Drip coffee makers are specifically used to make different tastes and flavors of coffee and boost up your energy after a tiring day.

In these coffee makers, LCD sensors and programmable timers are available. You only need to set the timer with one click, and a cup of coffee awaits you. We have researched and tested the best drip coffee maker in Australia for you.

Besides making a perfect cup of coffee, the thermal and hot plates keep the coffee fresh and warm. So you will love the overall designs and quality of these best drip coffee makers and coffee they make. However, keep in mind that the drip coffee maker you select must be within your budget and is easy to clean. Also, look for a suitable carafe size.

If you are looking for the best drip coffee maker in Australia, you are in the right direction. We have researched and tested dozens of drip coffee maker products available in Australia for your convenience and shortlisted the best seven drip coffee makers you can buy.

This article will guide you on all the features of drip coffee makers and compare the qualities of the seven best drip coffee makers available in Australia. Here is a comparison table of the best drip coffee makers in Australia for your quick help.

Comparison Table

People came home from a hectic work routine, in that tired mood, no one wants to cook.

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You can enjoy a fantastic drip coffee with your desired aroma any time from Sunbeam PC7900 that is an auto brew drip coffee maker.

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You can make delicious drip coffee by using this drip coffee maker with a spiral shower head.

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You will love the taste and smell of coffee by this amazing coffee maker.

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The stylish Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker provides you with a rich taste and excellent aroma by maintaining the natural oils of the coffee.

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You can brew a tasty cup of coffee any time by this Muller drip coffee maker.

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Start your day with a favorable cup of coffee that you can brew with one touch.

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1. DeLonghi Magnifica Coffee Maker – Manual Milk Frother, Cappuccino System


  • Product Name: DeLonghi Magnifica
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power: 1450 watts
  • Dimensions: 23.8 x 43 x 35.1 cm;
  • Item Weight: 9 kg

The best option is to make coffee just in one touch to satisfy your mood and boost your energy. DeLonghi Magnifica offers to make fantastic coffee just in one touch from fresh ground coffee beans. Now you can have 2 Espresso coffee cups at one time and enjoy with your partner.

You can make rich foam frothy cappuccino if you like it that way. Also, you can have it flat white, just the way coffee cafes serve you. 

Customization is also too easy and customer-friendly. You can make coffee as you like just by using the simple command procedure. You can adjust the level of aroma and powder’s thinness by setting among the 13 options available. Also, your desired settings will be saved, and there will be no need to do it every time.

It is made with high-quality material for maximum hygiene. A water tank and bean container are available on the front side. All parts are removable; you can easily remove and wash them after use.

This coffee grinder is silent and consistent with pre-ground coffee and coffee beans. So no one will be disturbed if you want to brew coffee early in the morning.


  • It has 13 adjustable settings and is easy to use
  • Filtered technology
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • The coffee maker has no jug to heat the milk
  • You may facea leakage problem after few months.

2. Sunbeam PC7900 Auto Brew Coffee Machine – Delay Timer, Keep Warm Plate


  • Product Name: Sunbeam PC7900 Auto Brew Drip Filter Coffee Machine
  • Color: Stainless/Black
  • Capacity: 12 cup
  • Material: Metal Wrap
  • Power: 1100W
  • Dimensions: 26.7 x 21.6 x 41 centimeters
  • Item Weight: 3.2 kg

All settings are adjustable. These coffee makers let you know about the level of aroma, and the anti-drip valve allows you to remove the carafe and pour hot cups during the brewing cycle. 

In this auto brew, drip coffee maker by Sunbeam, hot water comes up from the multiple holes in the ground coffee to enhance the brew’s flavor.

Mesh basket filters use drip filters, so you do not need more filter papers in this coffee maker. Drip filters are easy to remove and clean, making the whole process hassle-free. You can make coffee easily by reading the water gauge that helps to measure the amount of water to make the desired number of coffee cups.

A warm plate prepares your coffee and keeps it hot and warm for 2 to 3 hours. So if you have made the coffee but want to take it later, no worries, there will be no need for reheating as it will still be hot.

You can select the type of coffee you want to make from the LED display. All equipment, filter basket holder, mesh filter basket, glass carafe, and measuring spoon are removable, and you can clean with soapy water. 


  • You can switch on it continuously for 2 hours
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Reusable filter


  • Mesh filter stains after few days
  • The plastic smell in coffee

3. KitchenAid KCM1208DG Drip Coffee Maker – Spiral Showerhead, Convenient


  • Product Name: KitchenAid Stand Mixer
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity: 4 litres
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power: 250 watts
  • Dimensions: ‎41.4 x 41.2 x 27.6 cm; 10.5 Kilograms
  • Item Weight: 10.5 Kilograms

There are 29 hole spiral showerheads to spread the coffee beans at the coffee ground plate for the maximum extraction for the flavorful coffee. 

You can also select the brew strength regular or strong by brew strength selector. You need to select the brew strength, and your flavorful and rich coffee will be ready in no time. 

There is a carafe with a unique design and pour spout for pouring the water. You can warm up your coffee for 50 to 60 minutes by keeping the cup on the warming plate. So if you get busy with your home chores and your coffee is ready, no worries. You can complete your work first and have it later; it will still be warm and fresh. 

For the delicious taste, there is a gold-tone permanent filter. Furthermore, you can wash and clean this gold-tone filters anytime.

You can control and change the settings with the LED display. It’s very easy to use. You only need to command when you want to have a cup of coffee. Even in settings, you can select two programs for making the coffee, one time for weekdays and the other for lazy days. Once you set it, it will remember your preferences and serves you the coffee you want.

The water tank is easy to remove and has a large opening that makes it easy to fill, and there will be no spills.


  • Two side and front brew buttons to place the brewer
  • Convenient to use
  • More counter space to place the cups
  • Excellent flavor


  • The heat plate does not work sometimes
  • The coffee maker’s surface is tricky to clean

4. Breville Aroma Style Coffee Machine – Large Capacity, Hinged Lid


  • Product Name: Breville Aroma Style Electronic Coffee Maker
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 12 Cups
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Glass, Plastic
  • Power: 1200 W
  • Dimensions: ‎26 x 41.4 x 28 cm;
  • Item Weight: 3.25 Kilograms

The Breville aroma-style electronic coffee maker is pre-programmable. You only need to set the settings once, and you can enjoy the fresh brew every morning.

This coffee maker has good capacity. You can easily make 12 cups of coffee for all family members and friends in no time. Everyone will love the fresh, hot, and delicious coffee.

The carafe is made of glass plastic that easily lets you know how much coffee is left in it. Besides, the carafe has a hinged cover that helps pour the coffee into the cups and easily refill it. Besides, the other accessories are made with stainless steel trims that ensure the coffee machine is durable.

Multiple flow options ensure you get maximum coffee extracted from the beans. Furthermore, this coffee maker has a permanent filter rather than a paper filter. But no worries, it is removable and easy to clean. Besides, the mesh basket filter and the filter holder are also removable so that you can easily wash and clean them.


  • Easy to use
  • Keep warm the coffee for 2 hours
  • Good quality


  • The top lid does not open quickly
  • Leakage problem sometimes

5. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker – Stainless Steel Filter, Environmental Friendly


  • Product Name: Bodum Coffee Maker Pour Over
  • Color: Black band
  • Capacity: 964 Grams
  • Material: Glass
  • Power: ‎1500 watts
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 2.2 x 13.8 cm;
  • Item Weight: 0.49 Kilograms

In this coffee maker, a stainless steel filter is used that helps in extracting the oils from coffee beans. The paper filter is not part of this coffee maker as it absorbs the essential oils.

The well-designed carafe of Bodum is fitted in the stainless filter to make a tasteful coffee. You can remove the mesh filter basket by filter holder for easy cleaning. Dry it and put it again for the next brew.

Bodum coffee maker is made of heat-resistant and tasteless borosilicate glass, which is nonporous. So you will only taste coffee, nothing else, while you brew it.

There are cork and silicone bands that keep hands cool and strengthen your grip around the coffee maker. So don’t worry about burning your hand while pouring the coffee; this Best Drip Coffee Maker Australia will never harm you.

You can make coffee quickly and easily. Just put the coarse ground coffee to filter, add the small amount of water until rinse, then adds more water and see the Bodum coffee maker’s magic.

The brewing method is environmentally favorable as there will be no waste of plastic capsules and paper filters. We recommend you wash all the equipment with warm and soapy water before using it for the very first time.


  • High quality of borosilicate glass
  • It does not absorb the aroma of coffee
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to handle and use


  • The basket quality is not too good
  • Not easily adjustable

6. Muller 12-cup Drip Coffee Maker – Anti-Drip System, Auto Keep Warm


  • Product Name: Mueller 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker,
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 12 Cups
  • Material: Glass
  • Power: 110 Volts
  • Dimensions: 32.11 x 27.1 x 19.71 cm;
  • Item Weight: 1.72 kg

You can make your coffee taste as smooth or bold, the way you want. This coffee maker is very spacious because you can brew 12 cups of coffee at one time. But no worries, if you want to make 2 or 4 cups, it will do it the way you want.

It has an easy and comfortable grip so that you can hold it easily and pour the coffee into the cups. Its high-quality carafe is made with non-porous borosilicate glass that retains the odor of coffee beans. You will surely be mesmerized by the aroma of your coffee, and your mornings will get fresh before you take your first sip.

Borosilicate glass is heat resistant and will help to keep the coffee warm for a long time. So no worries if the coffee is ready and you can’t take it instantly. Besides, a handy warming function provides a consistent temperature to your coffee; you can pick the cup when you want to drink. A warming plate can keep your coffee warm until the switch turns off. This way, you can have it fresh and warm the moment you get time.

We always prefer reliable things, so Muller drip coffee makers have permanent and high-quality filters. You can remove and wash them anytime. Resultantly, there will be no need to buy an expensive paper filter every time.

You do not need to worry about the leakage problem with this Best Drip Coffee Maker Australia. Anti-drip features keep your kitchen clean and anti-slip feet provide support to the machine for maintaining balance. It will keep itself in place and never moves till you do it.


  • Drip-free pouring
  • Super permanent filter
  • Heat resistant, keep your coffee warm
  • Easy to clean


  • No timer on the burner
  • Poor product quality

7. Gastrorag 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker – Programmable, Keep Warm


  • Product Name: Gastrorag 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker
  • Color: Copper
  • Capacity: 1.6 Quarts
  • Material: Glass, Plastic
  • Power: ‎900 watts
  • Dimensions: ‎20.5 x 16.99 x 33.02 cm;
  • Item Weight: 2.56 kg

Gastrorag coffee maker has an LCD with five touch screen controls. Click on the sensory touch button, and your coffee maker will turn on. 

Gastrorag coffee maker has a large and good capacity. You can brew 10 cups of coffee at a time. Also, it is convenient to brew coffee due to the programmable system. You only need to set it once, and it will brew you coffee the way you want every time.

The Delay brew function is very useful. It helps to set the brewing time up to 24 hours, and then you can keep your coffee warm for more than 2 hours after brewing. So tell it once when you want it in the morning, and it will keep your warm cup of coffee when you are out of bed. Also, set the time when you return home; your flavorful cup of coffee will await you when you enter your home.

Advanced shower heads spread the water evenly all over the coffee grounds. In this way, coffee grounds dip in water quickly and give you a richly flavored coffee cup.

Furthermore, the anti-drip function prevents water and coffee leakage. This way, your kitchen and coffee maker place will be clean as nothing happened here.

You can choose the strength of your flavor between less or more, which you desire. You can have it strong in the morning or take it lightly in the evening; it all depends on your preferences.

It has a clear glass water window to see the quantity of water. So you can easily know how much water you need to put in for the number of coffee cups you want to make. Besides, all the removable accessories make it easy to clean without much effort.


  • No use of a paper filter
  • Glass carafe, filter basket accessories are removable and washable
  • A permanent filter saves your money
  • Quick and easy to use


  • The cover on the top may not work sometimes
  • Average quality

Buying Guide

Before choosing and buying the best drip coffee maker in Australia, you have to consider what type of coffee maker is perfect for you. Here we will give you important guidelines that you must keep in mind before choosing your desired drip coffee maker.


You should check the quality of the material. After a few weeks, you will see some coffee makers made with cheap plastics that create leakage problems. Good quality material will satisfy you and fulfill all your desired requirements. Of course, the quality comes with a price, but spending more can save more in the long run.

Programmable timer

Suppose you drink coffee daily at the same time. You can set your time on the programmable timer on the coffee maker. Fill the water in the carafe and filter with the coffee ground. Set the time when you want to drink coffee. It will make your life easy. You will have a cup of coffee at that time without doing anything.

Hot plate and thermal carafe

A hot plate and thermal carafe will keep your coffee warm for a few hours. Some coffee makers have hot plates, or few have thermal carafe. If the thermal carafe covering is made with metals, you should go for the glass carafe because you can easily see the quantity of coffee. Having both of these features will give you fresh and warm coffee even if it is ready from a couple of hours.

Carafe Size

It all depends on your choice. There are different sizes of carafes you can buy as you need and desire. If you want to brew a lot of coffee at one time, then you should buy a large-size carafe coffee maker that can accommodate 10-12 cups. Some coffee makers have a single serving carafe for just one person. It is affordable and enough for a person living alone.

Easy to clean

Look for a coffee maker that’s easy to take apart. For the cleaning, you need to remove the parts of the machine. Removable parts are easy to clean with soapy and warm water. After the detachable parts get dry, you can put them in shape again.


 Do we need to clean the drip coffee maker?

Yes, cleaning is important to maintain the hygiene of the coffee maker. You can wash all removable parts with soapy water. It will also increase the life of this appliance.

 How often should we change a drip coffee maker?

The lifespan of a high-quality coffee maker is five years. If you take care of their cleaning and maintenance, then you can use it for ten years.

 How can we maintain a drip coffee maker?

After completing the brewing cycle, remove the filter, pour out all the water and wash all the parts with warm and soapy water.

 How much time does a coffee maker take to make the perfect coffee?

It depends on the type of coffee which you desire. For the tasty and perfect cup of coffee, a drip coffee maker takes three to five minutes.

 Do coffee makers keep coffee warm?

Yes, a coffee maker can keep your coffee warm for 2 to 4 hours by hot plate and thermal carafe.


Let’s come to an end of discussion. There are various products in the market, but we have put little effort into explaining all the features and details about the seven best drip coffee maker Australia. Be careful before choosing; read all the guidelines we have mentioned above.

If you are a signal person or a couple, we recommend you buy DeLonghi Magnifica coffee maker as it is our best budget choice. If you have a high budget and need a large amount of coffee to make at once, go for the KitchenAid KCM1208DG 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker. However, our top pick is Bodum Coffee Maker Pour Over. It is uniquely designed and offers a good amount of flavorful coffee at a reasonable price.

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