If you are a regular gamer and enjoy lengthy gaming sessions, it’s silly to sit on an ordinary couch or chair. It doesn’t matter whether you are a console gamer or a PC player; using a regular chair is unfair for you.

Over time, you will feel back, neck, and shoulder aches that do not seem to take off. To put a stop to these, you must have accurate posture and alignment of your body. It is only possible by having the best gaming chairs in Australia. Check out 10 Best Massage Chair in Australia – Time to Invest in the Best

The best gaming chairs are designed according to your back and neck, allowing you to correct posture. They prevent you from fatigue and allow you to play for long hours without any ache issues. There are many gaming chairs available in the market with different shapes, sizes, benefits, home series, and more. However, we have tested and shortlisted some of the best gaming chairs in Australia to provide you a suitable recommendation. 

Best Gaming Chairs in Australia Comparison Table

It is overwhelming to pick up a gaming chair among several choices. Don’t worry! We are here to help you not to get stuck in this confusing situation. We have reviewed the top 10 gaming chairs in Australia after testing dozens across various budgets, performance, style, and relaxation. See Best Gaming Router in Australia – WiFi-6 Routers with No Dead Zones

Let’s move on to the comparison table first.

Comparison Table

Get rid of the muscles aches and bring LLC-SUDA, the most comfortable and human-engineered gaming chair.

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Keep your back comfortable with an AutoFull PU leather high back gaming chair.

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OVERDRIVE is presenting a new DX3 series gaming chair and desk specially designed for gamers.

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The TGC Thunder3 series gaming chair is a complete package of design and comfort in one place.

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Make your day special and get rid of all the back pain, shoulder aches, and more with OneX GX3 premium gaming and office chair.

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CO-Z is one of the best video gaming chairs with easy assembly, comfortable seating, and lumbar support.

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X Rocker G-Force Sports 2.1 stereo audio gaming chair comes with an ergonomic design and a new addition to the games and Esports fans.

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Advwin is constantly upgrading and optimizing chairs to give you the best sitting and gaming experience.

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Here comes the car-seat style and new design with AUSELECT ergonomic gaming chairs in Australia.

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LFORDSON Gaming chair is made for skilled gamers, smart working professionals, and those who spend most of their time on the chair.

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1. Gaming Chair with Footrest: Zero Gravity, Reclining Backrest – Best of The Year


  • Dimensions: 51 x 52 x 57cm
  • Weight: 16 kg4
  • Color: Black
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: PP Material + Mesh Fabric
  • Special Features: Footrest Kneeling, Zero Gravity

Get rid of the muscles aches and bring LLC-SUDA, the most comfortable and human-engineered gaming chair. Not just the gaming chair, it is also suitable as an outdoor lounge, sun loungers, office, computer chairs, and more.

It is designed to satisfy your ultimate comfort with thick and contoured armrests. The armrest will serve you whether lying or sitting, indoor or outdoor. Also, the chair comes with soft and thick pads as an extra layer of comfort. You can keep the pad behind your back or the neck to increase the level of calmness. 

We assure you the ergonomic chair design will help you to ease up on the chair. It also allows you to vanish the stress accumulated throughout the day.

Are you curious about the material type? Let us tell you about it. The gaming chair is made up of PU leather, offering strength and durability. It also has excellent toughness and breathability, ensuring un-sweating whether you are sitting on it for a whole day.

Moreover, the chair allows you to adjust the headrest due to its recliner design. We found it very helpful in ache relieving because it fits the curvature of your cervical spine. Not just back pain, it also relieves neck pressure, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

On the contrary side, we have observed some weak points in this gaming chair. The mesh fabric is of average quality. Also, it is not suitable as a sun lounger. 


  • Sleek design and comfortable chair.
  • Leather is of premium quality.
  • Effective in relieving neck pressure.
  • It comes with a latex cushion.
  • It has integrated linkage armrests.


  • It can only handle up to 150kg of weight.
  • The headrest cushion is somewhat hard.

2. AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair – PU Leather, High Back, Adjustable


  • Dimensions: ‎56.9 x 52.83 x 129.03 cm
  • Weight: 25.4 Kilograms
  • Color: Pink
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: Faux Leather, Metal
  • Special Features: Adjustable

Keep your back comfortable with an AutoFull PU leather high back gaming chair. It is a multi-functional chair offering you to adjust your seat with a robust quality swivel. Adjusting your chair’s back every time is a bothersome process. You can keep the seat’s back locked at your desired settings between 90 to 155 degrees. Moreover, the chair and armpits height is changeable, allowing you to adjust it as you like.

The lumbar and head pillows are also included in the packaging to give you a completely relaxing experience. You don’t need to put both the pillows at a time; check your preferences first. We assure you will get the most comfortable position with these pillows.

In addition, the chair is made up of high-quality material, offering improved safety and comfort. The PU leather and memory foam ensure you will enjoy sitting on this chair for years. You will not get bored using the same ordinary chair every day.

The inside metal frame is robust and high-quality with explosion-proof gas. In our opinion, the gas meets all the international safety standards (SGS4). Heavy-duty metal base and frictionless rolling make it convenient to use for every age group. 

Moreover, we found it best suitable for gaming, office work, and home use. It will deliver you complete comfort regardless of the application type. Besides, it has an ergonomic design with natural curves and extra comfort. 

In the end, we want to share some shallower points of this chair. It comes with a small-sized rug. You might also feel it challenging to set up because instructions are not in English. 


  • A perfect gaming chair for the price.
  • Full comfortable and adorable chair.
  • Perfect for long hours of use.
  • Head cushion and lumbar are of good quality.


  • Keep the metal part clear to beware of rust.
  • The armrest quality is average.

3. OVERDRIVE Peak Gaming Chair – With Desk, LED Lighting Combo & Stylish


  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 111-121cm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Special Features: LED-FXTM system

OVERDRIVE is presenting a new DX3 series gaming chair and desk specially designed for gamers. The overall design of the desk is loaded with all-in-all features to give you a complete gaming theme. Enjoy the multi-color LEDs lighting setup combo on the desk to ensure a superb experience for home, office, or gaming. As per our experience, the chair is crafted according to international quality standards. 

Furthermore, the chair is engineered with superior design, and the thickness of the manufacturing material yields next-level relaxation. We found the design stylish and ergonomic, incorporated with a sturdy frame. The included cushions are to relieve additional back discomfort. You can set the chair angle for maximum enjoyment and performance during your favorite gaming sessions. Isn’t it enjoyable? Yeah, it is. 

Besides the PU leather, the seat is wrapped with high-quality faux leather cushioning for maximum durability. More than this, it provides you with cleaning ease. You can wipe it with a soft cloth, and using any good quality foam is a plus. Don’t forget to dry the chair with a dry cloth. 

The OVERDRIVE peak gaming chair has a high-quality carbon fiber texture. It not only gives a stylish look but is also suitable for ultra-responsive and easy mouse tracking that you need. 

Here we want to share some imperfections in this gaming chair. The chair is not suitable for taller people. Also, the desk is not able to bear heavy loads. 


  • A good quality cable runner.
  • Slick and efficient quality surfaces.
  • Special LED-FXTM lighting system.
  • Smart cable management.
  • Stylish design.


  • The chair is heavier in weight.
  • No independent footrest.

4. ThunderX3 TGC12 Gaming Chair – 180-Degree Recliner, Adjustable Height


  • Color: Black/Green
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Special Features: Class-4 Hydraulic and Gas lift

The TGC Thunder3 series gaming chair is a complete package of design and comfort in one place. It also looks like a racing seat due to its sleek design and faux leather wrapping. An extra layer of carbon fiber with firm padding gives you next-level relaxation while playing your favorite game or working in your office.

You will not feel any aches or fatigue in long hours of gameplay. So, bring the ThunderX3 TGC12 series and plan to make your living room a gaming room. 

Let us tell you a fantastic feature of this gaming chair. As we all know, power naps boost your energy, but how can we take it on a chair? Is it possible? Yes, it’s possible with a ThunderX3 gaming chair due to its smart design. Adjust the back of the chair up to 180 degrees, stare at the ceiling and enjoy a comfortable power nap. We assure you, it will help to improve your memory, creativity, energy level, cognitive skills, and more. 

It is equipped with a state-of-the-art hydraulic life according to the new standards. Similarly, the gas life is of Class 4. This latest Class 4 gas and hydraulic lifts combine to bear up to 150 kg of weight without having any problems. You can also check the quality of the chair from the weight handling capacity. 

Above all, we have observed some deficiencies in this best gaming chair in Australia. The chair is somewhat pricey. Besides, the armrests are made up of average quality plastic. 


  • It is made to handle more weight.
  • Can recline up to 180 degrees.
  • It comes with head and back cushions.
  • Adjustable seat height.


  • The armrests are not very comfortable.
  • The lumbar cushion is not much soft.

5. OneX GX3 Gaming Chair – Sports Racing Style, Rocking Function


  • Dimensions: ‎82 x 67 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 20 Kilograms
  • Color: White
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Special Features: Adjustable

Make your day special and get rid of all the back pain, shoulder aches, and more with OneX GX3 premium gaming and office chair. Sports racing style gives your rooms an elegant look with a black & white color combination. We bet your living room will look like a gaming room after bringing it to your house.

This gaming chair also comprises a special feature called “Rocking Function”. Rocking function brings many advantages such as armrest repositioning, backrest angle, swivel the chair, etc. 

Furthermore, the chair weighs only 20 kg making it easier to handle with smooth wheels. You can pick up something from your bed by just sitting on your chair with the help of frictionless wheels.

The seats are made up of Faux Leather that requires only a little maintenance. It does not get damaged and is more stain-resistant than real/ordinary leather. Also, it provides good stitching. Most of the gaming chair manufacturers use Faux leather due to the reasons mentioned above. 

The chair also possesses a metal frame to prevent wear and tear. The bottom part of the chair is also covered with quality fiber for protection purposes. In short, it’s the smart and among the best gaming chairs in Australia. 

After all, the chair has some notable shortcomings in it. TIt is not suitable for short-height people because of the lengthy headrest. Also, the armrests have a shorter horizontal length. 


  • It is specially designed for gaming.
  • It is manufactured with quality leather.
  • The leather is dust repellent.
  • All rocking functions are available.
  • Strong Class 4 gas lift.


  • The height adjustments are not very good.

6. CO-Z Video Gaming Chair – High Back & Lumbar Support


  • Color: Black/White
  • Form Factor: Leather
  • Material: Leather
  • Special Features: Adjustable

CO-Z is one of the best video gaming chairs with easy assembly, comfortable seating, and lumbar support. Are you worried about the assembly of the chair because you did not have such experience? Don’t worry! The chair is easy to put together with clear instructions mentioned in the guide. In our experience, it takes hardly 30-40 minutes to assemble and get ready to work. Also, you get all the necessary tools for the assembly. 

The rugged frame gives the chair support with a Class-2 hydraulic lift. In our opinion, the hydraulic class is somewhat average and needs to be updated.

The CO-Z chair has extended weight capacity up to 330 pounds of weight. We also found it suitable for everyone having long or short height. Along with the height, the 360-degree swivel caster allows you to rotate, tilt and set the chair in your required angle and direction. 

Additionally, the chair comes with necessary cushions wrapped in soft synthetic leather, adding another comfortable layer. We assure you will get all-day comfort with these cushioning support (head and lumbar pillow). Both the cushions offer customized fit as per your requirements and desire. It gives you head-to-toe complete body comfort at a very reasonable price. Similarly, the extendable footrest allows you to place your legs and get rid of the whole day’s fatigue. 

In the last, we want to mention a few vulnerabilities about this gaming chair. The pillow USB cable is shorter in length. Also, the wheels are sensitive. 


  • A gaming and massager chair both.
  • It comes with a rugged frame.
  • It provides complete body relaxation.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.
  • It offers ergonomic comfort.


  • The under-seat form is not of good quality.
  • The wooden bottom board is narrower and just for designing.

7. X Rocker G-Force Gaming Chair – Subwoofer & Foldable


  • Dimensions: 85 x 41 x 65 cm
  • Weight: 1 Kilograms
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Special Features: Speaker Subwoofer

X Rocker G-Force Sports 2.1 stereo audio gaming chair comes with an ergonomic design and a new addition to the games and Esports fans. The complete stereo system is head-mounted to make it more easily accessible. Not only the stereo audio, but you can also get the best gaming experience with mounted subwoofers. The woofers give you an immersive 2.1 audio environment making you more focused on the gameplay. 

Additionally, you can wipe the chair surface to clean it, and it does not require much effort. You can fold it easily and place it in any corner of the house or under the gaming table. It means it’s compact and easy to carry from one place to another. As this is one of the most intelligent gaming chairs, it offers a wide range of compatibility.

According to us, the chair is compatible with almost all the primary gaming devices such as PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U. Don’t worry! If you have a PS4 because it is also compatible with it. Just you have to connect the RCA analog audio outputs with your TV, and it’s all done. You can also combine it with RCA headphones if you want to attach them to the TV.

Suppose you are facing converter issues; you can buy your desired converter. It is helpful when your TV does not support those sound outputs. Also, remember that such converters are sold separately. 

We have also noticed some drawbacks in this chair that we want to share with you. This chair is best suitable for teenagers, not for adults. Secondly, the audio lead is hard to plug in and out. 


  • It’s a brilliant chair for teenagers and adults.
  • The Bluetooth pairing for console sound is perfect.
  • Offer a wide range of compatibility.
  • Great value for the money.


  • The curved armrests are not very comfortable.
  • No headrest and lumbar cushion included.

8. Advwin Gaming Chair: Racing Style, Ergonomic Design – Amazon’s Choice


  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 126 cm
  • Weight: 16 Kilograms
  • Color: Footrest Red
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Special Features: Adjustable

Advwin is constantly upgrading and optimizing chairs to give you the best sitting and gaming experience. Get the personalized advantage and immersive comfort experience with this Advwin video gaming chair. Yes, you listened right. You can win the battle of comfort and style with this robust and beautiful office and gaming chair.

This gaming chair has a thick steel frame support and makes the chair robust in any environment. Don’t worry; the chair will not leave you midway. We call it your luxury companion because of having all the qualities mentioned above.

According to our experience, the chair is not just suitable for gaming. You can also use it for your office, rest chair and more. We assure, its elegant and modern design will make your room space more beautiful and eye-catching. Moreover, the chair is made with exclusive gaming material. The overall material is not hazardous for the skin and was made after finding it skin-friendly and wear-resistant.

If we talk about the colors, the chair is decorated with a bold color having a beautiful red and black contrast. It gives both a fun and professional look to your gaming table. The prominent feature is that the chair remains stable no matter you are heavyweight (about 120 kg). The strong load-bearing capacity and premium construction make it a superb addition to the gaming chairs. 

Lastly, we have noticed some deficiencies in this chair. The head pillow is easy to break. Secondly, the instruction guide is hard to understand, especially for beginners.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • It offers comfort and easiness together.
  • Best for muscles aches.
  • Great lumbar support.
  • It is manufactured with good quality leather.


  • The seat has no padding.
  • The gas lift takes time to lift the chair up.

9. AUSELECT Gaming Chair: Racing Style, 90-135 Degree Adjustable Backrest – Editor’s Choice


  • Dimensions: ‎84 x 65 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 17 Kilograms
  • Color: Red/Yellow/Blue
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: PU leather
  • Special Features: 200kg loading capacity

Here comes the car-seat style and new design with AUSELECT ergonomic gaming chairs in Australia. It is built to provide heavy-duty comfort with an incredible chair. Not only your back, but you can also put your legs at rest mode. A support side bolster, waist, and shoulder cushion are included and give you a racing car-seat-like look.

We assure you will have the best experience because the chair comes with a beautiful gaming mouse as a gift. Isn’t it surprising? Yeah, it’s exciting. 

Additionally, it will not only give you sitting ease but also help improve your gaming experience. The reason is, you will concentrate on the game only. Therefore, go for it if you want to improve your comfort as well as gaming skills.

Further, if we talk about the manufacturing material, the chair comprises high-quality selected metal dedicated to gaming chairs. You get many benefits with the chosen material, such as breathability, skin-friendliness, wear resistance, and more. According to us, this PU leather is tearproof and does not get damaged over the years. 

Furthermore, the chair has multiple functions that you can customize as you want. The 360 degrees swivel, 90-135 degree adjustable backrest, Omni-directional wheels, and gas-spring cylinder enable you to make adjustments to get maximum comfort. Plus, all the mechanisms are very easy to control. 

In the end, we want to share some drawbacks of this chair. The assembly is challenging, especially for beginners. Secondly, it sometimes causes issues while reclining.


  • The chair is exceptionally portable.
  • Suitable for both big and tall folks.
  • Available at a reasonable price.
  • It has an excellent and attractive shape.


  • The video also has no clear instructions.
  • The gas covering is made up of plastic.

10. LFORDSON Gaming Chair: Color Options, For Heavy Weight People – Muti Colors


  • Dimensions: ‎74 x 74 x 131 cm
  • Weight: 22 Kilograms
  • Color: Multi Colors
  • Form Factor: Recliner
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Special Features: Upholstered Leather, Adjustable, seat lock

LFORDSON Gaming chair is made for skilled gamers, smart working professionals, and those who spend most of their time on the chair. The chair’s metal frame makes it sturdy to bear the maximum weight for long hours in a day.

Available in a wide range of colors and designs to make it more convenient for all the users. All these aspects make this chair perfect to give you superior comfort at your desk. If we talk about the design, the chair design has dual themes, i.e., gaming and racing. 

In addition, the manufacturer used all the premium materials in crafting this beautiful chair. A stylish chrome base is approved by PU leather. Also, it has a state-of-the-art gas-lift system and tilts function to give you maximum customization about your comfort.

In our experience, the chair can easily bear about 150 kg of weight, delivering you the finest luxury. These aspects are combined with a padded footrest, headrest, armrest, and lumbar cushion to take a five-star nap or sit. 

Moreover, the chair has a high resilience foam (whole-piece molding form) for a better backrest and sitting experience. You can also remove the head and lumbar cushions if you don’t like to use them. However, we highly recommend using these cushions for your ultimate comfort and installing them before sitting on the chair. You can adjust the height of both the cushions according to your body size. 

Last but not least, we have noted some weaker points in this chair. The bottom part of the chair is not much wider. Secondly, the back cushion is also not of premium quality.


  • Quiet and comfortable.
  • Great build quality.
  • Both gaming and office chair.
  • Build with quality material.


  • Not suitable for everyone.
  • The armrests are not of good quality.

Buying Guide

Suppose you want to find the best gaming chair in Australia under 300 or the best gaming chair for big guys in Australia. Which point will you consider before making a successful purchase? Isn’t it confusing? Yes, it’s confusing, especially for the newbies. There are many important things that most people don’t check and regret their purchase in the end.

We have enlisted all the important points that you must check before buying the best gaming chairs in Australia for your assistance. So, let’s get started!


A gaming chair’s primary purpose is to ensure your comfort for long hours of gaming. However, make sure the chair looks ergonomic and provides enhanced comfort to everyone. For this, check the overall chair design, such as backrest, posture, paddings, material, and more.

Must check the lumber support to get the maximum comfort for you. Adjustable height is also a necessary attribute to make the chair suitable for everyone. 


Material is another important factor for the longer lifespan of the chair. Always check for the quality of material in the chair, ensuring your long-lasting experience. The quality material also prevents the chair from wear and tear. It also saves the chair from temperature or environmental effects. 


Do you know connectivity is also important in gaming chairs? The best gaming chairs in Australia must have versatile connectivity options offering incredibly immersive experiences. Therefore, check whether you can connect your desired device with the gaming chair or not.

Also, check if the chair is compatible with PCs and gaming consoles. All these pre-observations will help you to find the best gaming chair in Australia. 

Height and Weight Capacity

All the gaming chairs are not the same; they offer different features and capabilities. Check out the body type and internal frame’s material type. At present, different brands are manufacturing unique models depending upon the person’s height and weight. For example, Asian-sized chairs are not suitable for American users because of their different physiques. 

It is better to check your body size, height, and weight and choose a chair best suitable for you. 

Lumbar Pillow

Almost all the gaming chairs come with a lumbar pillow or also known as a backrest cushion. Also, some chairs have a built-in lumbar cushion inside the chair’s back. These lumbar supports are a plus to make your back comfortable. As mentioned earlier, everyone has a different body shape and size, so choose the lumbar size according to your body. 


Adjustability is the primary feature that you must consider before buying a gaming chair for you. Remember that the adjustment is not limited to reclining the chair. A gaming chair has several other adjustability options: reclining angle, armrest adjustment, lumbar support, height adjustment, and more. 

The reclining angle differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, check the reclining angle and features such as flat, certain angle, etc. 


Last but not least, price is the final point. It is said that the best quality chairs are always expensive. However, we disagree with this statement. Many brands offer good quality and convenient chairs at very reasonable prices. 

In our opinion, check out your requirements first and then go for a chair under your budget. Always try to be within your budget.


Which gaming chair is best in Australia?

There are several brands manufacturing quality gaming chairs with incredible features. However, OneX gaming chairs are at the top in Australia due to versatility and maximum comfort.

Is a gaming chair worth it?

Yes, a gaming chair is always worth it. The gaming chair is a worthy investment for those people who spend long hours sitting on the chair in front of their computer. Gaming chairs prevent muscle, shoulder, and neck aches.

How long do the gaming chairs last?

There is no accurate answer to this question because different chairs are built with different materials. However, the average age of a gaming chair is 2 to 3 years. Despite this, the best quality chairs may last up to 5 years.

Do gaming chairs break easily?

The wear and tear of gaming chairs primarily depend on the failures or overloading. If you put a load beyond the chair’s limit, it will cause any damage.

Are gaming chairs expensive?

The gaming chairs are available at both high and low prices. You can even get a robust and high-quality gaming chair for $500. So, it depends on your budget, preference, features, and manufacturers too.


In summary, the market is flooded with various gaming chairs having different sizes, shapes, features. It is important to select the best gaming chair in Australia that fits your needs and budget. 

Keep in mind that a chair is a good investment not just for sitting purposes but also for your comfort. Gaming chairs allow your muscles to prevent aches and increase overall blood flow. These chairs are best suitable for people who spend most of the time playing or working in front of the computer. Therefore, give some time to research and find the best one.

We hope over detailed reviews and the Best gaming chairs in Australia Buying Guide will help you choose the best one. 

In the end, check out our recommendations:

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