide Cruiser Saddle – Quilted, Highly Soft 


  • Product Name: DAWAY Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat
  • Color: Black
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof pad
  • Dimensions: 27.9 x 22.1 x 8.9 cm
  • Item Weight: 2.1 pounds

The black color makes your bicycle more beautiful with a shiny surface. It’s a first-class saddle offering high comfort and durability at a very reasonable price. Equipped with extra soft foam padding, offer enhanced comfort even for long rides. You will not feel any pain or soreness in your back due to the highly soft saddle material. 

The bottom part consists of high-quality coil springs that work as shock absorbers. We found it perfect for bikes, even on bumps and rough terrains. You will not feel any bumps or shocks because the springs work as shock-absorbers. The outer cover is made from high-quality material and is water-resistant. It means you can ride on your bicycle in a rainy environment without any problem.

Add creativity and comfort on your bike with this premium-quality retro-styled seat. This saddle is perfect for a casual ride, but you can use it for long rides if you are a serious cyclist. It will be a great addition to your bicycle with improved padding and comfort if you go for it. 

The additional paddings ensure superior comfort in any situation. The Schwinn Quilted saddle is a wide area saddle and ideal for most bikes. It’s worth considering because of superior results in comparison with competitors’ seats. You will not face any issues while mounting it on your bicycle because of trouble-free installation. Remember that it is specialized for men, not for unisex, just like other saddles. 

On the contrary, it’s a bit taller and thicker. That’s a snag we noticed in this one of the best bike saddles Australia. 


  • Very comfortable saddle for men
  • Good for short and long rides
  • It comes with extra soft foam
  • Coil springs are helpful in shock absorption
  • 100% water-resistant cover


  • The installation guide needs to be better

4. DAWAY Comfortable Bike Seat – Memory Foam, Waterproof 


  • Product Name: DAWAY Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat
  • Color: Black
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof pad
  • Dimensions: 27.9 x 22.1 x 8.9 cm
  • Item Weight: 2.1 pounds

Consists of the best protection for the hip, and that’s why it’s called the DAWAY C99 comfortable bike seat. 

It comes with thick wide padding having high-density memory foam, making it easy to ride even for hours. The cushion is made of wear-resistant, non-slip texture PCV leather making it more durable, flexible, and comfortable. This characteristic makes it elastic and very soft, and it offers better protection for the buttocks. Say good boy to the hip soreness and enjoy comfortable riding with this quality saddle. 

It has a waterproof bright tail with a light and unique design, making the saddle more eye-catching. It’s the safest product even if you ride at night in a rainy environment. 

Moreover, the C99 saddle has 5 pcs bright LEDs powered by a high-quality CR2023 battery. It makes the outside area illuminated to have a better ride even in the darkness. According to our experience, the battery gives a power backup of about 36 hours on a single charge. In this way, it has resolved the problem of buying and installing taillights, making it a more economical saddle. 

Furthermore, the saddle has a dual-spring, ergonomic, and hollow breathable design for happy and long-distance riding. The narrow front design makes it easy for you to move while riding. The dual-spring at the bottom works as a suspension and perfectly absorbs the shocks while riding on an uneven road. 

Do you know what the benefit of the hollow design is? Yes, the hole in the middle of the saddle increases the breathability while riding, even for hours. In short, if you go for it, it’s worth buying. 

Subsequently, if you have a smaller back, the back portion of the seat keeps pushing you forward while riding on it. 


  • A great birthday for your friend or family
  • Gives you experience just like a soft sofa
  • Great customer support
  • High-quality material for superior comfort
  • Good for e-bikes and bicycles


  • The installation is a bit challenging

5. IPOW Comfort Bike Seat – For Indoor/Outdoor Bikes 


  • Product Name: IPOW Comfort Bike Seat for Women or Men
  • Color: Black
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof pad
  • Dimensions: 25.15 x 20.32 x 11.94 cm
  • Item Weight: 885 grams

Experience the most reliable and affordable outdoor riding with an IPOW bike saddle. It’s also suitable for shorter routes. It’s a lifetime solution for your bike riding, having exceptional build quality and design. Keep yourself away from the pain, even riding on it for hours. 

It’s a complete package of shock absorption, ventilation, and comfort. Consists of thick and high-density memory foam padding with an anti-shock rubber ball under the seat. It perfectly protects you from having a smooth ride even on uneven roads, bumps, and road cracks. It has a hollow center line to relieve pressure points in your hip’s sensitive areas. Moreover, it helps avoid sweaty discomfort because of its breathable nature. 

In our experience, you will enjoy the ride without tiring in your whole riding journey. The outer cover is 100% waterproof and prevents any damage. Useable in any harsh weather conditions due to premium quality artificial leather. The reason is that the material won’t degrade under the sunlight and in any weather easily. In the same way, the six-layer stitches offer greater abrasion resistance and also make it lightweight. This feature is very helpful in decreasing the cycle’s burden for long-distance riding. 

Designed in such a way to get fit with most cycles and bikes. It comes with all the necessary tools to make it more convenient and easy to install. It will hardly take a few minutes to install it with a perfectly snug fit. The experts have designed it for both men and women, indoor and outdoor use. 

We want to share a tip with you here. Always check the bike pole’s size before buying this bike saddle to prevent any misfits. In short, this bike saddle gives safe riding with a worry-free purchase. 

Besides the characteristics mentioned above, we have noticed a shallower point in it. The included padding foam is not of good quality. 


  • It’s a unisex product
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Great comfortable seat for long trails
  • Responsive customer support
  • Red back-seat light for night riding


  • The instructions are not clear

6. YOUNGDO Bike Seat – Gel Foam, Shock Absorbing 


  • Product Name: YOUNGDO Bike Seat
  • Color: Black
  • Outer Material: Faux Leather
  • Pad Type: Gel Pad
  • Dimensions: ‎30.6 x 18.3 x 10.3 cm
  • Item Weight: 790 grams

Made with faux leather and gel pad to offer an overall comfortable experience in any environment. The surface is made of wear-resistant PU leather that is scratch-resistant and non-slippery material.

You will feel superior comfort with high-density gel foam padding with high elasticity. The elasticity helps to keep the shape permanent even after long hours of riding and bearing heavyweight.

The seat’s sides are also very soft and protect your butt precisely. It will give you a feel of your bike with enhanced comfortability and safety. The hollow design makes you feel relaxed during the ride due to continuous breathability. It makes your back sweat-free and comfortable without any soreness.

There are two rubber balls beneath the bicycle seats that work as a shock absorber. You will not feel any bumps, potholes, or shocks on difficult terrains. The shock absorbers and hollow design make this bike seat ventilated by keeping your back dry all time.

Furthermore, the front sides are narrower to allow your butts to move freely while riding. In our experience, it will not rub your thighs while paddling the bicycle. The rear part is extra wide, making it easy to apply more force and better back support. The rear consists of non-slip honeycomb vents making it more breathable, comfortable, and ideal for long-distance riding. 

Moreover, the bike seat offers a universal fit and easy installation. You can install it easily, even if it’s your first experience. It is compatible with most bicycle models such as recreational bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bicycles, spinning bikes, exercise bikes, and more. 

In contrast, the bike seat is not for several kilometers of trails; however, it’s perfect for casual trails. 


  • It comes with an extended warranty
  • Great customer support
  • High-quality soft and elastic paddings
  • It will make your butt and thighs easy
  • Bumps, cracks, and uneven roads are not an issue


  • The rails adjustments underneath are of small size, making it challenging

7. TIGERSMARTS Bike Seat – Comfortable, Shock Absorbing Springs 


  • Product Name: TIGERSMARTS Bike Seat Padded Comfortable Bicycle Seat
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof pad
  • Dimensions: 25.2 x 18.59 x 11.2 cm
  • Item Weight: 794 grams

If yes, a TIGERSMARTS bike seat is best for you. It’s a shock-absorbing seat with double elastomer springs for enhanced comfort. The springs are specially designed to decrease the discomfort while riding through rough and uneven terrains.

The seat does not consist of cheap steel coil springs, but the premium-quality and high-performance elastomer springs are used. They are certain types of suspensions to prevent numbness that is usually associated with the bike saddles. 

The seat has a strategic cut-out in the middle, making it perfect for men, women, and children. It is equipped with high-density foam to give you improved comfort than the competitors. It does not get hardened even after several months due to its overall quality material.

You will feel that you are riding on the most softened cushion due to rugged artificial leather. Not only this, but the material is waterproof, making it easy to use in any environment. Likewise, it’s also a ticket to long saddle life. Replace your old uncomfortable seat with this replacement seat and get the best upright position while wandering on the roads and hilly areas. 

Do you know the best thing about this bike seat? Let’s tell you that the packaging includes a universal seat rail clamp and a mounting wrench for installation purposes. Don’t panic! You don’t need to pay anything for it because these are the bonus accessories and tools. 

It gives you a safe riding experience because of the light reflector on the backside of the seat. The special reflective sticker at the rear is used to increase nighttime visibility and safety. 

Despite this, it’s a bigger seat, especially for working out on the stationary bicycle. That’s the shallower point of this best bike saddles Australia.


  • It’s pretty easy to install
  • It comes with free accessories
  • Universal fit
  • Great rear light and stickers
  • Provides safe riding


  • It’s expensive

8. Comfortable DAWAY DW-C66 Bike Seat – Taillight, Breathable 


  • Product Name: Foir Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat
  • Color: Black/Green
  • Outer Material: Premium Leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
  • Dimensions: 27.94 x 15.24 x 5.71 cm
  • Item Weight: 340 grams

In our opinion, the DAWAY C66 bike saddle provides the best protection for your hips while riding. It is crafted from highly flexible and high-density foam and is also shockproof. You will not feel the bumps on the rough terrains. It’s highly waterproof due to the outer PVC leather material. Not only this, but it’s scratch-resistant and provides a long-lasting experience. 

With this all-in-all bike saddle, you will get a waterproof and illuminated ride due to bright tail lights. The light has a unique design making the surrounding area well illuminated. It consists of 5 pieces of bright LEDs powered by small batteries. Don’t worry about the power shortage because of the battery backup of up to 36 hours on steady mode. Moreover, it resolves the problem of installing the light separately and also saves you further investment.

In addition, DAWAY C66 has an ergonomic, hollow, and breathable design with shockproof dual rails. Now, enjoy the long-range trail and cycle racing with this quality bike saddle. The narrower front design allows your thighs to move freely without being rubbed with the seat. The air groove design at the middle of the seat ensures the proper ventilation and reduces the muggy feeling. You don’t feel any pressure on your private parts because of the design that ensures air circulation and dry butt. 

DAWAY provides professional customer support. You can contact them anytime to get the solution to any problem. In simple words, it’s a unisex saddle, and everyone can use it freely. 

In contrast, the battery cover is not of good quality. It may break while removing the outer seal, so we recommend removing it with care. 


  • Soft, breathable material
  • Universal fit and suitable for everyone
  • Perfect for mountain bicycles
  • Ergonomic and sleek design
  • It comes with a warranty


  • The seat is somewhat difficult to install

9. Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover – Water & Dust Resistant 


  • Product Name: Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover
  • Color: Black
  • Outer Material: Gel
  • Pad Type: foam
  • Dimensions: 27.94 x 25.4 x 5.31 cm
  • Item Weight: 295 grams

Made from the best-quality gel material that will prevent you from pain during cycling. Now, enjoy longer, painless rides with this premium seat cover and explore new places every day. Yes, you can ride on your cycle comfortably with this seat cover without any issues. 

This seat cover is good enough to absorb most of the shocks while cycling on uneven roads. Get rid of the complexities because the seat cover is pretty easy to install and a low-cost solution for your bike or cycle. Cover your bike’s saddle with this quality cushion and feel much better at your daily workout. 

The seat cover has a wide dimension making it usable for almost all types of bike seats. In our experience, it can cover a seat of the size of 11.4 x 10.4 inches. Most importantly, you will get a waterproof and dustproof cover free of cost if you buy this premium seat cover. In simple words, you will acquire a bonus seat cover with it. No matter what kind of weather it is, it will protect your bike seat from harsh weather conditions. 

Furthermore, the shiny black color gives your bike’s seat a beautifully elegant look. Do you want to know about the packaging? The packaging includes a gel seat saddle and water dust resistance cover. The extended warranty gives you an idea about its quality. Likewise, don’t hesitate to contact customer support if you face any problems. 

In the end, we have not noticed any significant weak points because it’s an all-in-all best bike saddles Australia offered by Zacro. 


  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • The outer material is of Gel making it long-lasting
  • Crafted from premium material
  • Great customer support


  • The straps hang down after tightening

10. Foir Bike Saddle – Mountain Bike Seat, Central Relief Zone 


  • Product Name: Foir Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat
  • Color: Black/Green
  • Outer Material: Premium Leather
  • Pad Type: Waterproof Pad
  • Dimensions: 27.94 x 15.24 x 5.71 cm
  • Item Weight: 340 grams

It stands out from the other similar saddles because of its incredible features. Designed with care to make it ergonomic and perfect for cycling. Perform with your full potential on this saddle to get your desired output. According to our experience, Foir bike saddles have shockproof ability and provide maximum firmness. 

The included foam gives ultra comfort and saves you from any pain in your butt or thighs. You will not feel any soreness in your hips even after experiencing a long trail. The hollow-out design perfectly provides ventilation and also reduces the material cost. Most importantly, this design makes it more lightweight and breathable. 

Moreover, the center hollow design anatomy is best to get riding relief and also reduce pressure on the perineum due to a complete airflow during long rides. Provides easy installation and is suitable for a wide range of bicycles. The compact dimensions and lightweight increase your paddling speed and do not hurt your sensitive areas. 

In our opinion, you will get 100% satisfaction and overall riding relaxation due to the build quality. It comes with an extended warranty, and you can also take a refund if you are not satisfied. Nevertheless, the experienced staff is always there to resolve any problem. Foir is providing all these benefits at a very reasonable price. 

Above all, the adjustment to get complete comfort is a bit challenging. You have to try different settings to get complete comfort.


  • Compact size saddle
  • Well made with quality material
  • Decent padding is included
  • Comfortable tilt position


  • The vinyl cover loses its color after some months

Buying Guide

Choosing the best bike saddle in Australia is a confusing task, especially for newbies. Besides the shape, size, and material, some other prominent factors are necessary to consider. Check out the bike saddles buying guide in the following:

Type of Ride

Bike seats are usually used in five cycling types: recreational cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, bike touring, and bike commuting. All these categories require different types of bike saddles. Some require a narrow shape and others need a bigger seat rear. Finalize your ride type and go for choosing the specified one. 

Cushioning Type

Cushioning plays a crucial role in providing improved comfort for short to long trails. A good saddle gives high performance with minimal cushioning. However, the material also matters a lot. It must be elastic and not deshape even after riding for hours. The saddles are subdivided into four types: saddle pad, no cushioning, gel cushioning, and foam cushioning. Check your requirements and buy the suitable one. 

Center Cut-out

Bike saddles are specially designed to protect your perineum because it’s a sensitive area between your sitter’s bones. It’s necessary to have a proper blood flow to prevent any pain and issues. Saddles come with different types of cut-outs having small, bigger, complete holes, and more. It’s better to check all types and know their effectiveness and then choose the best one. 

Saddle Material

After that, it’s important to choose the preferred saddle material from several materials such as synthetic, leather, cotton, and more. In our experience, synthetic saddle materials are most comfortable in durability, convenience, and flexibility. However, you can choose between two others based on your comfortability. 

Saddle Rail

The connection points of a saddle are known as saddle rails. Some saddles consist of two parallel rails, and others have a nose point at the back. However, check your bicycle and then select the most suitable one. 

Bike Saddle Size

Different sizes of bike saddles are available to accommodate different sizes of bodies. If your body weight is more, go for buying a bike saddle with wide width and vice versa. Not only this, but a saddle should have enough width to support your back. The front width should be less; otherwise, it will rub your thighs, and you will feel uncomfortable. 


In our opinion, always fix a certain amount before buying a bike saddle. So, what benefit will you get with it? It will save your time and narrow down the research by eliminating the products higher than your specified budget. So, always buy a saddle under your budget. You don’t need to go out of budget if you have limited investment. 


What is the most comfortable bike saddle?

Many brands are manufacturing bike saddles with ultra-high comfortability. However, SELLE SAN MARCO ASPICE SUPERCOMFORT OPENFIT Saddle is the most comfortable one on our list.

How do I choose a bike saddle?

Choosing the best bike saddles Australia is not very difficult. You have to consider the important points such as size, material, type of bike, installation, and more. For more info, you can visit our detailed buying guide.

What is the most comfortable bike saddle for seniors?

In our list, Selle Royal Respiro Soft Athletic Cycling Saddle is a highly comfortable bike saddle due to its high performance and all-in-all durability.

Are gel bike saddles good?

Yes, gel-type bike saddles are good and provide optimum comfort. If we observe deeply, gel-type saddles are suitable for casual riders.

Are padded bike seats bad?

Not all the padded bike seats are bad. The saddles having more padding than a specified amount causes hurting your hips instead of providing ease. Therefore, saddles with a high amount of padding are bad.


To sum up, bike saddles are good if you are a rider. These specialized bike seats save you from any issues in the butt and provide you excellent comfort even riding for several kilometers. We have provided all the detailed reviews, pros & cons, and, most importantly, the buying guide for your ease.

We hope you will find the article helpful in choosing the best bike saddles in Australia according to your needs and requirements. In the end, here are our recommendations:

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