Best Massage Cushion - For Tall And Short Person

Best Massage Cushion - For Tall and Short Person

Last updated: 25 May, 2022

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If you work for long hours sitting on a chair, you will go through back pain. The massage cushion is the best way to get rid of the back pain after working a whole day.

In our opinion, the best massage cushion in Australia gives you relief and lessens the tension in the muscles. In the same way, the blood circulation in your muscles increases correspondingly. 

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However, do you know that a good massage cushion can also help you with arthritis and spondylosis? To help you find the best massage chair out of thousands of products, check out our top-picked massage cushions in Australia. The shortlisted massage cushions are handy, made up of high-quality material, and worthy. We assure you, you won't regret your purchase. 

This article will cover the best massage cushion in Australia reviews and an ultimate buying guide with all important considerations. All these things will help you to find the right cushion model for you.

Best Massage Cushion Australia - Memory Foam Headrests and Face Pillows

The market is full of massage cushions with different shapes, models, brands, manufacturing materials to cast the pain aside from the body. A good massage cushion can help you sit on a chair for long work hours without any pain.

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That's why we have decided to prepare a list of the 7 best massage cushions in Australia with detailed reviews. All the cushions are first tested in different conditions and hours of sitting before presenting you here. Let's have a quick review of their key specifications in the comparison table.

Premium quality leather
Coby Shiatsu Massage Cushion - 3D Rolling Balls, Vibrating Seat

Coby Shiatsu is one of the best full-body relaxing massage cushions on the market.

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Kneading balls work well
Coby Shiatsu Massager With Heat - Foot Cover, Infrared Heat

If you are looking for a top-quality and all-in-all massager cushion

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Superb headrest
EARTHLITE 36600 Massage Cushion - Memory Foam, Face Cradle Pillow

EARTHLITE Massage Memory Foam Cushion is a premium quality massage cushion having a wide range of applications.

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Best for face-down recovery
Mt Universal D01021 Pillow For Massage - Face Cushion, Wide Cut-Out

Mt Universal D01021 is a new and innovative standard face cushion that provides you comfort

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Super comfortable cushion
Master Massage 10077-Parent Face Cushion - Memory Foam, Headrests

Master Massage Face Cushion is a U.S patented cushion in the market.

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Soft head pad and suitable for everyone
EARTHLITE 62105A Massage Cushion - Headrest Platform, Face Pillow

Earthlite Massage Table Face Cradle is a five-star massage table and cushion with deluxe adjustability.

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It gives quick pain relief
Magic Back Stretcher Cushion Massager - For Muscle Soreness, Cramping

Back Stretcher Cushion Massager is a top-quality product offering many excellent features.

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1. Coby Shiatsu Massage Cushion - 3D Rolling Balls, Vibrating Seat - Premium quality leather

  • Product Name: Coby Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Shape: straight
  • Dimensions: 70.69 x 47.29 x 15.09 cm
  • Item Weight: 3.84 kg
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Undoubtedly, it's a therapeutic massage cushion that perfectly targets the upper & lower back, neck, spine, waist & thighs, shoulders, and almost every aching part of the body.

Suitable for delivering perfect relief from everyday pains, fatigues, stress, and aches. The ergonomically designed cushion ensures you rest on the pad easily and is comfortable whether sitting on a sofa, couch, office chair, car seat, etc.

It comes with a deep-kneading roller inside, having 3D rotation to move anywhere in the rest pad. Do you know what benefit you will get from it? These balls penetrate deep into your muscles to lessen the pain and reduce stress quickly. In our experience, this attribute is highly effective and works like a real spa massage.

It helps target different body zones and is designed for full body massage such as upper back and lower back with an intelligent shutoff feature. The automatic shutoff attribute turns it OFF after 15 minutes of use to give you perfect massage therapy. 

Furthermore, it includes a soothing heat feature that superbly alleviates the thigh muscles. It's an optional function to have an infrared heat roller and LED lights. Helpful in providing subtle warmth to relieve stress, muscle stiffness, and pressure by encouraging flexibility and range of motion.

An included high-quality vibrating seat helps stimulate blood circulation. Made up of a breathable mesh that gives you a thoughtful experience in muscle stress relief. Premium quality leather with patented soft-spring massager nodes is a perfect combination to feel relaxed even after a tiring routine. Moreover, you can choose the settings according to your requirements, such as continuous, interchanging, and intermittent vibrations.

  • It might be a unique gift for your friend.
  • Soft-spring massage nodes are patented.
  • Premium quality leather
  • Minimize stress, reduce ache and fatigue.
  • The protruding balls are painful sometimes.

2. Coby Shiatsu Massager with Heat - Foot Cover, Infrared Heat - Kneading balls work well

  • Product Name: Coby Shiatsu Massager with Heat
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Foam
  • Shape: Square
  • Dimensions: 31.39 x 31.19 x 14.91 cm
  • Item Weight: 3.36 kg
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Coby Shiatsu massager with heat might be your primary choice. It's a large (12" x 12") therapeutic massager for upper and lower back pain. Not only this, but it is also helpful for delivering powerful relief from pains, aches, stress, fatigue, muscle tension, and more. It's a 2-in-1 design; you can place your feet inside it or remove its cover to use it for your back.

It comes with smooth rollers with 3D rotation (8 rolling balls) that penetrate most of your areas to minimize body pain. The deep penetration makes the muscles tension-free, and you get ease from soreness quickly and effectively. Due to improved technology, you can set the ball's rotation to clockwise or anti-clockwise, which helps pinpoint trouble spots and achieve ideal relaxation.

The integrated soothing and optional infrared heater gives extra comfort with the help of accurate warmth. We find this attribute helpful in minimizing stress, stiffness, and flexibility of your muscles. If you like to run every day, it's a perfect therapy for winding down after a long office shift, long run, gym workout, and weightlifting. 

Furthermore, remove the outer cover in seconds and use it for a wide range of applications. Its plush, cozy, and patented fabric gives you a next-level comfortable feeling with soft-spring massage nodes. Use it against a couch, car seat, office chair, and more, thanks to the removable shell.  

It might be a great gift for men, women, and adults of all ages. Meeting many international standards, RoHS has approved this as a highly safe and efficient product. 

On the other hand, you can't control the foot massager intensity. That's the downside of this massage cushion.

  • It works great for back pain relief
  • It comes with an extended warranty
  • Kneading balls work well
  • Available at a lower price
  • The foot massage is small if you have big feet

3. EARTHLITE 36600 Massage Cushion - Memory Foam, Face Cradle Pillow - Superb headrest

  • Product Name: EARTHLITE Massage Memory Foam Cushion
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Shape: Curvy
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 7.6cm x 35.5cm
  • Item Weight: 476 grams
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You can use it with a massage table, chair, couch, car seat, and anywhere you want to relax while sitting.

Covered with high-quality washable fleece covers. It means you can wash it anytime if you feel it is dirty or faded. According to our experience, it's one of the most comfortable headrest cushions. Don't be surprised! It can work as a perfect headrest for your home or office work chair.

Do you want to know how this exclusive cushion is crafted? It is made from a highly temperature-sensitive viscoelastic foam to give you exceptional comfort. Perfectly designed to fit with your face outline to ensure a relaxing and custom fit. In simple words, it gives unmatched comfortability. 

Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The length of the cushion is 15-inches with an average weight of 5 Pounds. We assure you will not feel it a burden using it as a headrest or back massager. There is no need to indulge in additional accessories such as batteries for working; it is not powered with batteries to give you a power-free relaxing experience. Offered by Earthlite, the most famous brand. Their experts always craft products to ensure extraordinary comfort. 

In addition, it is highly durable and gives a longer lifespan even regardless of the environment. In short, it's the most supportive massage cushion and does what a user wants. 

Besides the characteristics mentioned above, the outer cover material is not much breathable and can cause sweating if used in hot weather. That's the deficiency in this massage cushion.

  • Great value for the money
  • Professional build quality
  • Superb headrest
  • Washable material
  • It smells a bit odd for some days of use initially

4. Mt Universal D01021 Pillow for Massage - Face Cushion, Wide Cut-Out - Best for face-down recovery

  • Product Name: Mt Universal Face Cushion Face Pillow for Massage
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Foam, Memory Foam, Polyurethane foam
  • Shape: curved
  • Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 10.2 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.54 kg
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just like your dream-like pillow. Designed to reduce your face pressure dramatically with a stylish and curvy design. Crafted from an extremely soft molded polyurethane foam, just like the memory foam effect. The wide cut-out provides greater relief that your eye will never feel any pressure. 

Don't worry about its shapes because it is perfectly designed to fit in almost all people's faces. The easy-to-clean silky soft surface ensures durability and ease of use. As you know, pillows get dirty due to environmental factors and daily use. But you can wipe it with any neutral cleaner, just like a perfect wash. We assure you the cleaning will not bother you.

Moreover, the high-quality material gives skin touch PU upholstery characteristics making it water, abrasion, and oil resistant. Available in various colors to match the theme of your bedroom or office. In our opinion, if you work for long hours sitting on a chair, it's a perfect tool for you and all the professionals with a similar routine. 

Do you know a prominent aspect of this massage cushion? Don't worry! Let us tell you in detail. The cushion does not consist of a single type of foam. The bottom has a hard cushion making it more durable and for flawless use. The used ultra-soft molded foam size is about 3.5 inches. It will be very relaxing whether you are a teenager, adult, woman or man. Just bring it today and get the optimized comfort at an affordable price. 

Conversely, the opening is not large enough to pass through the bigger neck. It would be a bit challenging for such people to wear it. 

  • Premium quality form
  • Best for face-down recovery
  • Not suitable for small-faced people due to large face rest
  • Easy to clean
  • The leather smells stronger

5. Master Massage 10077-Parent Face Cushion - Memory Foam, Headrests - Super comfortable cushion

  • Product Name: Master Massage ErgonomicDream Face Cushion
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Material: Memory foam
  • Shape: Curved angular surface
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 20.3 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.6 kg
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It is made up of an extremely high-quality soft molded polyurethane foam to give you an effect, just like the memory foam. Designed to give everyone a comfortable fit and the curved angular surface fit for all people's faces. Don't forget that the master logo embroidery is included in the back-face of the cushion as an advertisement. 

Furthermore, the upholstery is hypoallergenic, CFC-free, waterproof, and oil-free to give you a convenient and durable experience. All this comes with an extended warranty. The elongated warranty shows the quality and performance of the product itself. Not only this, but you can also ask questions from the great customer support regarding any problem with the cushion. The company is responsible for replacement in case of wear and tear. Indeed, it's amazing. 

You will not feel any pressure on your eyes due to a perfect and large cut-out. This characteristic makes it perfect for the patient having any eye surgery. Designed to give a perfect head and neck adjustment aligned with the spine. It perfectly eliminates the pressure points and ensures instant relief for upper and lower back pain. In our experience, it helps reduce muscle stress and gives your neck a warm feeling.  

It weighs only half of a kilogram, making it portable and easy to carry from one place to another. Give your head a comfortable rest position by bringing a master massage ErgonomicDream Face Cushion at your home or office. 

Subsequently, if you use it while lying on the bed, it applies more pressure. That's not a good thing. 

  • It is a brilliant headrest
  • Good value for the money
  • Super comfortable cushion
  • Surprisingly soft cushion
  • Very easy to clean
  • It's somewhat pricey

6. EARTHLITE 62105A Massage Cushion - Headrest Platform, Face Pillow - Soft head pad and suitable for everyone

  • Product Name: EARTHLITE Massage Table Face Cradle Deluxe Adjustable
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Material: CloudFill foam
  • Shape: Curved
  • Dimensions: ‎29.7 x 23.6 x 13.7 cm
  • Item Weight: 100 grams
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The customizable headrest greatly reduces the pressure on your face by eliminating the sinuses' pressure. We call it a comfortable face pillow due to its many incredible features. It comes with CloudFill foam as a cushion with high-quality and double stitching.  Prepared from 100% eco-friendly PU Naturesoft and PVC-free upholstery. 

In addition, the headrests are completely adjustable to get your desired head position. The adjustment is pretty simple and trouble-free. You can easily set it according to your preference, even if you are using it for the first time. A high-quality cam lever locks at a firm and fixed position after acquiring your desired headrest setting. 

Prepared with a lightweight material making it compact and easy to carry anywhere. Designed to use with all types of standard portable massage tables. It has an 8-inches center-face cradle outlet to adjust it easily. All this is done to provide you with greater versatility, convenience, and flexibility. 

Get rid of the battery problem because the massage cushion offers you battery-free operation. Correspondingly, it reduces the cost of the batteries by making the product more cost-efficient. It weighs only 100 grams making it lightest amongst other similar massage cushions. 

On the contrary, we have noticed a snag in the Earthlite Massage table face cradle and cushion. The level material is not of good quality.

  • Comes as both a face pillow and a table
  • Most comfortable pillow
  • Soft head pad and suitable for everyone
  • The outer cover is of premium quality
  • The plastic is somewhat flimsy

7. Magic Back Stretcher Cushion Massager - For Muscle Soreness, Cramping - It gives quick pain relief

  • Product Name: Back Stretcher Cushion Massager
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Cotton
  • Shape: Curved
  • Dimensions: 45.21 x 30.48 x 7.39 cm
  • Item Weight: 1.08 kg
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It comes with a muscle roller stick to get ease from the sore muscles and quick recovery. The primary benefit is that you can use it with your hands and get a more preferred experience. Beneficial after workouts, running, training, exercise.

In our opinion, you should use it daily to get desired results. Designed in such a way to give you maximum comfort with circulation and reduce the risk of injury. 

It's not a single-purpose product designed to give you multiple applications. The original lumbar traction gives you the advantage to avoid the waist plate becoming too hard with the lumbar vertebrae. Excellently designed by keeping the human skeleton in mind.

It is usable with an office chair, a homework chair, a car seat, and a couch with level adjustment. Yes, it offers three levels for height adjustment, making it suitable for everyone. 

Furthermore, the multi-level lumbar support is helpful for your spinal and gives a great back massage and shoulder massage. Forget the bed massager and another special massager; bring Back Stretcher Cushion Massager to fulfill all your massaging needs. Not only this, but it helps reduce backaches, lower back pain, and posture correction.

Use the muscle roller sticks to get the physical massage therapy and be your trainer yourself. Many therapists personally use this state-of-the-art product to get quick recovery from fatigue and aches. Made with comfortable memory foam to give you 100% premium-quality firm for optimal relaxation. Don't worry about the essential characteristics; the cover is breathable, ventilated mesh, and washable. It keeps you away from moisture and gives you a cool and comfortable feel. 

In contrast, the roller does not have a sustainable weight and requires more force to relieve strongly sore muscles. 

  • Worth the money you spend
  • Wide range of applications
  • It gives quick pain relief
  • Perfect for use in the morning
  • Built with highly comfortable memory foam
  • It is a bit challenging to use for the first time

Buying Guide

Buying a perfect massage cushion is a ticket to get quick relief from sciatica pain, back pain, shoulder pain, muscles aches, and many other fatigues.

Massage cushions are available across a wide range of designs, sizes, shapes, materials, and so on. Don't worry! This best massage cushion Australia buying guide will help you to get the best model. Let's have a look at the important buying considerations in the following:

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Start by fixing your budget. This point is much helpful in narrowing down your research and also saves your precious time. Don't buy expensive massage cushions because several top-quality massage cushions are available in the market at a very reasonable price.

Fixing your budget will save extra money, and you can spend it anywhere you want. That's why always fix your budget and never spend more than you budget. 

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Check whether your selected massage cushion is lightweight and should be able to fold when not in use. The size must be ergonomic and usable with any chair. Check the dimensions and overall size of the massage cushion. It must be small enough to carry in your backpack. 


This point is similar to the consideration mentioned above, but it is purely related to the size. Your chosen massage cushion must have an ergonomic size and not be greater than a few pounds. The foldability is a necessary element to take it anywhere with you. 


Different brands craft massage cushions with different materials. The most commonly used material is premium or memory foam. The material must be breathable to use in any environment to keep your body cool and sweat-free. In short, the used material should be of premium quality. 


As cushions are used by people daily, they get dirty. It's necessary to clean them to look good. Otherwise, they might be caught with a foul smell. Therefore, make sure your chosen massage cushion should offer you easy and trouble-free cleaning without any wear and tear. 


The massage cushion should be safe in terms of your posture and human skeleton. Ensure that the cushion is designed perfectly by keeping the human spine in mind and not affecting posture. 


What is meant by massage cushion?

A massage cushion is a pillow-like thing used to get relief from upper & lower back pain and increase the blood flow in the muscles. If you work for long hours sitting on a chair and don't have time for physical exercise, it's a perfect choice for you.

How much does a massage cushion cost?

Massage cushions are available at different prices depending on features, brands, size, build quality, and more. However, the price of a good massage cushion starts from $100.

Can a pregnant woman use a massage cushion?

According to many experts, pregnant women can also use massage cushions for pain relief. However, it is better to consult with the doctor first because of different pregnancy conditions.

Which massage pillow is best?

Several massage pillows are there in the market with different prices, materials, and more. However, Mt Universal Face Cushion Face Pillow for Massage is the best massage pillow on our list.

Are massage cushions good for you?

Yes, massage cushions are best to get rid of back, shoulder, and neck pain. Most people use it due to their tiring routine.


A good massage cushion offers you short-term relief from daily back, shoulder, and neck pain. Best massage cushions Australia is not like an ordinary home cushion, but they bring some additional features.

Our chosen massage cushions are suitable for most individuals. We assure you will find our selected products helpful in getting the satisfactory one. In the last, here are our recommendations:










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