Proper cleaning and maintaining your barbecue grills and the overall system is necessary to keep everything at its optimum level.

We assure you that if you don’t clean it just after the party, it will not run longer due to sticking dirt, dust, grease, and more. So you need to know how to clean BBQ grills in Australia after use.

There are several methods of cleaning. Some are time-consuming, and some are not good enough to give you genuine cleaning. We will give you simple instructions that will acquire minimal time in the following. 

This ultimate guide will cover all the details of cleaning BBQ grills, different components, and, most importantly, distinctive types of BBQ grills. We have tested and tried these methods before referring you. We assure you, our proposed methods will give you maximized results. So, let’s get deeper into the details. 

Fundamental BBQ Cleaning Methods

As you prepare delicious foods on BBQ, we hope you don’t want residue to stick with your food. It will result in bad health and other health problems. Follow the simple tips mentioned below for basic cleaning purposes:

Gas Type BBQ Cleaning Tips

If you have a gas BBQ, its cleaning method is slightly different from others. You need to detach all the components, clean them and again attach them. Check out the detailed procedure of how to clean the Gas type BBQ quickly:

Detach The Gas Cylinder (Propane Tank)

First, you need to remove the connection of the propane tank with the BBQ grill. In simple words, just disconnect the connection pipe, and it’s all done. 

Get A Tub of Soapy Water Ready

Next, bring a tub and put some soap or any neutral detergent in it. It will be a plus if you have a special detergent type for oil or grease removal. Not to mention, prepare the detergent solution in a little bit of warm water. 

Scrub The Stick Fat

After that, scrub a bit harder to remove the excess fat with the warm water. While cleaning, make sure you scrub from both sides and underneath to get the best cleaning results. 

Wipe All Parts

Next, detach all the grill components such as flame diffusers, char grill plates, hot plates, warm racks and put them in the hot water tub. After that, clean all the parts individually with a smooth cloth or sponge.

Here we want to share a tip with you. If the parts are made from stainless steel, it is good to soak them in warm water with a quality laundry powder for about an hour. Then the scrubbing will give you better results. 

Dry The Parts

Take a soft cloth, wipe the wet parts, and let them dry. After cleaning with the cloth, please keep them in the sunlight for a few minutes. 

Attach Again

After drying, you can oil the parts for an extra layer of protection. However, it’s only an optional thing. Attach all the parts again at their relevant places and connect the gas tank on the BBQ. Start enjoying BBQ again anytime you want. 

Charcoal BBQ Cleaning Method

Usually, charcoal BBQ takes more time in deep-cleaning because charcoal is used as fuel. If you are regularly using it, cleaning is mandatory. We have mentioned all the steps to clean a charcoal BBQ. 

  1. We always suggest the charcoal BBQ cleaning outdoor because of ash and other residues. So, look for a good place outside your house. 

  2. If the grill is removable, you must detach it to make further things easier. 

  3. Take a quality stiff wire brush and clean the grill. If a brush is not available, aluminum foil balls are also recommended with long tongs.

  4. For further protection, apply a vegetable or other oil with the help of a towel, cloth, or rag. This oil layer will prevent the sticking of residue. Not only that, but it will also make the grill rust-free. 

  5. Now, it’s time to make the grill base free from the ash. If you don’t remove it, there might be a problem with temperature control while cooking. For extreme cleaning, remove the charcoal grate and clean it. 

  6. Next, place the charcoal grate back to its dedicated space. Now, it’s ready to add fresh charcoal for your next BBQ party. 

  7. In the end, clean the cook box and outer lid to make it dirt-free from the outside. Again, spray the oil for rust prevention. 

BBQ Cleaning Method For First-time Use

If you have purchased a BBQ grill and are going to use it for the first time, it is always recommended to clean it first. Otherwise, you will feel the bitter and bad taste of the food. Also, it can cause any health problem at that time. For more, check out the easy ways about how to clean a BBQ for first-time use in the following:

  • While unboxing, remove all the protecting covers and coatings. Make sure all the coating has been removed successfully. 

  • The high-heat elements might be your primary focus. Prepare some warm soapy water or special detergent and polish it with a soft cloth. This formula works better for stainless steel BBQ. 

  • Detach the hot plates and clean them with warm water to remove the harmful reins. Make sure you have cleaned all the edges and surfaces properly. Next, take the freshwater, wash it and let the parts dry. 

  • Bring some BBQ paint and coat the parts with it for extra protection. 

  • Don’t just start cooking the food. Fire up the BBQ, let it off. Repeat this procedure about three times. Cook a small amount of food and check the taste. If you feel the taste bad, repeat the process. 

Seasoning a BBQ

The process of oiling the hot plates, gates, and other parts to make them debris-free, bacteria-free, and rust-free is known as BBQ seasoning. For you, we have mentioned the easy steps about how to season a BBQ:

  1. First, preheat your BBQ (not too much) and scrunch the grill with a hard brush everywhere.

  2. Bring some special oil for BBQ and coat all the surfaces of the grates. We recommend you utilize an oil-soaked paper towel for it. Keep in mind that don’t use too much oil because it will make the surface more slippery and also cause any flare-up. Use a minimal amount of oil only. 

  3. It is better to wipe all the surfaces again to remove the extra oil. 

  4. Heat the BBQ for about 15 minutes and let the oil burn and start smoking. During this process, check how the grill heats up. The oil should not catch up with any flame. 

  5. Again oil it, and your BBQ grill is ready to use for making delicious food. 

Cleaning of Different BBQ Components

We have shared all the methods of cleaning the complete BBQ set. However, sometimes you are not willing to clean all the components. So, what to do in such a situation? Don’t worry! We are sharing the easy methods to clean individual parts of the BBQ within no time. Let’s begin!

How to clean BBQ Hot Plates?

As the names suggest, they are the heating parts of a grill. You can clean hot plates better if they are hot and make the job easier. As you know, the food sticks on the hot plate due to its flat surface. 

To clean it, you have to remove all the stick food. First, leave the BBQ and turn it ON for a few minutes. Let the BBQ burn everything on the hot plate, and you will see the residue left on the surface at the end. Pick up some newspaper or ordinary paper and start scrubbing. 

After that, let it cool, pour some oil on it, and clean it again. This process will prevent the sticking of food when you use it again. After having a great BBQ party, repeat the same process for cleaning. 

How to Clean BBQ Greasy Plates?

Sauces and marinade are the essential ingredients to make the food tasty, making the BBQ plates greasy. It is necessary to clean the greasy plates for another BBQ session. Remember that cleaning it is not a piece of cake. 

To get rid of this problem, turn the BBQ ON and raise the temperature. Leave it for a few minutes and start scraping off the surface with a scraper or a spatula until no residue is left at the end. 

Finally, turn it OFF and pour some salt on it. Leave it for some time and let it absorb the excess grease. Now turn OFF the gas and let it cool. Again bring some paper towel or soft cloth to clean it properly. 

How to Clean BBQ Rusty Plates?

If you live in an area of high humidity, moisture, and rain, your BBQ may be caught by rust. It’s impossible to refrain from it, but we share the procedure to prevent it at a minimal level. Before cleaning, make sure you have a metal spatula or scraper, cooking oil, baking soda, paper towel, and a grill stone block. Let’s begin!

  1. Turn ON the BBQ grill and set the temperature at a high level. This step will loosen up most of the rust and debris on the place. In our opinion, heating for about 15-20 minutes is enough. 

  2. Pick up the metal scrapper and start removing the rust from the plate. Use it until all the rust gets removed easily. Now, wipe the surface with a paper towel to remove the rust from the edges or the corners. 

  3. If you still find a significant amount of rust on the plate, again turn ON and heat it. Shower a minimal amount of baking soda covering the whole surface. Wait a while until it begins to bubble up. In this way, you will remove the remaining rust easily. 

  4. After that, pour the cooking oil on the plate and wipe it with a soft cloth. However, you can use ordinary paper or a paper towel for it. 

How to Keep The Plate Safe From Rusting?

Seasoning the BBQ plate is the best method to prevent it from rusting. In the following, we have shared the methods about how to prevent plates from rusting:

  1. For seasoning of the BBQ plate, apply a certain amount of oil (cooking oil is preferred) and spread it properly with the help of a paper towel. 

  2. Turn the BBQ heat on up to medium level, and leave the oil making smoke. The smoke means that oil is reacting with the metal. Keep the heat turned on until it stops making smoke. The surface will look matte gray. In our experience, it will take about 20-30 minutes approximately.

How to Clean BBQ Grill Quickly?

If you want quick cleaning, it’s best to clean the BBQ grills after a few minutes of the BBQ party. For this, follow the method mentioned below:

  1. After the party, again turn ON the heat and leave it heating for about 15-20 minutes. It will carbonize the food debris and grime on the grill. 

  2. Now turn OFF the heating and let it cool down. Now, scrub the grill with the help of a metal spatula to remove the residue. 

  3. Prepare some soapy and detergent water and wipe it hard to remove everything left behind. In our opinion, it’s better to utilize the oven detergent and leave the grill overnight to soak properly. The next day, wipe it again after minimal heating. 

How to Clean Stainless Steel BBQ Grates?

Stainless steel grates have no danger from rust because of manufacturing material. However, they might easily get damaged sometimes. Don’t worry! You can take precautions to save it from residue. 

The best time to clean the BBQ grates is when it’s a bit hot. Prepare the solution of soap and detergent and wipe it with a soft cloth. Open all the parts and clean them individually. The grate can get scratches; use a premium-quality polish to revamp it again. 

How To Clean Cast Iron BBQ Grill?

Cast-iron grills are made durable to give you a long-lasting experience. They can withstand high-temperature ranges without damage. However, porous cast-iron might get rusted if exposed to water and humidity. The easiest method to clean it is hard scrubbing with a stiff wire brush. 

You don’t need to wipe it with any soapy solution. You can use a DIY method to prepare a cleaning paste with the help of baking soda, water, and salt. Apply it on the grill and leave it for a while. After that, scrub it properly and remove all the paste. 

Apply the cooking oil and wipe it with a quality paper towel. Don’t leave any place and make it dry completely with it. If you still feel residue or rust on it, repeat the process. 

How To Clean Porcelain BBQ Grill Grates?

Porcelain grill grates are repellent to heat and rust but need proper cleaning. The reason is that the water can seep into the material because of any scratch or crack. To clean it, burn the residue and food debris.

Don’t use any crush or scraper for cleaning. Bring some sponge or a soft nylon grill brush and clean it everywhere. After that, apply the cooking oil, wipe it with a paper towel, and it’s all done. 

How to Clean BBQ Outer Body?

Cleaning the BBQ body from the outside is optional, but we always recommend cleaning it. It makes the outer body clear from dust, rust, and other debris and increases its life. Just use the universal method to clean it, no need for any special tools and tactics.

Heat some water and pour some detergent into it. Take some soft cloth and wipe the overall outer body of the BBQ. 

Note: We recommend you not use any harsh chemical that can cause any wear and tear of the manufacturing material. Also, don’t use any flammable metal for cleaning purposes. 

How To Clean BBQ Outer Body Made from Stainless Steel?

The stainless steel outer body has no problem with rust, but its cleaning is necessary for longer use. Please don’t use any steel brushes or steel-wool pads because they can leave permanent scratches on the surface. Nevertheless, you can use oil and high-quality polish to protect it from hard weather conditions. 

How to Clean BBQ Burners Without Hassle?

Cleaning of BBQ burners is pretty simple. Turn off the propane (fuel) supply for preparation by disconnecting the fuel tank. It’s better to detach all the BBQ parts such as grates, grills, trays, containers and separate the burner.

For your info, it’s good to take information from the product manual. It will make it easy to remove all the parts. 

Remove any food debris or dirt using a wire brush. Scrub it properly and make sure everything has been removed successfully. Use a drill bit, cleaning road, or toothpick for clogged dirt if needed.

For ceramic burners, heat it first before brushing off the debris. Keep in mind that you don’t use water to clean burners. The reason is that water can disturb the proper working of the burner. 

How to Clean a Drip Tray?

In our opinion, cleaning the drip tray is the challenging part of cleaning, especially when you are not used to it. In our recommendation, it’s good to clean the BBQ after every 4-5 BBQ sessions. To prevent the scouring of the tray, clean it with the help of aluminum foil.

Use a minimal amount of sand to absorb most grease and oil. After that, wipe off all the sand and wash it with a high-quality detergent solution. Wipe it again with fresh water and leave it to dry. 

Brands’ Advice about BBQ Cleaning

No one knows much about a product more than its manufacturing brand. So, it’s better to take the brand’s advice about cleaning. For your ease, we have collected some useful data in the following:

How to Clean BBQ By WEBER?

WEBER has a wide portfolio in manufacturing charcoal and gas BBQ grills. Their provided tips and tricks for BBQ grills are model specified. For more info and details, you can visit Weber’s official website. 

Cleaning of Weber Charcoal BBQ

To have a better cleaning experience, follow the easy steps mentioned below for the cleaning of Weber charcoal BBQ:

  • Always remove the ashes and old charcoal from the kettle’s bottom before using the grill for BBQ. 

  • Brush the grease and other stainless steel parts. We recommend you use the steel-made bristle grill brush.

  • Use a paper towel to wipe inside the lid. However, it is recommended to use it when the grill is warm.  

  • Beware of using sharp objects or tools for cleaning the grill surfaces. 

  • You can use warm soapy water for the final cleaning touch. 

Cleaning of Weber Gas BBQ

Follow the step to cleaning Weber gas BBQ up to maximum extent:

  • To clean the outside body first, use a soapy or detergent solution. 

  • For cleaning internal components, wipe inside the lid and other components with a paper towel. It prevents further grease buildup. You can also use warm water, soapy water, and other rinses for it. 

  • Use a wire brush to remove any further debris. 

  • Don’t forget to check out the catch pan for grease buildup. Clean it with a plastic scraper if found.

Weber’s Extra Tips & Advice for BBQ Cleaning

We have listed the tips and advice for every component of the BBQ from the Weber brand:

  • Grates: It is always better to heat the grates to 400 to 500 degrees centigrade before cleaning them with a stainless steel brush.

  • Burner Tube: Always remove the grate and use a new stainless steel brush that is never used for brushing for its cleaning. Brush the burner everywhere on its surface and wipe out all the food particles that cause clogging in the burner tube.

  • Drip Pan: Always remove the drip pan used to hold the drips of oil and grease and throw all the residue out from it. You can use the specialized cleaning tools recommended on Weber’s official website.

How to Clean a Beefeater BBQ Grill?

Beefeater offers two types of BBQ grills, i.e., charcoal and gas. Check out the further details in the following:

Beefeater BBQ General Cleaning Tips

For general cleaning and maintenance, our advice is mentioned in the following:

  • After regular intervals, you should replace the absorbent material in the drip tray for extra grease buildup. 

  • After that, use the hot soapy or detergent solution for cleaning. Don’t use a hard brush to prevent any damage. It is recommended by the brand that cleans the BBQ two times annually.

  • Remove the solid matter after every BBQ session. After that, use cooking oil to prevent the further sticking of the residue.

  • For burner cleaning, check the main opening valve and throat. Make sure the gas has no leakage through the pipe and the joints. 

  • For optimized cleaning, remove the burner and all the attachments and scrub the dirty or rusty parts. Use a wire brush to remove clogging into the pipe or other connections. 

  • If your house is nearer to marine life, it’s better to clean the BBQ more frequently for proper working.

Cleaning of Stainless Steel & Porcelain BBQ Tips by Beefeater

Generally, the Beefeater brand recommends the universal cleaning method for porcelain and stainless steel BBQ. You must clear all the residue from the cooking surface, wash it with a neutral soapy hot water solution and dry it with a paper towel. Here are some of the Beefeater suggestions in the following:

  • You should use a plastic scourer or a brass bristle brush for scraping and further cleaning the grill. 

  • Make sure you have coated the grill with a quality cooking oil to protect future BBQ sessions further. 

  • It’s always better to preheat the BBQ for about 10 minutes before preparing food on it. 

Hood Cleaning Tips for Beefeater

You can use the soft clean cloth with a warm soapy water solution to wash the stainless steel parts. Beware of using harsh methods or harmful chemicals that might affect the grill’s performance.

Similarly, if your grill has a glass window, you must clean it with neutral water to make the view clear. Clean the glass window only when the hood is cold; otherwise, it can damage the glass. 

Procedure to Clean Ziegler & Brown BBQ?

Usually, Ziegler & Brown BBQ offers gas-type grills. The advice from the manufacturer is in the following:

  • Always scrap the excess food and debris just after cooking and wash it with warm water solution for cast-iron plates of grills. 

  • Use the paper towel for wiping. You can also use dishwashing liquid for non-stick cooking services and aluminum hotplates. 

  • Leave it for 5 minutes after heating and unclog the hole via wire brush or toothpick from the burner and corners. 

  • Always use warm water to wipe all the other surfaces. 

Ziegler & Brown “Burn off” Procedure

Start the burner, set the position of the burner at a higher level, and leave it heating for about 5 minutes. Repeat the process mentioned above to get the precise cleaning. 

How to Clean BBQ Grill By Matador?

Matador is a well-known brand in manufacturing BBQ grills and other similar accessories. We recommend following their suggested procedure to get the maximum cleaning results if you have a Matador BBQ grill.

So, start the burner and leave it for 5-10 minutes. It will remove and burn the additional debris. Clean it with soap water, i.e., grill and plate. 

Here are a few other cleaning tips:

  • If the BBQ has cast-iron hot plates, it’s better to use a minimal canola oil coating and leave it until the next barbecue session. It will prevent it from dust and other things. 

  • If you want to use the Matador BBQ for the first time, don’t forget to season it. Use the cooking oil, remove every resin layer, and heat it well.

Do’s & Don’t of BBQ Grills Cleaning

If you want detailed and general advice, check out the mentioned do’s and don’t of BBQ cleaning regardless of the brand and type.

What should you do while BBQ Cleaning?

Following are the measures you should take to clean BBQ.

Clean Public Grills

After unboxing the BBQ, do a general cleaning session and light up the burner for a few minutes before cooking. Check the clogging parts and clean them with a toothpick, fork, or wire brush. This process will not harm the taste of your food, even for the first time. 

Pick up the Right BBQ

Location always matters. You must check your accommodation and surrounding environment before choosing a BBQ for yourself. If you live near an ocean, it’s better to skip the cast-iron hot plates and opt-in for the stainless steel ones.

Clean the Lava Rocks

Don’t throw away the lava rocks if they get saturated with grease or fat. Prepare a bucket of hot soapy water and leave it there for some time. After that, clean it with a brush and wipe it with a paper towel. You should repeat the same procedure after each BBQ session. 

Cover the Grill

If you are not using the BBQ grill, cover it with a premium-quality grill cover. It will save it from dirt or dust and the moisture that might cause the rusting of some parts. 

What shouldn’t you do while BBQ Cleaning?

Following are the measures you should not take to clean BBQ.

Never Remove All Grease

Don’t remove all the grease if you want to clean your BBQ because it keeps it safe from further sticking or oil debris. Also, it saves the metal from rust and moisture. 

Don’t Use Hard Chemicals

We recommend you never to use harsh chemicals that might affect the working and change the composition of the material. Another reason is that such chemicals can change the taste of your food.

Don’t Use Harsh Scrubbers

We do not recommend using abrasive scrubbers to save the stainless steel polish because they might leave scratches on the surface. The grill would not look new even if you bought it a week ago. So, always buy a scrubber according to the manufacturing material that does not destroy the metal polish. 

Don’t Remove All The Gas Components

Always detach only those components that are necessary. The reason is that the components may cause any mishap if not assembled correctly, especially the smaller components. 

What are the BBQ Cleaning Tools?

The market is full of several BBQ cleaning tools, some are essential, and others are optional. In the following, we are listing the necessary BBQ cleaning tools for proper cleaning at a minimal budget:

Grill brush

It is one of the most popular tools for BBQ cleaning. You can use it before and after to enjoy delicious food. You will find numerous grill brushes such as brass-wire type, stainless steel type, and more. Both have different applications and are used for different surfaces. They are useful for ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel surfaces. It’s a great technique to clean the grill with a dedicated brush. 

Grate Scraper

It’s also used along with the grill brush. However, a wooden grate scraper is highly recommended, and it does not leave any scratches on the grill’s surface. The wooden grate scrapers are also available in different shapes to make things easy for you. 

Metal Bucket

If you are using charcoal BBQ, you will be familiar with it. It is usually used to throw away the ash and keep the ashtray empty all the time. It makes further cleaning easy and less time-consuming. 

BBQ Thongs

If you want to keep your hands clean while cleaning the BBQ, thongs are the best option for you. It is usually used to hold the cleaning cloth. 


There are some other necessary tools that you must have while cleaning a BBQ, such as a water bucket, sponge, paper towel, mild detergent, and neutral soap. 

Advantages of BBQ Cleaning

Cleaning always brings many health benefits, which is true for the BBQ. If your BBQ grill is clean and free from any dirt, rust, and other health-hazardous elements, we assure you will enjoy the delicious and healthy food.

Not only that, but cleaning is also necessary to get the long-lasting performance from the BBQ. Here we have mentioned all the prominent advantages of BBQ cleaning:

Health Friendly

The most important benefit you will get is the great health benefits. Regular cleaning of the BBQ grill keeps it dirt, dust, and debris-free and ensures improved health benefits. Also, your cooked food will be free from health-hazardous materials. 


Cleaning of BBQ provides you safety by reducing the chances of unwanted flaming and other errors. 

Better Smell & Taste

Good food smells right. Therefore, cleaning is mandatory to get the accurate taste and smell of the food as cleaning keeps the dirt away from the food. 

Prevents Pest Infestation

If the grill is dirty, it will attract rodents and bugs. Australia is the most prominent country for many pests. Therefore, cleaning is necessary to prevent such pest infestation. 

Long-Lasting Performance

After cleaning, the BBQ grill gives a great look. Also, it guarantees you the long-lasting performance of the grill. 


To sum up, it’s all about cleaning the BBQ grills. We have shared all the universal and personalized cleaning methods for different brands so that you can know how to clean BBQ grills Australia. We also have shared the pros tips that might help you clean the BBQ grills properly. In the end, don’t forget to follow the dos and don’ts. We assure you will find our efforts helpful for BBQ cleaning.

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