Suppose you are a makeup lover and want to decorate your vanity table with an amazing makeup mirror.

Hollywood makeup mirrors are multifunctional. LED bulbs with customizable brightness and different colors give you the ideal environment to do your makeup flawlessly.

You do not need to go outside to manicure; they have a UV nail lamp so that you can paint your nails perfectly. Also, they have USB ports to charge your phone without wasting your time. LED bulbs are high quality and long life span. The touch screen with Bluetooth feature allows you can enjoy music.

For exploring more features and details of Hollywood makeup mirrors, you should read the article. Let’s start.

Best Hollywood Makeup Mirrors in Australia – To Get Ready Like a Star

There are a lot of choices in mirror collections at different marketplaces. You can get confused about them. We have tested many and shortlisted the five best Hollywood makeup mirrors in Australia. 

This research will save you time; you do not need to research these products because we provide a comparison table. This comparison table is based on the shape, assembly required, pieces, dimensions, and item weight of our selected items. Furthermore, you can read our experts’ detailed review of each of these mirrors in the next section.

Comparison Table

This makeup mirror with LED dimmable bulbs has an ultra-clean reflection for women and everyone.

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It is a very beautiful and professional vanity mirror. HD lighted mirrors are the best to do makeup.

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This Hollywood mirror with outstanding features is for women and girls to do their makeup.

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Maxkon 14 LED has a crystal clear reflection and compact design.

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It is a multifunctional mirror with which you can do your makeup and dry your nails in an infrared UV nail lamp.

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1. ZitoStory Large Vanity Mirror: 14 LED Bulbs, Smart Touch Control – Best of The Year


  • Dimensions: ‎64.77 x 59.69 x 17.78 cm
  • Weight: 6.78 Kilograms
  • Shape: Square
  • # of Pieces: 1

This makeup mirror with LED dimmable bulbs has an ultra-clean reflection for women and everyone. You can do your makeup, pluck your eyebrows, or practice different hairstyles. Men can also use it for shaving and tweezing.  Overall, the design is very beautiful and enhances the beauty of your bedroom. It has three modes of lighting: daylight, warm light, and cool light. You can adjust the brightness as you want. 

It is made with high-quality materials; the base and frame are made with strong metal and 14 LED bulbs with 5000 hours long lifespan battery. You do not need to replace the bulb; that’s why LED mirror is more durable and solid.

The smart touch screen makes the mirror more convenient. You can set the brightness just by touching the mirror’s screen. Touch the K button to change the light color and adjust the brightness with the ‘S’ Button. The middle button is to turn the light on and off.

It has 360-degree free rotation; you can fix it at any position, giving you the perfect angle to see yourself. No need for wires, and it is very easy to use. Girls can give that mirror to their friends on Christmas day, mothers day, valentines day, birthdays, or other wedding events.

This one of the Best Hollywood Makeup Mirrors in Australia is very easy to handle. If you travel, you can carry it with you easily because it has the perfect traveling size.


  • The brightness is wonderful.
  • Easy to handle.
  • No wires are required.


  • Mirror quality is poor.

2. LUXFURNI Hollywood Makeup Mirror – Vintage Tabletop, Touch Control, Cold/Warm Light


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 41.5 x 51 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 Kilograms
  • Shape: Square
  • # of Pieces: 1

It is a very beautiful and professional vanity mirror. HD lighted mirrors are the best to do makeup. You can choose different lighting colors with just one touch. Besides, you can use and enjoy many features in just one mirror.

It is very easy to control and handle. You can adjust the brightness and temperature with just one touch on the screen. After 15 minutes, it will turn off automatically to save energy.

It has LED bulbs with an 80,000 hours long life span. You do not need to replace the bulb more often. It is eco-friendly, safe, and flexible. You can power it up by power bank or USB socket. It is free from formaldehyde. 

The touch sensor feature is very exclusive. With the touch screen, you can customize the brightness level with a max of 2090 Lumens. There are four different colors with different ranges of temperature. Warm light 3800K to daylight 6500K. 

This Best Hollywood Makeup Mirrors in Australia has an auto-off feature to save energy. After 15 minutes, if you are not using it, the LED bulbs will turn off automatically. 

This makeup vanity mirror is the best choice to gift anyone on special events such as birthday parties, weddings, Christmas Day, and Mother’s Day. It is very convenient to use and handle. With just one click, you can change the colors of the lights and set the brightness. Bulbs enhance the beauty of the mirror and your room as well.


  • Bright LED lights.
  • Long time battery life.
  • Great for makeup
  • Easy to adjust.
  • You can make your vanity professional.


  • The bulb has poor quality.

3. Hollywood Mirror with Lights: Table Top – 14 pcs Dimmer Bulbs


  • Dimensions: ‎71.2 x 60.2 x 21.2 cm
  • Weight: 5.78 Kilograms
  • Shape: Square
  • # of Pieces: 1

This Hollywood mirror with outstanding features is for women and girls to do their makeup. This exclusive mirror provides you with outstanding primping sessions. Use the rotary switch to adjust the brightness for ideal glow, dressing, and hairstyling.

You can take amazing photos and do Instagram lives. It is suitable to enhance the outlook of your bedroom and dressing room. There is also a 10x magnificent detachable mirror for your eye makeup.

You can charge your phone when you are getting ready. There are two charger ports to charge your phone, USB ports A and USB port B. The phone mount stand is also available.

The vanity lighting has three lighting modes: warm, natural, and cool. You can adjust the brightness to make sure that your makeup looks good. This way, you can check your makeup look in different lighting modes.

Just by touching the mirror, you can change the light colors and brightness. You can use button M to change the mode of light. The middle button is used to turn off and on the lights. You can adjust the brightness by touching the P button. It has a memory function to save your light settings as you last used the mirror.

You can hang it or fix it at any place because it comes with a screw and screwdriver. Also, you can make it stand on your table to use easily. 


  • Fantastic mirror and good quality.
  • Light is bright.
  • Perfect for doing makeup.
  • Its presence decorates your room.


  • Stands quality is poor.
  • No warranty.

4. Maxkon Hollywood Makeup Mirror – Touch Control & Bluetooth


  • Dimensions: 72 x 60.5 x 16.5 cm
  • Weight: 8.4 Kilograms
  • Shape: Square
  • # of Pieces: 13

Maxkon 14 LED has a crystal clear reflection and compact design. You can make your bedroom and bathroom more attractive. It is the perfect mirror for your dressing, grooming, and makeup. This mirror has a song streaming function and allows you to play the song while doing makeup. You can enjoy music and spend your quality time.  

It also has a Bluetooth function. Connect your device with Bluetooth and play the music. You can do volume up, down, and next/previous song by the touch screen. Mirror has a dual audio stereo speaker on the backside. It has three different lighting modes, warm white, cold white, and yellow-white. You can set any light which you like. 

Made with a high-quality thick light metal frame and it is lightweight. Makes your bedroom or dressing room more glamorous. It has a USB port that can charge your phone while you are doing makeup. 

You can check your makeup in the light of 14 bulbs which have 50000 hours of life span. It has energy-saving power. You will also get a bonus prize with a mask on the mirror such as a small mirror and a cleaning cloth for the mirror.

If you want to gift something to your loved ones at their special events, wedding events, birthdays, Christmas Day, and other days, a mask on a mirror is the best choice.


  • 5x small magnifying mirror.
  • High-quality material.
  • Three lighting modes.
  • 3.5 cm thick frame.


  • Not much durable.

5. BEAUTE Makeup Mirror with Lights: LED UV Nail Dryer, Tabletop – Best Budget Friendly


  • Dimensions: 57 x 56.2 x 15.2 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 Kilograms

It is a multifunctional mirror with which you can do your makeup and dry your nails in an infrared UV nail lamp. You can enjoy a manicure and paint your nails perfectly and save your time to go out. Design and style make you excited and confident. The 15 dimmable LED bulbs give you the perfect lighting to check your makeover.

The nail lamp has an automatic sensor model. When the device’s power is on, and you put your hand on the baking area, the light will turn on automatically. When you remove your hand from the device, it will turn off automatically.

For the 30-second use, press the lamp button one time; for the 60-second use, press the button two times, and for the turnoff, you will press the button three times. To use it for long time use, long press the button for around 3 seconds.

There are three modes of light; daylight, natural light, and yellow light. You need to touch lightly to turn on and off the lights. For adjusting the brightness, hold the button for a few seconds.

It is the perfect makeup vanity mirror to gift your friends, mother, and sister at the wedding, birthday, mothers day, and sisters day.


  • Different light colors.
  • Exclusive lighting.
  • Touch sensor.
  • Multifunctional.


  • Sometimes, the touch screen does not work.

Buying Guide

In that case, we will get you all the details about the best Hollywood Makeup mirrors in Australia.

You need the best vanity mirror to lighten up and make your environment ideal for your makeup. You will find many amazing features, but you should need to read the buying guide before buying. In this article, we will guide you about the best Hollywood makeup mirrors in Australia so that you should have some factors in mind before buying.


First of all, check the size of the mirror. Always choose the size according to your vanity. If your vanity is small and the mirror is large, it does not look good, so do not buy it. The mirror should be large enough that you can see your full face and whole body. 


You should check the quality of the mirror. The reflective panel should be enclosed in a frame, and the frame should be made of high-quality material. Frame material is most important because it will save your mirror. You will see different types of frame material, but you should prefer metal material. Metal material is super strong for the safety of mirrors.


Lighting is the most important feature of Hollywood mirrors. Its lights brighten up your face then you can see your face reflection very clearly. You should check the brightness level before buying. 

Dimmable feature

Before purchasing, you should check the dimmable feature of the lighting. You can increase and decrease the brightness level according to your comfort needs.


What type of bulbs should we prefer for Hollywood mirrors?

We should prefer LED bulbs for Hollywood mirrors. We can save money and energy by using them.

Are Hollywood mirrors safe?

All bulbs have five years life expectancy. Hollywood mirrors meet UK safety standards to give you the surety about mirror safety.

Can we replace bulbs on the Hollywood mirror?

Yes, we can replace the bulbs, switch off and unplug the mirror, then unscrew, open and replace the bulb. But mostly, only larger-sized mirrors have replaceable bulbs.

How do I clean a Hollywood mirror?

You can clean your Hollywood mirror easily. Just sprinkle the surface with water and rub it with a cotton cloth. You can also clean it with a cleaning solution or window cleaner.

Should I buy a Hollywood mirror?

Yes, if you are a makeup lover, you should buy it because it has huge features to make you excited and see your face easily.


We have discussed all the details, features, and buying guide. Now you can choose anyone according to your need. But we will recommend you Zito story large vanity mirror for its high-end and exclusive features.

If you want to go for all essential features in the mirror but at a reasonable price, we will recommend the LUXFURNI Hollywood vintage tabletop makeup mirror that is our top pick. Our best budget choice is the Maxkon 14 LED Hollywood makeup mirror.

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