Weeds that grow without your willingness can reduce the beauty of your well-manicured grassy lawns and also affect pathways and gravel areas. In Australia, Dandelions, Chickweeds, poison Ivy and unwanted flowers are the most common weeds that invade the grass of a garden.

These weeds absorb nutrients from the soil, and broadleaf weeds affect your lawn’s appeal or can be poisonous. To get rid of all these issues, you need the best weed killer in Australia to eliminate all unwanted weeds without harming wildlife or grass.

Say goodbye to all uninvited weeds!

But when it comes to picking a weed killer for your garden, you can face difficulty deciding which one to buy, as there are plenty of options available in the market. Also, there are many types of weed killers, depending on weeds, time of usage, and many more that you have to consider.

After thorough research, I have picked some of the best weed killers in Australia to make things more manageable. I have reviewed these top weed killers for you. To know more about weed killers, keep reading.

Best Weed Killer For Home Lawns and Pathways

Lawn care companies offer a wide variety of weed killers, concentrate or ready-to-use, selective or non-selective, and pre-emergent or post-emergent. Also, each weed killer has different active constituents.

Moreover, there are a variety of non-chemical weed killers that use a gas torch to get rid of weeds. So you have to check which weeds you want to get rid of and then see the active constituents of the weed killer you are going to buy. 

But this can take a lot of effort to check out these plenty of options. No worries! I have created this comparison table for you, so you will be able to compare the main features of all the best weed killers. This will allow you to pick the best weed killer in Australia to inhibit the unusual growth of plants in your garden. As a result, your lawn will look nice, and you will be able to enjoy the weather with your family.

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If you have a large lawn and want a weed killer to get rid of overgrown weeds,

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This is another non-selective weed killer that you can use to prevent the growth of a variety of grassy and broadleaf weeds.

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If you want a non-chemical weed killer, then you can use fire to kill harmful weeds.

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This is the strongest weed killer in Australia from a popular Roundup brand.

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If you want a weed killer that doesn’t affect the fertilizing capacity of soil and is safe to use around living things,

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This is the best option if you need an organic weed killer as you are much concerned about the environment as it is glyphosate free.

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If you are looking for the best weed killer that won’t kill grass, you are at the right option.

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1. Natural Armor 30% Vinegar Pure Natural & Safe Industrial Strength Concentrate – Best Weed Killer for Large Areas


  • Product Name: Natural Armor 30% Vinegar Pure Natural & Safe Industrial Strength Concentrate
  • Weight/ Liquid Volume: 3786 ml
  • Form: Concentrate
  • Active Ingredients: Vinegar/ Acetic Acid
  • Selective / Non-selective: Non-selective

You need to consider Natural Armor 30% Vinegar Pure Natural & Safe Industrial Strength Concentrate. This weed killer concentrates effectively kill stubborn weeds as it is 6 times more potent than natural vinegar due to its 30% vinegar formula. It has acetic acid as an active ingredient that makes it pet-friendly. So you don’t have to worry about using it when your pets are around.

This non-selective weed killer is eco-friendly due to its natural constituents, so you can eliminate unwanted plants without harming your environment. Although you have to use it carefully, it is best to wear gloves while handling it as it can cause irritation to your skin due to its powerful chemical formula. But don’t worry, it comes with a sprayer that makes it easy to use anywhere you want to, whether in a lawn or overgrown weeds from cracks.

Surprisingly, this Natural Armor 30% Vinegar concentrate is not just a weed killer. Due to its high potency, you can also use it for various cleaning tasks. Also, it is used in industries as a cleaner and deodorizer. This quality makes it distinctive from traditional weed killers and expensive. Also, it comes in a 3876 ml bottle for extensive usage. So if you want a powerful weed killer for a big lawn and to keep your home clean, this natural and safe industrial strength concentrate is the best choice.


  • Multipurpose concentrate
  • Large quantity gallon
  • Eco-friendly constituents
  • High potency formula
  • Comes with a sprayer


  • A bit expensive

2. SureFire Glyphosate 360 Herbicide Weed Killer – Best Non-Selective Weed Killer


  • Product Name: SureFire Glyphosate 360 Herbicide Weed Killer
  • Weight/ Liquid Volume: 1000 ml
  • Form: 1000 ml Concentrate
  • Active Ingredients: Glyphosate (Isopropylamine Salt)
  • Selective / Non-selective: Non-selective

You can use it for both annual and perennial weeds. If you want to clear a large patch of weeds effectively, you need to buy SureFire Glyphosate 360 Herbicide Weed Killer. It has glyphosate as an active ingredient which is present in the form of isopropylamine salt that enters the root system of plants to kill them.

With this non-selective herbicide, you can cover a large area as it comes in a 1000ml bottle, and a 100ml of concentrate can make up to 5 liters of solution. It has built-in measures that you can use to dilute it in the proper ratio to make it less toxic without affecting its strength. It can kill every plant that comes in contact with it, whether grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds, or small trees. So, avoid using it on your lawn, as it can kill the grass.

This glyphosate weed killer is safe for children and pets only if you handle it carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, it is better to keep children and pets away from the sprayed area for at least 24 hours. It works a little slower. But don’t worry, it is rainproof and keeps working even if it rains after its application. So if you want a super-powerful non-selective weed killer, you need to buy SureFire weed killer.


  • Highly effective
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rain-proof
  • Broad-spectrum herbicide


  • Not suitable for lawns

3. HOT Devil Super Weed Killer – Best Gas Torch Weed Killer


  • Product Name: HOT Devil Super Weed Killer
  • Weight/ Liquid Volume: 1 Kg
  • Form: Gas Torch
  • Active Ingredients: Butane Gas Torch
  • Selective / Non-selective: Nill

HOT Devil Super Weed Killer is the best weed killer in Australia. It uses a gas torch to absorb moisture and burn the cell of unwanted grassy and broadleaf plants. You have to use the spot-killing method to eliminate undesirable plants by applying flame directly to them. As a result, they feel dehydrated, which helps to inhibit the growth of weeds. Moreover, you can adjust the intensity of the flame according to the requirements.

This gas torch weed killer has an agronomic design, which makes it easy to use. Plus, it weighs just 1 kg, adding to portability. You will see the instant results as it doesn’t have to undergo any chemical reaction to affect the growth of weeds. It is an ideal option to use on rockeries, paving, or concrete pathways. The only downside is that you have to buy a gas calendar separately as it’s not included in the package, so you need to spend some extra money.

For ignition, you have to attach a gas calendar with this super wand weed killer, as it consumes propane gas for effective functioning. Moreover, it doesn’t release harmful gases or residue in the soil that can damage marine or wildlife, making it an environment-friendly option. Also, children or pets can play immediately after its usage. So if this is what you want in your weed killer, buy HOT Devil Super Weed Killer.


  • Easy to use
  • Agronomic design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable flame intensity
  • Environment-friendly


  • Gas tank is sold separately

4. Roundup Advanced Concentrate Weed Killer 280 ml – Best Selling Weed Killer


  • Product Name: Roundup Advanced Concentrate Weed Killer
  • Weight/ Liquid Volume: 280 ml
  • Form: Concentrate
  • Active Ingredients: Glyphosate (Isopropylamine Salt)
  • Selective / Non-selective: Non-selective

It has glyphosate in the form of isopropylamine salt. It is a dual-acting formula that not only kills the weeds already present but also prevents them from growing back in the coming year. It completely destroys the root system of weeds, leading to dehydration and, ultimately, death of the plant on which you sprayed it.

You can use Roundup Advanced Concentrate weed killer to get rid of the hardest-to-kill weeds that are difficult to eliminate with other weed killers. You will see the weeds curling up and whiter after a single application. It is the most satisfactory solution to eliminate a wide range of garden weeds, making it the best option for your lawn. Moreover, it is equally effective to use around waterways as it is rainproof after 2 hours. So it doesn’t lose its strength by diluting with water, making it the best selling weed killer in Australia.

In addition, this advanced concentrate is safe to use as it has child-resistant packaging. It comes in a 280 ml bottle that is OK for a small lawn but not for large areas. It also has a measuring cap that helps to ensure the right dosage every time you prepare a dilute solution, providing effective results after each usage. So if you want to get the weed killer that is highly effective and most people use in Australia, buy Roundup Advanced Concentrate Weed Killer.


  • Dual-acting
  • Safe to use
  • Ideal for smaller garden
  • Rainproof after 2 hours
  • Non-residual in the soil


  • Doesn’t come with a sprayer

5. Roundup Regular Ready to Use Weed Killer 1 Litre – Safest Weed Killer in Australia


  • Product Name: Roundup Regular Ready to Use Weed Killer
  • Weight/ Liquid Volume: 1000 ml
  • Form: Ready-to-use
  • Active Ingredients: Glyphosate and Nonanoic Acid
  • Selective / Non-selective: Non-selective

You need to buy Roundup Regular Ready to Use weed killer. You can use it to get rid of the toughest weeds and grasses as it has two highly effective weed-killing ingredients, Glyphosate and Nonanoic Acid. It is a systematic weed killer that enters the root system of plants through leaves and damage roots internally so that weeds won’t grow back.

You can grow new plants in the sprayed area after just 7 days as it is non-active in the soil and leaves no residue in it. Instead, its constituents degrade naturally in the soil through microbes that maintain the fertility of the ground. You have to use it on the weeds that are already grown as it is a post-emergent weed killer, and you will see results within 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, it is a perfect killer to kill weeds that come through cracks in driveways, walkways, and patios, also around tree beds, flower rings, and before planting vegetables.

This weed killer is a conveniently ready mixed solution, so you don’t have to dilute it. It comes in a spray bottle that has an agronomic design, making it easy to handle and spot-killing. Plus, it has child safety triggers that make it safe to use around children and pets. But you should not allow them to enter the sprayed area until it has dried. So if you have pets or children and want a weed killer that doesn’t harm them, this Roundup Regular Ready to Use Weed Killer is the best option.


  • Rainproof after 30 minutes
  • quick-acting formula
  • Easy-grip of spray bottle
  • Degrades naturally in the soil


  • Less quantity

6. Richgro Ready to Use Beat-A-Weed Natural Weed Killer 750 ml – Best Organic Weed Killer for Lawns


  • Product Name: Richgro Ready to Use Beat-A-Weed Natural Weed Killer
  • Form: 750 ml
  • Form: Ready-to-use
  • Active Ingredients: Acetic Acid/ Vinegar and Sodium Chloride/ Salt
  • Selective / Non-selective: Selective

It is an organic weed killer that has acetic acid and sodium chloride as the active ingredients. These are natural actives and safe for the environment. Also, it does not stay in the soil or release chemicals into the air, which makes it eco-friendly and pet-friendly. So you can use it in gardens, paths, and driveways without any fear of harming your pets or children.

Richgro weed killer enters the root system of weeds and destroys them through dehydration. You can see the results within a few hours in the form of burning and wilting of plants. It is a selective weed killer which you can use to kill only targeted weeds, such as Dandelion, Thistle, Capeweed, or Creeping Oxalis, and grass remains safe. So you have to choose which weeds you want to get rid of and then pick the best solution for your lawn to get the best results. Moreover, it can effectively kill moss and algae.

Richgro Ready to Use Beat-A-Weed Natural Weed Killer is straightforward to use as it comes in a spray bottle. You just need to pick it and spray on the weeds you want to destroy, and there is no hassle of diluting it. Also, this makes it a valuable option for spot-weeding. So if you want an easy-to-use, eco-friendly and affordable weed killer to keep your small lawn weeds-free without using harmful chemicals, this is the best weed and feed option for your garden.


  • Non-toxic
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast-acting formula
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Contains no harsh chemicals


  • Not for large areas

7. SureFire Dicamba M Selective Herbicide Weed Killer – Best for Broadleaf Weeds


  • Product Name: SureFire Dicamba M Selective Herbicide Weed Killer
  • Weight/ Liquid Volume: 1000 ml
  • Form: Concentrate
  • Active Ingredients: Dicamba and MCPA
  • Selective / Non-selective: Selective

You need to buy SureFire Dicamba M selective herbicide weed killer. This selective weed killer has Dicamba and MCPA as active constituents that have low toxicity levels. These chemicals control the growth of broadleaf weeds, even those that have developed resistance to other herbicides or weed killers without dicamba. Although, you need to ensure that plants are not wet before applying it.

This selective herbicide only destroys the target broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, bindi, or thistle from lawns or turfs without harming the grass. So you don’t have to worry about destroying your beautiful backyard. If you have a buffalo grass lawn, pick any other weed killer from the list, as it has broadleafs that can be affected by dicamba. Also, please keep your pets away from the sprayed area until it has dried.

This post-emergent herbicide comes in a 1 litter bottle, a decent quantity. You can dilute it to cover up to 1500 square meters of area effectively. It stays in the soil for up to 14 days and regulates the growth of weeds. Also, you can confidently use this post-emergent weed killer for winter cereals and non-crop areas. So if you want a selective weed killer for your lawn to maintain its looks, you need to buy SureFire Dicamba M selective herbicide weed killer.


  • Low toxicity level
  • Destroy only target weeds
  • Up to 1500 square meters of coverage


Buying Guide

Things You Need to Consider

Having the best weed killer in Australia lets you maintain the beauty of your lawn and keep pathways or driveways clean from weeds.

But picking the right one demands a bit of homework as there are a lot more options, depending upon its functionality, to control a variety of weeds in different situations. Here are some critical factors that you have to consider for a beneficial purchase.

1. Identify Your Weeds

Before buying a weed killer, the most important thing to consider is to identify the weeds you want to target, whether broadleafs or turfy weeds. Then you can move further as there are selective weed killers available in the market.

These are manufactured to destroy specific types of weeds, such as chickweeds, without affecting any other plant.

If you buy a product that doesn’t have an active constituent to kill the target weeds, then it will be useless to use, or it can harm the grass. Moreover, you have to choose between a contact, systemic or residual weed killer, depending on the target weeds.

2. Where Can It Be Used?

Whether you want to use a weed killer to kill weeds in your lawn, buffalo grass, or those sprouting from the cracks. Depending on it, you have to choose a selective or non-selective weed killer. Selective weed killers target specific weeds and inhibit their growth without affecting grass or any other plants around them. 

In contrast, non-selective weed killers destroy every weed or plant that comes in contact with it. So selective weed killers are the best options when it comes to choosing one for a grassy lawn. While for cracks and clearing a patch, you can use non-selective weed killer.

Also, you can use a gas torch weed killer to clear small patches of greenery by burning them. But this is only suitable when you have to get rid of weeds in a small lawn or from concrete pathways and patios.

3. When to Use a Weed Killer?

You need to consider the time of usage of a weed killer. You can use a weed killer once or twice a year to combat annual and perennial weeds. If you want to, you have to use pre-emergent weed killers that inhibit the growth of buds and prevent them from emerging as grown weeds. You can apply these weed killers as a lawn care strategy at the start of spring.

But if weeds are already grown, and you want to destroy them, you have to pick the post-emergent weed killers. They destroy the weeds, either by dehydrating them or affecting the root system bu entering into plants.

Some of the best weed killers in Australia are dual-acting, kill the present weeds and prevent the emergence of new weeds in returning season.

4. How much Coverage it Offers?

How much coverage can a bottle of weed killer offer? You have to check it by keeping in mind the size of your lawn or the overgrown area you want to clear.

Most of the mid-range weed killers offer an average of 1,000 square feet of coverage. In comparison, some of the expensive weed killers can effectively clean up to 10,000 square feet of lawn. 

If your lawn has a large area to cover, be ready to spend a little more. Also, you can choose to concentrate weed killers as these can be diluted to make a large number of solutions, ensuring more coverage.

It is best to have a weed killer with a decent quantity that allows you to use it multiple times and not every time you have to buy a new one.

5. Check the Safety of Usage

To ensure the safety of kids and pets, as well as other edible plants, you have to check the active constituents of the weed killer you want to buy. These can be either organic, natural ingredients, or synthetic chemicals.

Also, residual weed killers have toxic ingredients that stay longer in soil, and you have to keep this in mind while using them.

The weed killers that have Safer Product labels are safer to use around kids and pets. But if you use any weed killer with a warning label like Danger or Poison, you have to be extra careful, or it is better to avoid such products for the home lawn.

Moreover, gas torch weed killers are environment-friendly and do not have such harmful effects.


How often should you use a weed killer?

Usually, a weed killer is applied once or twice a year to eradicate weeds, depending on annual or perennial weeds. Although, some stubborn weeds need to be sprayed after every two weeks unless the weeds wither entirely.

What weed killer kills everything including grass?

Weed killers that have glyphosate as an active ingredient kill everything that comes in contact with it, including grass. So you have to be careful using such weed killers as they can damage the grass of your lawn.


Whether you want to maintain the good looks of your lawn or want to renovate overgrown areas, you need the best weed killer in Australia to get rid of all unwanted plants. For this, you must have a bit of knowledge of weeds, grasses, and chemical products to pick the right option for you, as there are a variety of weeds that grow in Australia and products available in the market to kill them. 

To make things easier for you, I have picked the 7 top products, both selective and non-selective, and reviewed them for you. Here are 3 weed killers that I short-listed after careful analysis that will make selection more straightforward.

  • My today’s top pick is Roundup Advanced Concentrate Weed Killer, which is the strongest weed killer in Australia. It is a dual-acting, high-potency, and rainproof weed killer concentrate. Also, it is safe to use and shows results within 24 hours of application.
  • SureFire Dicamba M Selective Herbicide Weed Killer is the best selective weed killer to eradicate broadleaf weeds without affecting the grass. Also, it is less toxic and offers excellent coverage of up to 1500 meter squares.
  • Natural Armor 30% Vinegar Pure Natural & Safe Industrial Strength Concentrate is the best non-selective weed killer for larger areas. It is 6x stronger than vinegar and eco-friendly. Also, it can be used as a surface cleaner and deodorizer.

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