We will always be anxious to change our home setting on every new year’s arrival or in any significant event. Although we give an immense amount of time to house decoration, the main focus is always to decorate our living room best.

Everyone wants to do the setting according to their ease and mood, so here is a guide for decorating your living room.

We will design the space, even curtains, furniture, color setting, and everything that appeals to us and be catchy for guests. The living room is like a canvas on which artists sketch their feelings, choices, emotions, and taste for living. You want to make it your amusement center where you live with your desired comforts.

Whether your taste is traditional or fashionable, vibrant or modest, it could not affect the decoration of your living room. The living room is a location where you enjoy, unwind, and feel comfortable with yourself & your family. There are several ways to style a room, but even the most challenging settings must adhere to some essential criteria regarding arrangement, scale, usability, and so on. Here we share a complete guide for decorating your living room in the following.

Comprehensive Details About Decorating Living Room

The decor is an art, and we can set our house as a medium to explore talent. We try to make our living room a masterpiece that touches the beat of anybody’s heart and leaves a permanent impression. Not to fear, we’ve put together a step-by-step guideline on how to style a living room to appear like it’s directly out of a magazine. Our approach makes your living room an eye-catching space for sure. So, let’s begin.

Color Choices

Choosing the proper paint color is essential for living room ideas. Choose a color palette that compliments your furnishings, the general look of your home, and the style you wish to accomplish in the space. Using light colors, mainly white, gives a clean look.  In the case of dark color, it looks like a dark cave. However, mixing dark and light hues provide an aesthetic look with depth and balance. Any area that benefited from incorporating should be a little white and dark.

You can produce a neutral and balanced look if you are decorating a living room with a variety of contrasting neutral tones, in addition to white & black. It creates a way to make the room feel beautiful and comfortable. The impact of light-colored walls, pearl leather, golden hardware, light-dark seating furniture, and white-blue cabinet combination focuses on their variety of finishes and tones. The palettes feel rich even before adding other crucial aspects like color, pattern, and material.

Select Gorgeous Texture

If you are not satisfied with the look of the color, focus on selecting texture. Whenever we arrange the living rooms, we often miss it but incorporate multiple textures in room decor. A huge variety of textures are available, and you can also browse them online. Velvety texture appeals to the touch, and harsher texture gives a snug look. Try to include as many textures as you can, like leather, fabric, wood, metal, marble, glass, plantlife, etc.

Space Measurement

Whenever you make any major decorating decisions, you need to know your living room’s exact gross floor area. Precise measurements will ensure that you choose the correct size rug, furniture, and window coverings. It would be best to focus on a room’s walls, windows and doors because these places can limit the room’s setting. Take this measurement with you when you go shopping online or outside. It will aid in the prevention of error and the ordering of incorrectly sized furniture.

Select Moveable Furniture

When selecting tables, stools, and upholstery, make sure they are lightweight and easy to relocate. Moveable furniture gives you many possibilities and offers a more dynamic living room environment to adjust to your demands.

Lightweight furniture like tables, stools, upholstered chairs, which can readily move easily, make a living room much cozier and comfortable. They will offer you and your family plenty of options for placing your feet up, setting a drink down, or sitting an extra visitor regularly. Putting the particular focus on the sofa as a comfortable sofa is a significant part of movie night sessions.

The finest approach is to blend a sectional sofa with chairs. So, the materials mix in an obvious sense. It adds some variety to the living room design, giving members of the family alternate seating options to meet their interests.

Install a Patterned Carpet

A pattern is an excellent tool for bringing energy into living space while eliminating the appearance of stains or spots. Take care to measure the length and order the carpet’s appropriate size. The living room is always a place of gathering in houses that have children, pets, and visitors. As a result, the patterned carpet will be a long-lasting solution. For choosing the color, remember your couch’s pick. If you choose a vibrant sofa, you could complement it with a neutral rug with some design.

If you don’t have any sketches for buying a rug, it will be a complex decision that sometimes puzzles you. You should pick a large carpet for a living room to accommodate all your stuff. Keep around 10-20 inches of gap between the carpet’s boundaries and the room walls.

Set a budget for yourself

You can’t carry out your living room design vision unless you first determine your budget. Find out where you want to save costs and when you have to spend. It’s also crucial to take advantage of what you already have to limit unnecessary expenditures. Select multi-functional pieces and then plan out your scheme.

Proper Arrangement of Lighting

Whenever you come to set lighting, use your most incredible senses. You’ll need three different types of lighting in your living area to make it appear good and put them around each other such as atmospheric, task, and accent. To achieve this, try a combination of chandeliers, tables, and floor lamps. Put this combination adjacent to the center sofa. The selection of lights may be tricky, so make sure you have a layout in mind before buying what your need is for the living room.

For example, you may use a statement lamp that matches your side table on one side. But on the other hand, you could use a floor lamp that produces different lighting. You are not only selecting the appropriate illumination type for each section of your living room, but you are also adding extra things to make the space appear more attractive.

Select Fabrics That Are Usable

When it comes to upholstery, living room seats must be pleasant and long-lasting. What is suitable for you and your family is up to you. In the presence of babies or small children, pets, or birds, they could be untidy or untrained. Mid-tone fabrics are often the safest, as light or dark tones will reveal soil and dust quickly.

For example, leather is an excellent durable material for minimizing spots because you can quickly wipe and clean it. However, it can be more easily damaged than other fabrics and may not survive in the presence of animals as well. Likewise, denim and velvet are two more textiles that can be appealing and long-lasting. Furthermore, they provide an unusual twist to the typical simple cotton or wool upholstery found in supermarkets.

Whenever selecting furniture covers, try to opt for a material mixture of both natural and artificial materials to get the best option for your living room.

Get Creative Look By Installing Creative Art On The Wall

Wall art and accessories are a crucial part of the decor. It does not mean that you fill every corner and wall with art because it looks funny. Try to set some empty spaces which give the mind a fresh and comfortable feeling. Wall art and accessories such as cushions, rugs, mirrors, and decorating things will tie the room together and complete the appearance. Many elements can be purposeful, such as a floor mirror hanging on a small wall, making the space appear larger than its height and width.

Display off your aesthetic and flair in creative ways. It doesn’t mean you have to cover your walls with family photos. It could simply mean that the art shown is from worldwide travels or a favorite local artist. Both of which will show off your style and flair in a unique way. Choosing artwork to complement your area can be difficult. When choosing wall art, keep the overall motif in mind.

Sketch a specific layout

Make a layout of decor in your mind before starting work. It doesn’t need to have a designer degree or an architect to consider how you want your living space to be designed. Create a blueprint of a specific area considered as a living room decoration. It will help you get a decent picture of the furniture you will have to buy.

The layout helps you fix the space of your living room and determine whether you need a sofa set along with chairs, cabinets, or a new sectional sofa. In the meanwhile, it can help you recognize that you might not have enough space to add that extra cabinet to showcase your family’s server catalog.

Consider your layout or space planning as the first step in imagining what your living area will look like. After that, please list the essential accessories you need in the room setting and set their place area.

Prefer Your Style

Before you start the decorating process, it is vital that you thoroughly grasp how you intend to use your room. Make sure the room represents you and your lifestyle. Make sure that your current demands meet them. It will be the adventurous point for decorating your living room area. However, deciding the requirements of your living style will make the foundation for choosing a suitable shop for furniture.

Consider the type of style you want to present, for example, modern, trendy, relaxing, formal, warm, farmhouse, or welcoming. The selection of fashion will assist you in determining what you require. 

If you want to make your living room a tv lounge, buying a comfortable sectional sofa may be better than investing in a different chair set. If you want to make a gathering, seats mixing with chairs and stools may give you more ideas in creating a broad and engaging seating point that encourages discussions.

Think About Communication Distances

A specific space shows how wide a seating arrangement may be. It also creates ideas for private conversation and comfortable parties, despite the size of your living room. A suitable spacing between seats for discussion is roughly 8 feet. It means that if you have many sofa sets and side chairs, the seating area should have a 10-foot diameter or 5 feet away from the main area.

Don’t Skip Greenery

Plants are the perfect finishing touch for every living environment. Get some plants if you are on a low budget or live in a rental where you cannot spend much on design. Greenery brings life and freshness to any room without costing a fortune. You can also set aquarium and multi-color fish to enhance the room look.

Set The Theme

Remember that you can mix and match decor styles and colors. Don’t be frightened to mix and match colors, patterns, and techniques in your living room. However, make sure that there is a unifying theme, whether the color, the design, or the subject matter, to avoid making the room appear cluttered. Specific theme settings make your work easy.


In this article, we shared a guide for decorating your living room. All steps clarify how you can design a space using your style. It also gives you an idea of the many layouts, designs, and furniture pieces you can use to make your living room stand out from the crowd. Use your sense and design for your own house. Read our words and make a layout to design your living room easily within your budget.


What type of artwork is used for room decor?

Wall art is a terrific way to make a huge impression in a minimalistic living space. For cohesiveness, use artistic artwork that guides your throw pillows’ colors.

Do we add some woodwork?

In the case of texture, we need to mention wood. Wood is one of the finest parts for adding warmth to a living room. There are numerous methods to incorporate wood into a place, all of which will make it feel more appealing.

Which types of plants are used in a living room decor?

We can use all kinds of indoor plants in living room decor. Regarding design favorites for indoor plants, the fiddle leaf plant wins the popularity race.

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