What is the best carpet cleaning method? Carpet is the basic need of home decor. People often use it for household purposes. It is widely available in multiple patterns and sizes.

Without hesitation, we can say that carpet is somehow a game-changer that gives a glamorous look to the home interior. However, to make them last longer, we need to look for what is the best carpet cleaning method.

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Apart from their precious qualities in home decor, we cannot avoid their delicacy towards dust. If we do not care for their cleanliness, the microbes, dust, and mildews can spoil their texture and fabric. Cleaning is necessary to avoid such a situation.

In this article, we will share the best and proven carpet cleaning methods and helpful tips with you. Let’s begin!

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

To ensure an attractive and fascinating home decor look, we prefer to use carpet on the floor. We try to do our best to increase the lifespan of these carpets. There is a false concept that if we clean them daily before necessary, it will destroy the carpets. However, routine carpet cleaning will remove maximum debris and increase the rug’s life span.

Many years ago, people used different homemade methods for cleaning carpets, like coconut oil and more. The process is suitable for cleaning but leaves a residue that results in carpet re-soiling.

The progress of science solves this solution at some edge. Today many professional services reduce the rapid re-soiling of carpet. They suggest that you clean the rug almost every 11 to 16 months.

Carpet Shampooing

The most common method used for carpet cleaning is Carpet Shampooing. Let’s take an example in the following. 

We use shampoo for our hair cleaning. The ingredients in shampoo remove dust and other debris from our hair and give them shine and strength. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a common chemical used for shampooing hair and carpet. The carpet shampooing method has two ways to implement.

  • Cylindrical Foam Method 
  • Rotatory shampoo cleaning method

Cylindrical Foam Method 

We employ an air compressor-powered machine that pulls the shampoo solution into thick foam in the cylindrical foam method. A cylinder-shaped brush is used to sweep the foam into the rug. When the carpet is dry, it will be vacuumed to remove the shampoo and any particles combined with it. The method is best for commercial installation.

Rotatory shampoo cleaning method

The same chemicals are used in the Cylindrical foam in the Rotatory shampoo cleaning method. The shampoo solution tank is usually attached to the rotary floor machine. The solution is passed through a plastic container to a “shower feed” and applied to the rug. The machine’s round brush wipes the carpet. But this method is not suitable for carpets with a cut pile.

Carpet Shampooing may be an effective method as a pre-step to remove heavy debris in carpeting before the hot water extraction method. The technique is mainly recommended for commercial places like hotels, malls, etc. It is not suitable for delicate carpets because aggressive pressure often damages the fabric, hair, and texture.

Hot Water Extraction Method

It is often called as Steam Method. Despite its name, there is zero presence of steam in this process. Here, high-pressure and hot water is used to clean the carpet. As the name indicates, hot water extracts the stubborn dust and soil from the carpet.

In his method, we apply cleaning chemicals to the infected area, rub the carpet with a cleaning tool, and wipe. After the cleaning agent settles completely in the carpet, the carpet can be washed by a carpet cleaning machine. It will adequately rinse the cleaning agent before being permitted to dry in a room or air-conditioned environment.

Many famous carpet cleaners suggest using this method in the afternoon. So, it will be easy to set carpet overnight to dry. The main drawback of this method is that rugs take a long time to dry properly. If they don’t dry water, moisture becomes the cause of the smell.

Encapsulation Method for carpet cleaning

The method is also known as carpet absorbent cleaner. Detergents are used as a base and sprinkled on the contaminated area. The chemicals of detergent loosen the dirt particles.

After that, these loose particles are encapsulated in powder form, which is later vacuumed. A particular machine with a cylindrical brush is typically used to mildly stir the soil before sweeping out the complex particles and dust.

The foam encapsulating cleaning technique is better than the carpet shampooing technology because it utilizes less water during cleaning, resulting in a shorter drying time. Those who encourage environmentally friendly goods give foam encapsulation cleaning thumbs up because it leaves fewer contaminants behind after cleaning than carpet washing.

The quality of this method is that it takes a little time to dry. The reason is that the whole process required very little water. Similarly, cleaning powders are ideal for lightly stained carpets because they do not rinse and remove heavy stains, oils, or dirt.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning technology is advanced, and this latest technology was invented in the 1980s. This method is also called Compound Cleaning. It has earned fame and approval from leading carpets-making companies because of its gentle cleaning performance and convenience.

In this method, cleaning chemicals or powder is introduced into the lower section of the carpet using a mechanized counter spinning brush machine. It is commonly applied to open the carpet fiber. It enables the chemical to settle, resulting in comprehensive deep carpet cleaning.

The use of biodegradable substances usually prepares cleaning compounds. They efficiently absorb dissolved dirt in the rug and allow it to be entirely removed at the end of the cleaning procedure.

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Bonnet Cleaning is a professional cleaning method and gives good results. Bonneting is used in hotels. It provides a convenient and suitable option in high-traffic public places. It requires the rug to be cleaned without much humidity and dry rapidly to avoid annoyance to hotel guests.

The technique mainly involves cleaning the top portion of the carpet fiber with heavy-duty mechanized equipment. It has a rotating pad dipped in a detergent solution to extract debris from the surface of carpets.

Mistakes to avoid in carpet cleaning

To ensure carpet cleaning wholly and safely, keep notice of the following mentioned things. These are helpful, especially when you decide to do this process at home by yourself.

  • Always use moderate pressure while brushing carpet surfaces because aggressive pressure rapidly damages the hair of fiber.
  • Altogether, remove all the residue of detergents, shampoo, or any chemical used to clean. The reason is that their particles are sticky, holding the debris and dust in fiber sometimes.
  • Always use fresh and clean water for carpet cleaning purposes. You may use warm water for the whole process. Besides, avoid using cold water because it might affect the fabric.

Tips to Keeps Carpet Clean

Firstly try to clean the carpet daily or with some routine, so the accumulation of dirt never induces anxiety. Apart from all processes, a regular shampooing method is best to clean your home carpet. However, allow proper ventilation to dry out the carpet completely. Proper ventilation helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and mildews in the carpet.

Let’s share some valuable tricks to clean the carpet regularly or whenever you want.

Train Your Pet

Pets sometimes leave stubborn stains and debris on the carpet, which pollute carpet cleaning. Always trim their nails and claws to track over less amount of dirt on the carpet. Also, their Sharpen nails sometimes ruin the thread and fiber of the carpet.

Install Air purifier in home

Try installing air purifiers in your home, especially in most used rooms, because they trap dust particles and reduce the threat of trapping them in the carpet. Air filters or purifiers keep the floor clean.

Check your home windows and doors

If you have wide openings in windows & doors, it will create a mess on the floor. That also affects the carpet’s cleanliness. Therefore, try to set fewer opening windows and doors to keep everything okay. 

Update furnace filter yearly

Try to change the furnace filter almost every year because maximum external dust is stored in the furnace, which blows and settles onto the carpet. Likewise, sweep house ducts professionally to avoid extra dirt. 

Regular Cleaning

It is only a myth that regular cleaning decreases carpet life. So, try to clean the carpet daily because it can remove daily debris and dust. However, a vacuum is more helpful to make the work easy. 

Use baking soda or White Vinegar

Whenever you feel a stain on the carpet, use white vinegar or baking soda on the spot. Their highly acidic properties immediately dissolve the stain, liquid stain, and any other pollutant. You can use it to prevent the smell of the carpet.


Honestly speaking, if you have carpet at home, a question must arise in your mind. That is, what is the best carpet cleaning method? We have shared all the details about carpet cleaning, reasons, and other necessary information to help you get rid of carpet dust. 

Happy Cleaning!

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