Are you happy with the floor-standing speaker that lacks durability, and is made up of poor material? Surely, you won’t be.

Usually, people spend months searching for the best floor standing speakers in Australia to purchase the right one that will give them the best music experience.

Your dream can come true if you are on a lookout for the Best floor standing speakers under $5000 and Best floor standing speakers under $2000.

Thus, if that is the case, then you can surely count on us.

10 Best Floor-standing Speakers in Australia – Ideal for Large Rooms

To avoid unnecessary search you have to read the article to find out what I have enclosed for you in this one. Plus, you are just one scroll away from getting the perfect floor-standing speaker that you have always wished for.

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Comparison Table

R5 Walnut, Floorstanding Speaker

Looking for a 2-in-1 speaker that fulfills all your requirements that a speaker should?

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Looking for an ideal speaker that is going to deliver the best sound along with accurate, controlled bass and smooth treble? Look no more! This is the ideal one for you.

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Are you looking for some loud standing speakers? Do you want some high bass woofers?

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The stylish modern cabinet looks nice and the exciting brown color of this standing home Theatre Speaker is one of the best in town.

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Waiting to listen to songs and get lost in them? Not able to find the right speakers?

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Ever heard about Jamo Studio? If not, no problem, I’ll tell you what it is.

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Do you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker that is wireless and high-power as well?

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If you are looking for looks as well as performance, this white Sandex LX-3 speaker might be the thing for you.

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9. Klipsch R-610F Floor Speaker

Want to know about this one? Klipsch presents to you a 6.5” speaker that weighs 16.3 kilograms with 38.4 x 94 x 24 cm dimension.

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1. R5 Walnut, Floorstanding Speaker – Elegant and Compact


  • Products : R5 Walnut, Floorstanding Speaker
  • Item weight : 60.2 pounds/ 27.3 kg
  • Color : Walnut
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 15-200 watt

This is one of the best floor-standing speakers for movies as well as music. Moreover, it does not compromise the sound quality of any of these.

It weighs around 27 kilograms.

Epic sound quality!

As there are zero compromises in the sound quality, it comes with a 5-inch Uni-Q midrange driver along with a 1-inch dome tweeter (aluminum) for superb detail. Other than that, two 5.25-inch bass units will manage the bass for you. However, the bass units are made of hybrid aluminum.

If you are listening to music, you will get the most ideal experience.

Moreover, you can also use this speaker at a party for the best music deliverance.

Watch movies with ease!

There has always been a conflict between the sound of movies and music as most speakers fail to deliver the same sound quality for both of these purposes.

However, with this, you do not have to worry about that. Just as it delivers a musical sound, you will also have the best movie experience.

So, how about a movie night with your friends or cousins?

When it comes to looks, it does not get better than this. It has a microfiber grille design that makes it look amazing. Additionally, it does not hinder the performance in any way and makes it aesthetically beautiful to match the surroundings.

Two woofers, superb bass management!

Last but not the least, it features two woofers. You probably know that a woofer does. It will manage the bass in the sound to provide the best experience.

A good woofer is mandatory when it comes to speakers.


  • Compact
  • Ideal sound quality
  • For music and movies
  • Twin woofers
  • Highly durable


  • Not rechargeable

2. KEF Floorstanding Speaker – Smooth Treble, Accurate Bass


  • Products : KEF Floorstanding speaker
  • Item weight : 13.6 kg
  • Color : Black
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 200 watts

It comes with 1 bass driver (8-inch), 2 auxiliary bass radiators (8-inch), and a Driver Array (8-inch). And it weighs around 13.6 kilograms.

Amazing sound experience; next level!

It features a damped tweeter with a loading tube that provides an ideal termination of the sound that comes from the rear of its tweeter. Moreover, the treble is also improved for a better sound experience.

Additionally, it features an inductor that offers minimum distortion to provide cleaner and more accurate bass.

More to that, it also comes with a driver; Uni-Q, that is repositioned towards its center cabinet. It reduces any unwanted resonance. Along with that, it also improves the detail and clarity of the sound.

Improved cabinet + speaker design

As stated above, its Uni-Q driver is repositioned towards the center, which is a big improvement in the sound quality of this speaker making it better than its older versions.

The new cabinet design will reduce any load on its midrange cone, which results in clear and detailed sound along with a better bass deliverance. Other than that, the clarity of the midrange is also improved with the improvements made in the bass driver. The blocking capacitor (DC) has been eliminated, resulting in natural and clear bass deliverance among its drivers.

Improved woofers, better bass deliverance!

For a larger and better roll surround, this speaker comes with low-frequency drivers. Along with that, it features a new and improved spider suspension that delivers cleaner and more accurate bass even at a high volume.

Moreover, the new cone design improves the midrange clarity.

Furthermore, the improved Auxiliary Bass Radiators along with an improved surround and back suspension will manage the bass to the maximum to deliver it better.


  • Clarified bass deliverance
  • Clear sound
  • Accurate bass
  • Great quality
  • Smooth treble
  • Exceptional low sounds and rich, high sounds


  • You get a single piece; you have to buy two separately, to complete the set

3. Focal Chora 826 Floor Standing – Balanced, Generous Sound and Powerful Bass


  • Products : Focal Chora 826 Floor Standing Speaker
  • Item weight : 47 pounds
  • Color : Black
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 40-250 watts

Don’t sweat about it; these Focal Chora 826 Floor Speakers are one of the best standing speakers. 

It is a 3-way bass reflex speaker and is a symbol of high stereo listening pleasure. It delivers dynamic sounds. Thus, making it perfect for large rooms. It is manufactured and developed By Focal in France.

Did you know?

The speaker drivers are equipped with a slatefiber cone. The slate fiber technology uses the recycled, non-woven carbon fiber between the two layers of thermoplastic polymer. They have decided to use non-woven carbon fiber because they want to achieve even greater flexibility.

It has the largest cabinet in all the Chora range and also a magnificent assembling of drivers, thus the size makes it perfect for large rooms and effortless entertainment at high volume. Furthermore, it also includes a facing front bass port.

Isn’t it crazy!

It does not only have one woofer but two to make it more appealing. Its sound can match any subwoofer. It goes louder and deeper, delivering powerful bass.

Moreover, it also has a time alignment stand. This tilts the speaker in the upward direction to make sure that the sound from the woofer and tweeter is delivered to you in time. This feature makes the sound more linked and together.

Additionally, the existence of an aerodynamic front port abolishes distortion and gives more impact to the bass.

Furthermore, the speaker drivers bring balanced and accurate midranges and perfectly expressed bass.

How does it look?

Its sleek, modern design which is combined with your choice of finish and the tilted stand for time alignment plus better sound makes the Focal Chora 826 a flagship model. 


  • Modern design
  • Two woofers
  • Time alignment stand
  • Accurate midranges
  • High volume


  • Not much bass for some systems

4. Polk Audio S50 Home Theatre – High Resolution, Stylish and Great Sound


  • Products : Polk Audio S50 Home
  • Item weight : 14.5 kg
  • Color : Brown
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 150 watts

Curious, are you?

The presence of a high-resolution Terylene tweeter for high-frequency response will be helpful in reproducing the latest high-resolution audio sounds.

Now enjoy watching TV, movies, and music with the help of the new dynamic designed acoustic array.

Did you know?

The tower speaker has polypropylene cones which are mica-reinforced. Better yet, it has a 5.25″ low distortion for clear bass and increased energetic mid-range.

Moreover, another amazing feature present in this speaker is the dual 5-way gold plated binding posts which are there to make the sounds clearer and less muffled.

It can generate loud sounds of a maximum of 150 Watts.

As if that’s not enough:

It has exclusive Polk power port technology and who does not need it? This technology itself provides the speakers with musical bass, deep and smooth sounds.

The nominal output power is 150 Watts which is the same as the maximum output power of this speaker.

The speaker amplification type is passive.

There are no batteries included nor any batteries are required. There is neither remote control included nor any AC Adapter.

It also includes an anti-diffraction grille, which is used to protect the driver element and speaker internals.

The weight is approximately 14.5kg


  • Full range sound
  • Deep bass
  • Crystal clear high Frequency
  • Loud volume
  • No batteries needed


  • Too heavy

5. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker – Versatile, Full of Energy


  • Products : Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker
  • Item weight : 11.5 kg
  • Color : Black
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 145 watts

Don’t worry Sony SSCS3 3-way Floor speakers are here. They can create a fun atmosphere almost everywhere.

Hold your Horses:                 

These are a series of speakers versatile enough that they provide you with an extraordinary audio experience while making you feel the energy building up in you. .

Did you know?

They have a 3-way, 4-speaker bass-reflex, including 1″ polyester main tweeter and even 5-1/4″ foamed – mica cellular enhanced woofer

Another interesting feature they have is improved crossover componentry for a clean audio path, input power is a maximum of 145 watts.

A 3/4″ Sony super tweeter for mesmerizing sound staging, 6ohm speaker’s resistance, reproduction of sound to 50kHz, which is for high-resolution audios.

Isn’t it crazy?

The speaker’s minimal output power is 145 Watts and the uttermost output power is 290 Watts.

There are no batteries included, nor any types of remote control included for this speaker.

The dimensions of the speaker are 36.07 x 29.46 x 102.11 cm weighing 11.5kg.


  • Floor speakers
  • 4 speakers for bass
  • High-resolution audio
  • Woofers
  • Clear


  • Need a separate adapter

6. Jamo Studio Series S809 – Advanced Technology, Floor Standing Speaker


  • Products : Jamo Studio Series S809
  • Item weight : 28.58 kg
  • Color : Black
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 120-250 watts

It is often considered good by the users because of its attractive color and modern plus sleek design. The S809 model speaker is 5” and is appropriate for a large room or a lounge.

Plus, it can also go with your lounge interior, giving you one of the best listening experiences you ever wanted. However, it is an acoustic technology that holds aluminized-based poly fiber woofers.

Perfectly, suitable for the job:

Do note that the woofers consist of triple 102 mm (5”) polyfiber, which makes them even more classic and different from conventional devices.

Moreover, to give you a good music experience this modern technology consists of a waveguide that is smart and valuable enough to fulfill your music craze.

It is quite heavy as compared to other speakers as it weighs 28.58 kilograms while 113 x 35.99 x 51 cm is its dimension size still, it is considered a nice gadget, which can be used daily. Thus, you will find it easy to operate and handle at the same time.

Incredible sound production!

But, customers do find the packaging inappropriate that results in dents on the speakers through shipment.


  • Looks good
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Cheap item
  • Easy to handle
  • Provide immersive, loud, and clear sound


  • Poor packaging might destroy the speakers

7. 100W Bluetooth Speaker – Bass Superwoofer, High Power, Wireless Speaker


  • Products : 100 W Bluetooth Speaker Super Bass
  • Item weight : 3.4 kg
  • Color : Grey
  • Battery : 1 Lithium ion batteries included
  • Watt power: 100 watts

ABRAMTEK speakers can be used indoors as well as outdoors, surely standing out on any occasion.

A DPAC system that is considered a new technology introduced into the audio world consists of a deep bass system as well. Plus, its gray color is likely to go with your lounge interior, so you need to change the color scheme.

Plus, it has the capability to surround the room with the voice all over at 360 degrees. Besides, this item weighs only 3.4 kg and the size of the speaker is 59.94 cm. However, with the patented DPAC technology, it may help you to create a super modern bass system.

To offer you a huge range of thundering bass it combines with air pressure that’s why it is composed of a driver configuration. Thus, it can surpass or match all the conventional subwoofers due to their composition.

Right on target:

To upgrade your music, you need a rich and deep bass. Crazy, right? Also, the soothing flashlight will uplift the ambiance of your lounge and can spread all over the place. Get the comfortable shine!

You can carry it anywhere comfortably with the 100% portability feature. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that have high capacity and potential are installed in this device so that it can work for a long time. These batteries have more than 4.5 hours of playtime upon a single charge.

Carry it stylishly:

DSP is a processing power through which it can implement supplementary processing audio features that can modify the pitch and tempo of all the music-related files.  However, the basic function of DSP is to attain extra dynamic audio. To certainly fit in different playbacks like games, movies, and music an audio wave line is tuned to gain better sound results.

Furthermore, it enables the sound flow from top to bottom and left to right due to its 360 degrees optimized sound distribution system. Do not forget the fact that this is an omnidirectional speaker that makes you realize that you are in an environment holding multiple speakers and stereo systems.

A treat for all the music lovers:

You can now enjoy the perfect sound performance without compromising on anything. And undoubtedly, it is easy for you to immerse yourself within the clear, powerful, and quality of sound in every space or location.

You can now instantly pair the device with Bluetooth 4.2 without any hassle to any device such as mobile phone, laptop, and tablets up to 66 feet away. Additionally, it offers 3.5 mm audio output while the peak output is 100 watts.  The signal noise and distortion are measured to be 95 dB and 0.5%, respectively, along with the 30 Hz to 18K Hz variable frequency range related to this device.

Above everything else, customers usually find some connection issue of the speaker with the Tv, but to ensure a secure connection you need a huge latency.


  • Powerful and compact
  • Loud volume
  • Deep low bass
  • 4400 mAh batteries
  • Type-C cable for charging
  • 12 months warranty


  • Might not be compatible with the Tv

8. Mission LX-3 2 Way Floorstand Speaker – Musical Device with Good Frequency Range


  • Products : Mission LX-3 2 Way Floorstand Speaker
  • Item weight : 17.4 kg
  • Color : White Sandex
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 20-100 watts

Moreover, it is famous because of its 2-way Floorstanding feature.

It weighs 17.4 kilograms and the size of the speaker is 5.12 inches. It is considered that as a musical performance device, it comes in a pair, that’s how it is manufactured by the Mission.

Best floor standing speakers under $1000:

However, if you want to have a detailed and clear sound, then let me tell you that it offers a full frequency range, giving you a wide range to enjoy the true essence of music.

Isn’t it great?

Undoubtedly, it is an advanced technology that consists of linear type excursion woofers as well as a 25 mm microfiber-made dome tweeter. Plus, it also includes proprietary cone material and a 2 x 130 mm modern designed fiberglass driver.

Amazingly, it has the capability to decrease or eliminate any unwanted vibrations and resonances. To enhance its performance the reinforced cabinet is specifically designed for developing brute strength.

Moreover, the sound it produces is equivalent to 86.5 dB that defines the device sensitivity with (1w @ 1m). As you know, it is a 2-way speaker whose amp power recommendation is 20-100W and it also operates with the help of bass reflex enclosures.

The display technology of the MH-028290-00B is quite versatile whose nominal output power is 120 watts, while the required voltage is 240 volts.

Want to know more about it?

Keep in mind that the speakers do not require any battery, so they might work for a long time. Furthermore, the speaker connectivity recommended power is 20-120 watts. Therefore, these devices that can communicate music and lyrics are certainly considered affordable, smart, and practical when in use.

Do you know what makes it a high-performance device? Its treble units, mid/bass, and cabinet robustness make it a great-sounding speaker.

Most of the buyers have complained about the packaging of the device and the unavailability of the pair of speakers. Hence, you may get only one instead of two. So, do a little research before purchasing it.


  • Good performance
  • Great recording
  • Affordable
  • Smart device
  • Simple to install
  • Good sound


  • A pair of speakers might not be available, you have to buy the other one separately.

9. Klipsch R-610F Floor Speaker – Bass Reflex, Sturdy, and IMG Woofer


  • Products : Klipsch R-610F Floor Speaker
  • Item weight : 16.3 kg
  • Color : Black
  • Battery : No batteries included
  • Watt power: 85-400 watts

MDF material is used in the manufacturing of this device, whereas its frequency is measured to be 1800 Hz this is basically a complete introduction of the Klipsch floor-standing speaker that you should probably know. Also, with the 3 output channel quantity, the speaker can be plugged in anywhere.

The model R-610F is available in black color that consists of 90 x 90 square horns and a 1-inch Aluminum LTS tweeter. Besides, it also consists of an IMG woofer with spun-copper designs of dual 6.5”.

Want to know more about magnetic front grille?

Remember that it is a flexible, removable, and sturdy device with a bass reflex that works via rear-firing tractrix ports.

Note down the figures and facts that include 85 watts of power, 400 watts output wattage, while the speaker’s maximum output is 400 watts.

What else?

With the clear and detailed sound of this incredible speaker, it will fill your room with the best audio sound that you always wanted to listen to.

It will offer its listener amazing music plus listening experience with 94 cm of the low height speaker. Thus, it will make you enjoy the music to the fullest indeed with its best audio technology.

The speaker does not come with batteries, nor does it require any.


  • Super bass
  • Good quality music
  • Good price
  • Robust and effective packaging
  • Crystalline and clear sound


Buying Guide

Till now, you must have known something about the Best Floor Standing Speakers and the prominent features that they hold. But, you need to know something even more than what you have learned before.

Trust me! It won’t cost you a penny:

Surely, the above-mentioned information is fruitful, but I am sure you don’t want to miss the buyer’s guide that will help you in finding the ideal speaker that you always wanted.

First and foremost:

You need to keep in mind the following questions to have an overview of what you are looking for:

  • Which type of speaker are you looking for?
  • For what purpose will you use the speakers?
  • Are you willing to invest your money in it?
  • Do you need a floor-standing speaker or without a stand?

As of now, you have answered these; you can make a list of the following before buying one.

Type – Which One Do You Need?

Generally, we assume the DSP enabled option of the speaker makes it so far the most liked one. Even though there are other options available in the floor standing speakers like;

  • DSP (digital signal processing) enables
  • LX-3
  • Bass reflex via rear-firing
  • Waveguide acoustic technology

But, you have to stay updated with the advanced functions offered by these devices that will certainly give you a good music familiarity. Without any doubt, out of all these Bass reflex adds incredible detail and clarity. Hence, packed with the best audio technology in its class, it guarantees an incredible listening experience.

Boom! What a treat, right?

So, you should choose the speaker that fulfills all your needs and functions professionally without any hassle.

Style & Design – How Slim is it?

The speakers come in different styles, designs, and patterns. All are different from one another. But, their major features are almost the same. Do remember that these devices are;

  • Stylish
  • Slim
  • Upgraded
  • Simple to use
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Yet elegant

You should also note the fact that the woofer’s design and features can also differ from one item to another. So does their frequency, power, bass, and material. Therefore, you should choose the woofer that will give you incredible sound.

Color – Choose Vibrantly

Color is also an important factor when it comes to the selection of the speakers. If you want the speaker to go with your lounge or room’s interior then you can also customize its color and design. However, if you are happy with the color scheme of the floor-standing speakers, then, you have to make a choice.

Obviously, there is no need to panic because the color scheme provided by the speaker brands is quite elegant, modern or contemporary, and absolutely ideal for larger rooms.

Sleek design with your color choice!

Weight – Easy to Carry

When you are exploring the details about the audio equipment, you should know that it comes with a certain weight. But, the final decision lies upon you which one is the most suitable one for you till now.

The weight of the speaker can vary from object to object, the woofer’s weight can also vary likewise. So, if you want that the speaker you want should be easy to carry and portable then it is a must to choose a lightweight and compact device.

Power – Wattage Does it All

All these speakers have specific;

  • Output power
  • Voltage
  • Speaker connectivity power
  • Speakers nominal output power
  • Form factor
  • Power source
  • GSM frequency
  • And adapters

So, you have to analyze everything before you make a purchase.

Size- What Suits you the Best?

A friend of mine once ordered quite an expensive speaker for his room, but later he realized that it was very small for the room. So, before you order a speaker or buy online, you should take care of their size. Therefore, experts suggest that you always check the size of speakers before buying.

Generally, the following sizes are available:

  • Single
  • Double

Now, here comes the problem:

Undoubtedly, for indoor parties or gatherings, jamming single speakers are preferred. But, if you have a large room, you can preferably order double speakers.

Connection – Find Out!

Before you buy one of the above-mentioned speakers, you should know about the connectivity technology of these items. They can be wireless or consist of batteries, while they can also be wired or with a power supply.

You can choose whichever connection you want according to your demand and requirement. Most buyers prefer purchasing a battery-based technology as they can be used indoors and outdoors due to their portability factor.

Tip: Keep these electronic devices away from children.

Accessories – Handy and Sturdy

Do not forget the fact that speakers like these come with multiple accessories and extra equipment. Such as;

  • A bass driver
  • An adapter
  • Auxiliary bass radiators
  • Uni-Q tweeter
  • Aluminum midrange driver
  • Mounting hardware (Grille or spikes)
  • Slate Fiber cone
  • Rear-firing port
  • Aluminized poly fiber woofers
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Audio cable and much more

So, you should choose the speakers that come with multiple accessories to facilitate you.

Note: To ensure cabinet robustness and to reduce any unnecessary vibration, resonance, or distortion, you need a high speaker with high-performance bass.

Know the Purpose of the Speaker – Do you?

Another point to keep in mind is their primary purpose. Whether you want to party with friends in a hall, or just for jamming in your room these speakers will serve all the purposes.

On the other hand, I cannot stress how important this is.  Always consider the purpose as the first priority, so you can meet your needs to the fullest.

Portability – Move it Along

Checking for portability features is also an important task. You should not miss this feature at all. As you can easily carry them anywhere you want. Remember the fact that the portable nature of the feature will facilitate you wherever you are.

Don’t miss the chance:

Before buying a speaker, you must check whether you need the one with a stand or without for placement and storage purposes.


How many types of drivers in floor standing speakers?

Floor standing speakers have four different types of drivers. The types of drivers vary in the different floor standing speakers. Basically, there are 4 driver types.
Firstly, there are the tweeters drivers which are small and emit high-frequency sounds ranging from 2,000 to 30,000Hz.
Secondly, there are the midrange drivers with sound frequencies ranging between 500 to 2,000Hz.
Thirdly, there is the woofer driver with low-frequency sounds ranging between 40 to 1000Hz, and lastly, subwoofer drivers which magnify bass sound and range between 20 and 200Hz.

Which type of material is used in cabinet construction?

It is also worth looking for before buying floor-standing speakers. Therefore, the material of the cabinet should be considered to fit with the room’s aesthetics. If you have a hard floor, you should consider the padded footing of the cabinet.

What size of speaker to choose from?

You should check the size of speakers according to your space that fit well. Whereas, the bigger the speaker, the louder the sound will be.

Which specifications to look for?

Before buying, it is important to consider the specifications of the speaker. Specifications; like frequency response which is frequency range, its sensitivity of changing power into sound.


Conclusively, I have clearly explained in this article about the 10 best Floor Standing Speakers in the market.

So, what are you up to now?

I hope I have cleared all the ambiguities related to the durability, functionality, and portability of the speakers. As well as, the speakers with the best sound quality have been reviewed.

Even so, if you don’t like any of these speaker choices, you can go through the detailed buyer’s guide to help you choose the best one. Get the speaker that has a Bluetooth connectivity option, so that it will become your partner in music. Whereas, these MDF-made speakers are quite long-lasting, durable, suitable for large rooms, and light in weight.

What do you think?

If you consider my opinion, I would say Klipsch R-610F Floor Speaker Black is my top priority. These speakers have high sound quality, are flexible and portable at the same time.

Go loud!

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