Did your Shiatsu just get real? Are you just home from a tough day at work? Does your back hurt because of the constant workload you have? If you answered yes to any one of these, you need the Best Massage Chairs in Australia!

Whoa! That’s going to be a lot of money, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, it is a big purchase. But, having a personal masseuse is no joke, right?

Best of all, we have included the 10 most affordable and less bulky massage chairs that give overall coverage, and comfort and provide multiple massage functions as well.

So do not miss it!

10 Best Massage Chairs in Australia – Time to Invest in the Best

We have included the 10 Top Rated Best Massage Chairs in Australia in our guide to make sure your investment will last you a lifetime. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Hop on to the comparison table to see which chair offers what features. Certainly, it will make choosing much easier.

Comparison Table

How would you feel if you went out and brought a chair? Now you are opening the package and wondering

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After a day’s craziness, there is absolutely one thing that you would want more than anything else.

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After a challenging and difficult day, no one wants another burden of choices and decisions.

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Imagine coming home after a tiring day, feet hurting, head throbbing, and stiff back.

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What’s your favorite spot in the house? In front of the television? The Advwin massage chair will look great in your room or lounge.

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Which type of massage do you prefer when you go to a spa? You have the following options: neck massage, back massage, arm massage, hip massage, thigh massage, and foot massage.

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Exhausted after a long and tiring week, all you need this weekend is a great massage.

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You can take your personal masseur to your office, and have a relaxing break whenever you like.

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With its 8 kneading nodes, it stands out from most of the massagers that have four nodes.

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Four movable nodes that are designed to move just like a masseur’s hands, over your entire back and neck, relax your muscles to the deepest level.

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1. Luxurious Electric Massage Chair Recliner – Full Body Massager, Zero Gravity and Stylish


  • Dimensions: 130 x 115 x 81 cm
  • Weight: 360 Kilograms
  • Color: Black/Brown
  • Zero-gravity: Yes

How would you feel if you went out and brought a chair? Now you are opening the package and wondering, gosh, how much time it will take to assemble and install? Well, none at all.

Here’s a Massage Chair, that has a 145cm Guide Rail, now don’t panic, these fancy words just say you are getting a head-to-toe massage. So just open the package and sit on the chair, start enjoying and relax.

Choices and so many choices:

This Luxurious Electric Massage Chair gives you all the control in your hand. In other words, you can choose from three levels of intensity.

Furthermore, you can select the speed of the massage. Simultaneously, the discipline of acupuncture solely focuses on reducing fatigue and stress from your arms, calves, and feet.  Hence, the rollers for massage are fixed in the chair precisely at the trigger points of our body.

In the first place, the ergonomic design of the massage chair, bound to make you feel as if it’s specially designed for your very own comfort. The detail is absolutely amazing.

To begin with, there are 8 rollers for massage along with the back and 6 scrapping rollers for your feet. To say nothing, one hundred and one airbags are present all over, like from your neck and shoulders to the sides of your buttocks.

Moreover, a 3-dimensional combined leg massage, Wonder if anybody part would miss this treat!

A 10- cm deep massage with 6 wheels, the 4D manipulator has exactly 12 programs, not only, but also containing 6 combined and 6 partial techniques.

Coupled with incredible perks as this marvelous massage chair comes with remote control and manual as well.

Hey, there is another indulgence for all of us here. Are you ready for it?  Now, to have the feeling of lightness as if you are in space, no pressure!

Just hit the button that says Zero-Gravity. And voila, In order to retain its zero-gravity factor, the chair’s armrest is designed to keep pace with the massage movement of the back and seat.

Furthermore, there’s an inbuilt heater at the waist level that couples with the massage movement and it soothes your back like anything and thus enhances the movement of the rollers.

Are you in for some tech jargon!

Well, here it is. This amazing massage chair caters to you with Synchronous Rhythm Massage, Up and Down Rocking, Thai Stretch Mode and let’s not forget very important Shiatsu with Stretched Mode Heating Back.

Hope a little specification about the chair will interest you guys. As in, the Chair weighs exactly 86kg with 150W of power.

The motto is – Total Relaxation:

Listening to music is a relaxation in itself. This wonderful massage chair provides you the luxury of listening to your favorite music with Bluetooth simultaneously.

You are being pampered with an amazing and most soothing massage. Granted what one can want more!

Are you into strong colors And Aesthetics?

Hey, do you like solid colors? Then you have a real treat here as you can get this massage chair in black and it is also available in brown. Both these colors can blend in with any of your décors, whether blends in or complements it.

The high quality of PU leather that definitely speaks of comfort and style is like icing on the cake.

Moreover, it’s built-in a size that is most appropriate for both your home and workplace, oh, and let me throw in the word ‘eco-friendly’ as it is imperative as much as our personal comfort.

As you know The Chair’s particular size and build is designed as per ergonomics, it is most definitely perfect for the average height and physique of a person, what with the fixed rollers for certain parts of our body.

But sadly it might not benefit as much as it’s meant to, for the people who are taller or shorter, chubby or skinny.


  • Head to toe massage
  • Adjustable position
  • Zero gravity
  • Manual control of speed and intensity
  • Practical for home and office
  • Specific for pressure points
  • No installation, ready to use


  • For some people, it sure looks gaudy
  • Designed for the average height and physique

2. Livemor Electric Massage Chair – SL Track, Full Body, Zero Gravity


  • Dimensions: 130 x 115 x 81 cm
  • Weight: 360 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: Yes

After a day’s craziness, there is absolutely one thing that you would want more than anything else.

Trust me; you are one lucky guy if you have this SL Track massage chair at your place. In other words, you have your very own personal masseur at your beck and call.

Now, wouldn’t you like to indulge in the luxury of being massaged literally from head to toe?

Ever wonder tech can be relaxing?

Your prayers have been answered, in the form of advanced technology that brings a wide-ranging 130cm SL Track, that will soothe your aching and knotted muscles all over your body.

Moreover, you can actually select from 4 massage programs. Alongside, 6 massage techniques.

Now, there’s no need to be confused at all, in fact, it’s a treat.

Let me tell you:

You also have it in your hand to adjust the massage intensity, width, and speed.

What’s more! There is this amazing scanning technique that senses the areas of your neck and back to give constant manipulation.

The rollers are designed to give deep tissue massage with 8 targeted modes. Furthermore, your back is getting a special treat with heated massage therapy.

Oh wow, look at that, there are also two in one kneading foot rollers. At the risk of repeating myself, is it a dream? And that dream, dear friends come in FUBK color.

Music in your ears:

Now, imagine you are all stressed out and sore from this world’s weirdness. Come on, sit in your massage chair, and there you have it all.

To begin with, you will be relaxed in minutes with Zero-Gravity.

Hey, did you hear something? There could be actual music in your ears, with fitted 3D Bluetooth speakers. Now you can play your most favorite music and let the stress out of your body.

knead-knocking, Kneading, knocking, rolling, tapping. Lol, no, it’s not music. But it seems, even the massage techniques have a rhythm. Oh, there is one more, the famous Shiatsu.

Just like this massage chair is music for your stiff body. 

In addition to the music, you can also enjoy an e-book of your liking to unwind.

Hey look, there are built-in wheels. Now you can move the chair without any hassle or straining yourself further.

You can move it as your mood takes the fancy, whether by the fireplace or your glass window. Now, isn’t that something!

Blessings in Disguise! No, it’s The Chair:

A certain build is considered while designing and making the massage chair. Like you have to be 150cm to 185cm of height and you must weigh less than 120 kg.

So, the fact is, it kind of narrows down your choices. I mean, you can’t help how tall you are, once you have reached your full height.

But, it sure gives you a good push to work on your weight.

Moreover, if you get confused about anything, there’s a manual that you can use to clarify and thus get the full benefits of the massage chair.

But, without opening your manual, we can put a start to your knowledge of the Chair. Most basic is its dimensions, which are 130 x 115 x 81 cm. And it weighs 360kg.

All seems to be just great, but if you think of it, in the name of perks and so many techniques, it’s rather confusing, like, you are absorbed in the e-book and just really do not absorb how much good the massage is doing to your muscles.


  • Zero-Gravity
  • Remote Control
  • Head to Toe Massage
  • In-Built Wheels
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • User Manual
  • Smart design


  • Specific for a certain physique
  • Music & E-Book options can be a distraction

3. Massage Chair: Zero Gravity Massage and Durable – Sturdy & Durable


  • Dimensions: 100 x 115 x 81 cm
  • Weight: 15 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: Yes

After a challenging and difficult day, no one wants another burden of choices and decisions. But, a good relaxing, and durable Massage Chair is a must for every hard-working person. In fact, you deserve it.

For a change, here is an unpretentious chair that gives you a satisfying massage with a simple manual lever. It puts you in a reclining position of your ease soundlessly.

Are Your Health Conscious?

By the way, are you worried about your fitness and general health? Well, you should be.

Fortunately, this Chair not only relaxes you and eases your stiff muscles. But, also, its Back Heating technique works to stimulate your body’s blood circulation.

In addition to this, the Chair works up your metabolism. It also builds up your immune system as well.

Do you know, we were not just talking about your physical health? We care for your finances as well. In the first place, this wonderfully amazing Chair is not expensive at all.

As compared to other massage chairs in the market. So, that means, not only, your muscles are easing, but also, it’s easy on your pocket.

You Are Getting Pampered:

Have you been standing up all day long? Or been hurried to and fro! Or simply being on your toes for long long hours now?

Well, be happy, as it’s time for you to get pampered. In simple words, sit on your durable and sturdy Chair and let it do the magic on your calves.

The Chair’s rhythmic massage will do all the magic. What’s more, its Vibration has all the intent to make you forget your entire day’s suffering.

Furthermore, because of its lightweight and portable size, it is a good asset to the corporate world. Not to mention, the Chair’s black color merges in the office formal environment.

Not only that but after a stiff and cut-throat meeting, you can offer your staff a sit-in in this Chair. So they are all good and refreshed for the next challenge.

The Massage Chair is durable but lightweight, as it weighs only 15kg. Furthermore, it is low maintenance as it only takes 110 volts, so no extra hassle is needed to get it working. Not even batteries are needed. It is that simple.

For sure, it is the most modest luxury that one can enjoy. In spite of the Chair’s effectiveness, there seem to be no gains coming along it. Like music, etc.


  • Simple
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Not Expensive
  • For Health Conscious
  • Light Weight
  • Portable
  • Viable for Corporate Usage


  • No Remote Control
  • No Extra Perks Like Music
  • Not Many Massage Programs

4. 3D Electric Massage Chair – Adjustable, Multiple Programs, Automatic Mapping


  • Dimensions: 120 x 117 x 76 cm
  • Weight: 300 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: Yes

Imagine coming home after a tiring day, feet hurting, head throbbing, and stiff back. You throw yourself on the bed. Relaxing isn’t it?

Let me tell you what’s more relaxing. The 3D electric massage chair! Its zero-gravity position will allow you to lift your feet off the ground and indulge in the refreshing massage.

Do you want a head massage only?

It has four partial body targeted programs so you can get a message just for your feet or your head. Amazing isn’t it?

Its SL track is 145 cm that reaches all areas of your body. So, you’ll get head-to-toe coverage. The height range is 150-185 cm. Also, the weight range is less than 150 kg.

You can also choose from 6 different full-body massages! So, it’s not the same message every time! It has a variety of complex massages that allow you to get the relaxation that you deserve to let go of the week’s stress.

There’s more that makes you feel completely relaxed!

It automatically scans your body to map out the key back and neck areas. The advanced system assesses your spine, weight, and body shape to identify the acupressure points. This gives you a consistent massage and targets the right areas!

Also, it uses twin rollers to mimic the massage by human hands. It can stimulate acupressure points that will make you feel relaxed and stress-free!

When it is up, its dimensions are 75 x 145 x 115 cm. When it is in the chair down position, the dimensions are 75 x 83 x 17-185 cm. You can choose the position according to your needs and preferences.

Additionally, you can adjust the speed, heat, and intensity too according to your preference. So, whether you want a rugged massage or a soft one to relax you enough to go to sleep, you have the choice.

Its remote control is connected and has a display so you can easily adjust the settings according to your preferences. It includes a user manual with it for you to easily understand how you can control it to get your massage just right!

Is your back stiff from the long day?

For your waist, it has the option of a heated massage! Now that feels relaxing, right? This is especially useful if you experience back pain.

Also, the 3Droller follows your spine’s curvature and also reaches down to your thighs to give you an indulging experience.

It requires 220 – 240 volts to run and gives an output of 100W. The airbag number is 46, while its air pressure is less than 30k Pascal.

It weighs 300 kg, so moving it around would not be a possibility. However, once you set it up on your selected corner, it is unlikely that you would want to move it because the corner will become your favorite in no time!

Also, it comes with a warranty of one year! So, it is going to be around for a long time.


  • Adjustable
  • Automatic mapping
  • Multiple programs
  • Mimics human hands
  • Head to toe coverage


  • It is weighty and bulky, so you won’t be able to move it around.

5. Advwin PU Leather Electric Lift Massage Chair – Adjustable, Everyday Use, Low Maintenance


  • Dimensions: 108 x 100 x 85 cm
  • Weight: 34.7 Kilograms
  • Color: Multi Colors Available
  • Zero-gravity: No

What’s your favorite spot in the house? In front of the television? The Advwin massage chair will look great in your room or lounge. Firstly, its black faux leather exterior will look great anywhere you place it.

Secondly, its front and side pockets can accommodate the chair’s remote as well as the remote of the TV and newspapers! The two cup holders can hold your beverages or even water. So, you can fully relax without having to reach out to the table or kitchen for beverages.

Reading the newspaper or watching TV was never this relaxing, right?

The padded headset will help you relax or even take a nap after the relaxing massage. Also, the armrest is also extra padded to give your arms the relaxation that they need after a long day or week.

How is it different from other massage chairs?

It has a motor that is TUV certified. It pushes the chair forward up to 45 degrees so that you can easily stand up without having to strain your knees or back!

Additionally, you don’t need to get up to adjust the position and start the massage. It’s universal remote will help you lift the chair to your desired height, massage, and begin heating. The functions are on the tip of your fingers! It can be tilted back to 140 degrees which are perfect for a nap.

Now that’s an apt depiction of not even lifting your finger for work, right?

The design is ergonomic which gives support and comfort where you require. When it is tilted it allows you to stretch your shoulder muscles as well as relieve neck pressure. It is designed so it is beneficial to your spine and gives the perfect curve to relieve hip sedentary pain.

Enough about the tilting mode? Let’s get to the vibration mode!

The eight vibration nodes target the back thighs, waist, and legs. Plus, a heating system for the waist can help you relieve your back pain in no time! It is also great for improving the circulation of blood which helps you relax more.

The double-layered backrest gives just the relaxation you need after a tough day.

Not just this! It is low maintenance too!

Its material is PU leather which can be cleaned quite easily! Just take a damp cloth and wipe over the surface and you are good to go!

It’s going to be around for a long time. Here’s why:

The metal frame supports up to 330 pounds of weight. Also, the TU motor is quite durable which means that it will give the functionality that is promised for quite a long. Additionally, it has memory foam so it will get comfortable with each use! It will be just as it was designed especially for you.

It is just weighed at 34.7 kg which is perfect for you to move it around for the perfect and most relaxing position for you. Its dimensions are 85 x 100 x 108 cm.

P.S: It can get delivered the same day and comes with 3 months of after-sales service completely free! So, buckle up for an indulgence that relaxes you all over!

This is great for use at home. However, if you want a professional massage chair with different programs, this is not right for you. Though it is great as a relaxation chair for TV viewing and just lazing around the living room after work.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Tilt-back and front
  • Pockets and cup holders
  • 8 vibration nodes
  • 3-months free after sales service


  • It does not include different massage programs

6. Fortia Ultimate Electric Reclining – Stylish, Adjustable, Zero-gravity Options


  • Dimensions: 80 x 78 x 120 cm
  • Weight: 83 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: Yes

Which type of massage do you prefer when you go to a spa? You have the following options: neck massage, back massage, arm massage, hip massage, thigh massage, and foot massage. Have you chosen?

What if I tell you that you can get all of this at home? The Fortia Electric Reclining Massage Chair is just the right one if you want all of this in one chair!

Firstly, when you sit, you get the feel of the supple and soft fabric. The capsule design accommodates your body seamlessly which is a relaxing feeling on its own!

What happens next?

When you recline it to zero gravity, the chair tilts back up to 170 degrees giving you the most relaxing and light feel. You can choose from three zero-gravity options. Initial, comfort and deep zero gravity options give you the adjustability that you need for a customized massage solution.

Next, it has 2 massage programs to choose from. You can also adjust the pressure and speed according to your liking. It has three speed levels, ranging from rugged and soft.

So, if you want to relieve the day’s stress or sleep, you can adjust accordingly. Now that’s a chair that I’d like in the evening after a tough day at work!

Is your back stiff?

It helps resolve your lower back stiffness because of its advanced technology: The Power-Ball. it kneads away your pain and stiffness, so you are left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Also, it has an airbag system that gives you a compression massage. Furthermore, the vibrating heat sensors help in muscle recovery.

It weighs 68 kgs and has wheels built-in. So, you or anyone else can move it around easily to adjust it to the perfect spot. Because the environment and the TV angle matters too right?

Furthermore, it is great looking too! The black exterior and stylish design will be quite a sight for your living room.

Will it fit? Check out the dimensions:

When raised its dimensions are 80 x 120 x 78 cm. Its reclined dimensions are 116 x 188 x 78 cm. The power plug is the Australian standard, so you don’t have to worry about getting a converter to fit the power source. It requires an input of 220v and gives an output of 160 w.

The user manual can be accessed online. So, it is quite easy to set up and get it working. One drawback is that it doesn’t give a variety of auto massage program options. However, at this price, it gives great value.


  • Stylish
  • Capsule fit
  • Zero-gravity options
  • Adjustable
  • Airbag system


  • It has just 2 auto programs available. However, you can adjust it according to your liking.

7. Comfier Neck and Back Massager – Shiatsu, Heat Treatment With Kneading and Vibration


  • Dimensions: 83.6 x 53.6 x 21.4 cm
  • Weight: 10.52 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: No

Exhausted after a long and tiring week, all you need this weekend is a great massage. And it gets more exciting if you can carry it around. This massage chair is portable but that does not mean it offers limited functions.

It offers you almost all the popular massage types ranging from Shiatsu to kneading, rolling, and even vibration. It also includes air compression and heart function too. You can take it to your office on days when you have long working hours, or you can use it at home as and when you desire.

Shiatsu at the right spot:

It has four adjustable shiatsu nodes. Their position can be changed, according to your preference. Hence, you can select full, lower, or upper back, or neck to target their motion on a specific area.

These nodes give your back muscles a relaxation that lasts. This is because their impact reaches deep inside the tissues to alleviate your muscle pain.

A soothing heat treatment:

Stiff muscles are best treated by treating them with infrared heat. While you are sitting down for shiatsu, you can also turn on the heat option to further enhance your experience. 

When you choose the rolling function, the nodes move along your spine and reduce the pain in your entire back. You can vary the width of the area covered depending on your body size.

Another option is the spot massage which allows you to focus the nodes’ movement at a certain point. Furthermore, you can add the air compression with the shiatsu too.

Two airbags inflate and deflate rhythmically, and relieve tense waist, hip, and thigh muscles by increasing blood circulation. Also, you can choose from three intensity levels.  

High, Medium, and Low:

These three levels of vibration massage are also included. This mode is perfect to use when you want a gentle massage only on your thighs and hips. 

Every time you sit for a massage you can sit back and relax completely by setting the timer to 15 minutes. With its auto shut-off function, it will automatically stop.

Made of optic leather, it is covered with a soft cloth on the outside. You can remove the neck cover and the flap and wash these. Thus, it makes an ideal gift for your parents on their next birthday.

However, the nodes do not press hard enough on the upper side of the neck.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • High-quality leather
  • Multiple options
  • Includes the home adapter
  • Has a timer


  • Not enough pressure on the upper neck area

8. Naipo Back & Neck Shiatsu – Portable With an Adjustable Neck Cushion


  • Dimensions: 81 x 44.8 x 24 cm
  • Weight: 8 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: No

You can take your personal masseur to your office, and have a relaxing break whenever you like. It provides an effective shiatsu massage with kneading muscles deep enough to reduce their stress and stiffness.

What makes it better is the clockwise and anticlockwise motion of the nodes. Also, the infrared heating option ranging between 104 to 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit relieves stiff muscles. 

Customize your neck massage:

You can position the neck cushion according to your height. As a result, no part of your neck is left tired. People with a height ranging between 61 to 70.9 inches will have a great time using this seat. You can adjust the height within 11cm, hence ensuring eased joints and tissues.

To make it usable for different family members with different heights, you can change the slope angle of the back cushion. 

Lower, Upper, or Full:

Let the nodes focus where you need it the most. These move from top to bottom, covering the entire back. Or you can simply choose to have the massage on the upper or the lower part only.

In addition to this, the rhythmic vibration soothes the hip and thigh area. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the vibration levels between low, medium, and high. 

Made to last:

It has a copper motor that is best suited to provide a powerful, yet relaxing massage. Moreover, the good quality mesh fabric allows substantial heat penetration, without getting easily worn out.

The PU leather cushion is soft enough to give you a comfortable seating experience. You can clean it easily too.

Massage on the go:

Its portability is a big plus. You can place this cushion on any type of chair and give your muscles a relaxing feel irrespective of where you are and what you are doing.

Watching TV or going through a presentation at work, will not interrupt you as it operates at a low noise level of 60dB. Just sit back, turn it on and ease your body in just 15 minutes. Just remember to never lay it straight.

However, the heat is a bit subtle for some people’s liking.


  • Portable
  • Soft leather exterior
  • Low noise levels
  • Can fit in different types of chairs
  • Customizable
  • Multiple options


  • Lower heat level

9. RENPHO Back & Neck Massager – 8 Nodes, Auto Shut-off, and Variable Massage Angle


  • Dimensions: 82.3 x 44.96 x 21.08 cm
  • Weight: 6.83 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: No

With its 8 kneading nodes, it stands out from most of the massagers that have four nodes. Another distinguishing feature is its four massage heads compared to two heads that similar products have.  

Covering your entire back from top to bottom relaxes every part of your back. For more targeted treatment, you can choose between upper, lower, or full-back options. Consequently, the most fatigued muscle can be massaged continuously for 15 minutes. 

Family members of different heights can use it by changing the massage pillow’s position vertically. 

Top it with Vibration and Heat:

It gives heat treatment on the back as well as the neck. Additionally, the seat vibrates at three different intensity levels. Also, you can combine both these functions for a completely relaxing experience that is not just limited to your shoulders and back but also include thighs and hips.

Furthermore, you can place it on any chair you like, and take it wherever you like. Since it is not very heavy, you can carry it to your workplace too.

Made of polyurethane leather, it is durable and can be cleaned easily. Since it is quite helpful for patients suffering from sciatica and muscle tension, you can gift it to any of your family members or friends suffering from these issues. 

You can adjust the pillow too:

It has a 4.8 inches wide massage pillow. You can move it and place it in a position that suits your height, anywhere between 21.4 inches to 26.4 inches. Also, the massage angle can be varied too. Moreover, it has built-in overheat protection for your safety. 

However, fixing it on a curved chair can be a problem because it can slide forward.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Overheat protection
  • Independent vibration and heat functions
  • Seat vibration
  • Auto shut-off


  • Difficult to fix on a curved chair

10. Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager – Four Nodes, Heat Treatment, and Removable Flap


  • Dimensions: 65.02 x 46.48 x 12.95 cm
  • Weight: 3.81 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Zero-gravity: No

Four movable nodes that are designed to move just like a masseur’s hands, over your entire back and neck, relax your muscles to the deepest level.

Roll to improve:

The shiatsu rollers would help you get rid of all the muscle pain and fatigue. You can vary the intensity between the two levels. 

Also, you can pick the target area by either picking the full, lower or upper back. In addition to this, you can pin-point your sensitive points and get a spot massage to relieve those extra tired muscles. 

The shiatsu therapy can be further enhanced by adding the heat option if you want to soothe your tissues and joints. It covers your back, with warmth dissipated from moving shiatsu balls. 

Moreover, the seat has a vibration feature too. It can work at three levels and ease your thighs as well as hips. 

Take it around:

It can be placed on any chair or sofa around. Hence, you do not have to wait till you get back home. Just place it on your office chair while you are attending a conference call, and get relaxed within minutes.

With its anti-slip base, it stays in place. Furthermore, you can remove the control flap for cleaning purposes. 

With its auto shut-off function, you do not have to worry about over massaging. Additionally, you can conveniently pick and choose options using a remote control. 

Your investment is protected by a 24-month warranty for any issues related to the quality of the product. You can gift it to your parents or friends without a second thought. 

However, it offers only two intensity levels which are lesser compared to other similar products.


  • Portable
  • Auto shut-off
  • Anti-slip base
  • Can be used with different types of seats
  • Easily removable flap
  • Includes warranty
  • Comes with a UL adapter


  • Only has two intensity levels

Buying Guide

We know how much those big massage chairs at the mall invite you to sit back and relax, don’t they? Now that you have decided to buy the best massage chairs in Australia, we understand your dilemma.

Undoubtedly, buying a massage chair is a big investment not only in terms of money but also in terms of space. So, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Certainly, you can’t just ask the shopkeeper to give you the best massage chair, can you? He will ask you what are your requirements.

Hold your horses!

With so many different features and functions, it can get difficult to choose. But, with our comprehensive buyer’s guide, you can make an informed choice about the best one that suits your needs.

See Best Foot Massager – For Instant Relief from Chronic Pain

Massage Technique – What Do I Actually Want?

First things first, everyone is interested to have a massage chair at home, but do you have any idea how many types of massages there are out there?

Sure, I will take one which has everything in it!

This must be the thought that is crossing your mind right now, right?

But, this is not possible! These chairs are complex and usually provide only two-three types of massages depending on the functionality.

So, you need to know what you want the chair for. It can be a Swedish massage, after all, it is the most common one.

On the other hand, you can also go ahead and opt for one that provides Junetsu, Shiatsu, vibration, etc.

Once you have a rough idea, you can go ahead and look at the other features it has to offer.

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How To Choose The Perfect Massage Chair

Functions – How Low Can It Go?

Another important thing is to consider what sort of functions you are getting. The basic chairs give normal functions like reclining and simple vibrations. Nothing more. As you climb the ladder of price and functionality, it has more to offer. For instance:

  • Memory/recall function: Did you just get the massage chair to hit your soft spots? WOW! I know what a wonderful feeling it is to get the right spots. But, doing that, trying to find the exact speed, intensity, location, etc is not easy. With this function, all these variables are saved and you don’t need to set the function again and again.
  • Heat: At times, there is an additional heat function. It works wonders to block the pain signals and stimulate the sensors. Overall, it gives a very relaxing and cozy touch to the massage. Some of the good ones even offer an infrared option.
  • Body Scan: Oh, how I love those personalized spa massages? Work wonders don’t they? You can get the same feeling with the body scan options. It scans your body, sees where massage is required, and customizes it for you.
  • Auto shut down: Excellent if you have kids around the house who can end up using the massage chair in your absence. On the contrary, this can also be a hindrance. At times, you like to build up the heat to reach difficult areas to give a soothing effect. It can end up shutting down before you get to the spots.
  • Airbags: This helps delivers the right amount of pressure in little pouches to the target muscles.

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Speed Settings – Keep Things Under Control

One speed never works for all. Likewise, one speed does not work for you every day, right?

There are some days when you need to soothe those tired muscles. On the other hand, there are days when all you need is a light, relaxing massage for fun.

Therefore, keep in mind to check for speed and intensity settings.

Aren’t they the same?

Surprisingly, not many people know that speed and intensity are two different things when talking about massage. So, it is important to check for both.

Manual Mode – Who’s the Boss? 

Do you like being in control?

Let’s face it, everyone does. So, check for a manual mode option. You will see fewer chairs offer this, but once you are investing in one, make every penny count!

Size – Does It Fit?

Oops! Did you just shortlist one and find out that it will not fit in your room?

What a bummer, isn’t it?

Still better than buying it and realizing later, right?

Hence, size is an important consideration. You might be happy to know that they come in different sizes. Space-saving ones are becoming popular over time.

Yes, they have the same functions to offer but are smaller than the usual ones.

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Weight – Is It Manageable?

Generally, they are not lightweight. Some are so heavy that they can hardly be moved by one person alone. Therefore, if you need to move it a lot (Which is not recommended though) you can go for one which has wheels or which is considerably lighter than the lot.

Technological Features – Icing On the Cake 

Thought you would only get a message when you sign up for it? Nope. With technological advancements, these also come with many functions.

Remember: NONE of them are important and imperative. But, having them is a nice addition. For instance, music system, LED Lights, soothing heat emission, etc are some unique ones which will make your experience worthwhile

Warranty – Are You Covered?

ALWAYS check the warranty provided. Even if you get the best, there is always a chance you need to refer to the warranty down the lane. So, it is good to study it well as soon as you make a purchase.

When To Worry?

At times, you never need to contact the manufacturers. But, under the following circumstance, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Difficulty switching it off and on
  • Weird sounds
  • A humming sound
  • An issue in switching between modes
  • Issues in selecting any option, e.g reclining, etc.

Maintenance Tips – Protect Your Investment

Finally, got the one you were looking for? Remember that things need to be taken care of or they can deteriorate quickly. When it comes to these chairs, there is so much that can go wrong if neglected. So, be sure to follow these tips to prolong the life of your chair.

Clean like a pro!

  • Remove the cushions if any. This will help you reach the nooks and corners to give it a good clean.
  • Firstly, clean all the dirt, debris, hair that you can get out with a clean cloth.
  • Spray clean, soapy water on the chair. Be careful not to include any alcoholic or acidic soap. The reason being, leather and other natural materials can get harmed.

PRO TIP: The best way to do this is to use a spray bottle. This way, you will not end up soaking the entire chair in water.

  • Next, rub the soapy water with a clean, dry cloth.

PRO TIP: Rub as soon as you spray. Don’t let the soapy water sit on the chair as it can leave marks.

  • Let it air dry naturally.

Oiling – Know The Spots

Did you end up buying the best leather chair? Go a step ahead and oil it frequently. Otherwise, leather can end up getting creaky and smelly.

If you can get your hands on essential oils and any other scented oil, it will be a bonus.

CAUTION: Do not use petroleum oil as it can damage the rubber parts of the chair.

  • Firstly, clean it with a little amount of oil
  • Next, let the oil dissolve inside.
  • Lastly, wipe off excess oil.


Can regular use of the chair be bad for your health?

Depending on the use, it can be dangerous. Don’t use it daily as it can end up damaging the muscles, bruised tissues, and inflammation. Not only this, the motor of the chair can end up breaking down by excessive use.

How long does it last?

Again, depending on the quality of the chair, it can last anywhere from 2-20 years. The normal, economical ones can last 2-3 years and the better ones can last to 20 years before the motor gives out.

Should only one area of the body be targeted again and again?

Preferably, you should ALWAYS start with a full body massage. Otherwise, half the muscles will relax and the rest won’t. A full body massage will relax the body and prepare it for the next massage. Once done, you can target specific areas separately.

Does it offer any specific health benefits or not?

Yes. The list is very long and can’t be included here. Some of the major ones are: reduced back pain, better sleeping patterns, boosted immune system, stress relief, etc.

Do you need to place a rug or mat beneath the massage chair?

For a quieter experience, it is good to place the massage chair on a rug or mat if on a hard floor. With a soft base, the sound of the chair will reduce and it will end up giving you a peaceful experience.


Finally, have you made the decision? Undoubtedly choosing from the 10 best massage chairs in Australia will surely ensure you get the best of the best. All the ones included are soft on the pocket, will last longer, and won’t give you a chance to complain.

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Additionally, refer to the buying guide to see what features stand out and need to be present in the chair.

Making the choice easier, we have selected Livemor Electric Massage Chair as our top pick. The reason is simple, it is best! It offers the best features in the most economical price range. You can choose from multiple options and change speed, intensity, and width. Hence, it is versatile.

So, what are you waiting for?

Happy shopping!

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